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Resume Template

Transcript: How to be a Job Developer Name: John Doe Date of Birth: 16 April 1985 Nationality: Martian Marital Status: Single Tel: +382 334 554 Email: Address: Red Crater 12 Education Driving Licence: Full/Clean Health: Excellent, non-smoker Interests: Squash, Golf, Reading, Theatre and killing smokers. IT Skills: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, facebook and Email References Are Available On Request! And prepare 2005–2009 TYRES Mars LTD Freelance Consultant •Project managing the redevelopment of the retail sales strategy across the Mars market with the ultimate aim of facilitating business performance improvements •Successfully developing multi-channel solutions including instigating a new HiQ Fast Fit Franchise proposition 1999–2005 OCG GROUP Slave •Fully accountable for the establishment and management of a new business arm specialising in the provision of telemarketing services requiring the development of an independent customer base •Collaborating with professionals and third parties to set up the infrastructure for the company and 2000–2004 MNT Contact Ltd Operations Director •Providing management and support to up to 100 000 members of staff and motivating them towards the achievement of optimum service delivery standards to facilitate customer satisfaction and maximum revenue generation •Maintaining full profit and loss accountability up to £5 million while achieving a year-on-year growth in revenue of more than 99% High School 1995-2007 Mars 999th School Mars Prepare yourself Bachelors Degree 2007-2010 Mars University Mars Masters Degree 2010-2012 Moon University Moon Door to Success the ones you serve Curriculum Vitae Experience Portfolio

Career Highlights

Transcript: Presented the Multimedia Mission & Vision to the CEO & Global Senior Management Meeting. The only presenter who had the privilege to be commended and applauded by the CEO and managers (twice, during and after the presentation). Spearheaded the MUSIC Group City’s new footage (photos and videos) for its new production facilities and high-end equipments. Promoted as deputy for the Graphics department. career highlights Contributed to the “file naming convention” and “folder structure” project for global implementation. 2014 2015 2004 Uli Behringer: “Wow! A website done in 1 day. Awesome!” Received the CEO’s Staff Award for outstanding performance, leadership and contribution to the Hybris Project. Temporarily took over the Macintosh Administration for the Graphics team. Created security policies and Active Directory integration for OSX. Created handbook and endorsed to the IT department. Contributed to the new global campaign for BEHRINGER “Imagine Music”. Conducted a 3-month project in MUSIC Group City (Zhongshan, CN) for the MIDAS Fader lifecycle footage. Self-taught "crash-course" Mandarin to handle the project communication with minimal assistance from CN admin and R&D. Covered the Cornerstone Event for the new and largest MUSIC Group City in Nanlang, China. Received the Long Service Award (10 years). Created the 1st ever locally-designed packaging for BEHRINGER BCD2000. Spearheaded the project from conceptualization to production. Assigned to the company’s Singapore office for the Hybris project kick-off. Conducted several brainstormings and quick initial designs for the brands’ new websites. 2012 Darwin Filipinia's Received the Long Service Award (5 years). Covered another China Partner Event and updated some footage for MUSIC Group City. Operated the CEO’s Keynote and coordinated event footage with US Marketing for social media. 2006 Contributed to the company’s Sharepoint development (with the CEO/Owner, Uli Behringer). Implementing the “IN TRAY” and “OUT TRAY” system for tasks and deliverables. Maintained the Intranet site on Sharepoint. Endorsed the project to IT department for implementation. 2007 2009 Trained and granted “super-admin” access in Tridion for brands’ important website maintenance and immediate updates as per request by the CEO. Received the Chairman’s Award for redesigning the BEHRINGER website. 2004-2015 Ranked #1 among 9 pioneer Graphics Designers as per interview and design exam. (Graphics Manager, Michael Schultz) 2008 Proposed and implemented animated 3D videos for new products. Created the 1st ever “Virtual Booth” for the yearly tradeshows for NAMM (Anaheim) and PLS (Frankfurt). Commended for the quick turnaround and excellent rendition of TANNOY’s product 3D animation project. Proposed (to the Chairman/Owner, Uli Behringer) and implemented replacement of product photos with photo-realistic 3D renderings, which was a previous project of R&D. Conducted staff training. 2011 Nominated as 1 of 3 team leaders for the Graphics department Established the Multimedia department and promoted as its Supervisor. Recruited/promoted a few team members from the Graphics department. Managing the creation of 3D, web, graphics and video materials for the company’s brands. Reporting directly to the CEO/Owner, Uli Behringer. Assembled and trained interns for a local social media team, integrated with the US Social Media Manager (Brian Crouch). Contributed with the brand creation and promotion thru social media, creating local & international contents. Re-assigned on the FEEL Crea Inno PH department to handle innovations and researches for the Creative team. Promoted as Senior Graphics Designer. Redesigned and maintained the Coolaudio website. Received the Employee Of The Year Award. Secured brands’ social media accounts with collaboration from the company’s Legal department and US Marketing department. Managed a special project to cover (photos and videos) the company’s China Partner Event (Zhongshan). Created, rehearsed and operated a comprehensive Keynote presentation for the CEO, Uli Behringer. 2005 Received the Most Improved Award. 2010

