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Interior & Retail Design

Transcript: The English Book Depot (EBD) was established in 1923, and is India's premier book retailer, with a maiden bookstore at Dehradun. Our inherent strength in publishing has given us a niche in the distribution and wholesale of books. We are registered importer / exporter with the Government of India. In 2010, English Book Depot acquired the brand BookCafe title. These two stores were enticing for each other because if someones looking for a book shop then EBD can become a decent option for anyone because it is visible from the main road. Rest work is done by the banners outside. While visiting the shop i came to know one element of experience surprised me because it was enticing and engaging the people subconsciously and that was the scent of coffee and when you enter the connected book store it gets mix with the scent of old books and pages. Also the glass on front also allow a person passing to see what kind of environment is inside. Enter A Project on Interior & Retail Design Case study content :- LOCATION Barista + English book depot Extend Engage People who have visited this place promte it in zomato adn places like google reviews. They also have their online pages and sites, if someone wants to connect later. Last touch point can be your own table/furniture where you might do the billing and in case of book store it can be the counter where you may bill the book which you found after looking around. Your path is simple to checkout the place but one thong will make an impression while leaving and i.e it doent smell so good outside as compared to the inside. English book Depot First intraction you make not with any person but with the smell of coffee Second, with the counter and sitouts where you can get confortable to chit chat Thirdly, you wil notice the most intresting part i.e book store with sit out space. Barista is an Indian chain of espresso bars that operates in South Asia and the Middle East. Established in February 2000 under the name Barista, it was taken over by Lavazza(italian coffee company) in 2007. In dehradun store of this chain first appeared in 2004 at near Ashley hall, Rajpur raod which is now one of the most active market area of dehradun. 1. They make coffee in front of you you can see it from the other side of the counter and you can personalise your taste and that isquite engaging in itself to see your drink coming. 2.If youre a book reader and coffee lover and you found this store on weekend, you may spend more than an hour here because of the great ambience and vibes it offers. 3.You dont neccesarioly need to intract with staff if you just want look around. Getting to the five E's 1. Entice 2. Enter 3.Engage 4.Exit 5. Extend Barista Exit ENTICE


Transcript: Oral and written communication skills. Strong organizational skills. Good business sense The ability to work well under pressure The ability to get along with all kinds of people MANAGER What are the certification requirements? Business, Administration, Finance Financial Management and Marketing Mathematics What personal characteristics do I need? What are the working conditions? Employers generally require managers to have several years of previous experience in the retail industry. Many employers also require post-secondary education University of Alberta What are the average wages/salary? Store Managers work indoors and often long hours evenings and weekend. Supervise the day to day operations Supervise department managers and staff, set up schedules and assign duties. Hire or oversee the hiring of staff Monitor anti-theft procedures and policies Provide assistance when employees are unusually busy. Certification is not required, as there is currently no legislation regulating this occupation. Depending on their experience and qualifications Average hrs worked p/w 40 Overall average wage p/h $28.39 Overall average salary annual $59,779.00 -Bachelor of Commerce-Entrepreneurship and family Enterprise 4 yrs. What schools offer programs of study in this field of work What kind of education do I need? DUTIES RETAIL STORE What high school subjects should a high school student take to help them work in this occupation? -Grocery Retail Management 1 yr. Thank you! Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

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