Resume template

Transcript: Adolfo Camarillo High School - Camarillo, CA February 2014-June 2014 Establish effective classroom management among group of students experiencing lack of continuous structure Design and implement lesson plans for college-preparatory level courses for all four grade levels on campus Cameron Dexter Torti 219 South 4th Street #207 Waco, TX 76701 cameron (805) 807-6721 iEngage Research - Baylor University With Dr. Brooke Blevins and Dr. Karon LeCompte, analyzing and assisting in presentation of data related to civics summer institute Assisting with grant writing Dr. Brooke Blevins - Baylor University Sandra Talbert, EDD - Baylor University Scott Carroll - Chaparral Middle School Bachelor of Arts, History CSU Channel Islands - Camarillo, CA Graduated May 2012 Fillmore Middle School - Fillmore, CA August 2014-June 2016 Create and execute curriculum across diverse set of learner and class-wide needs Cultivate effective classroom environment utilizing Kagan and PBIS instructional and organizational strategies Develop collaborative relationships with district and school site colleagues across all subject areas and grade levels Teaching Credential, Single-Subject Social Studies CSU Channel Islands - Camarillo, CA Graduated December 2013 Education References Teaching Master of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction Baylor University - Waco, TX Graduating December 2017 Presentation - Building Strong Bridges: Tips for Successful Action Civics Projects (NCSS, November 2016) Publication - Challenging thoughts, changing minds: Pre-service teachers' reflections on their experience working in an alternative school setting (Pending) Baylor University - Waco, TX August 2016-present Supervise pre-service teachers in field placement setting Provide directed feedback based on observation Collaborate with cooperating teachers and university personnel to identify and focus observation Evaluate pre-service teacher submissions towards completion of benchmarks Lecture on subject of second language learners Research, Publications & Presentations Objective: Use my current experience as a supervisor to pre-service teachers in addition to my time as a classroom teacher to effectively perform duties of Supervisor at UC Santa Barbara's Teacher Education Program. Thesis Research - Baylor University Identifying, observing, and interviewing Spanish-speaking second language learners experiencing high levels of success in their social studies class Applying developmental asset theory to determine factors relevant to second language learners, as well as any additional factors

career presentation template

Transcript: 2/24/2021 career project Katherine Sura registered Nurse about this carrier about this career the eduction you need to be a Registered Nurse is a bachelors degree or a associate degree or a diploma from a program your in. How do you get the education? to earn a bachelors degree it will take you 4 years.To earn a associate degree it will take you 2 years and for a diploma it will take you 2-3 years. registered Nurse salary salary Illinois:73,510 per year 35.34 per hour Mississippi:59,750 per year 28.73 per hour Kansas:62,450 per year 30.02 per hour New Mexico:73,300 per year 35.34 per hour California:113,240 per year 54.44 per hour New York:87,840 per year 42.23 per hour New Jersey:84,280 per year 40.52 per hour What they do what they do Registered nurses most work as physicians(physicians is a person Qualified to practice medicine) and other healthcare specialist.Registered nurses responsibility are different in each department and position.some of them work at office ,physicians,home healthcare service, And nursing care facilities others work outpatient clinic and schools. Assess patients’ conditions Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms Observe patients and record the observations Administer patients’ medicines and treatments Set up plans for patients’ care or contribute information to existing plans Consult and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals Operate and monitor medical equipment Help perform diagnostic tests and analyze the results Teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses or injuries Explain what to do at home after treatment what strength/skill they need what strength/skill they need to be a Registered Nurse you need to have communication whit the people in the building and patients. you need to have empathy for the patients and families that are go in for a lot you. need to have attention to detail Endurance. you need to have attention to detail so you can your patients and help doctors.Registered Nurse need to to understand o how biology and chemistry works in the human body. why me why me I want to become a Registered Nurse because i want to help save people's life .I want to help with the knowledge i learn and help my patients because whit my knowledge i can help doct save people's life. I also wanted to become a nurse because i wanted a challenge on life and nursing its a challenge because you have to deal aspect and take care of patients and do your duties and it's different from people's daily life Facts facts did you know... Florence nightingale was the first nurse in the world Walt Whitman was a nurse(he was a famous poet and essayist he work as a volunteer nurse during the civil war) first Nursing school was established in India in 250 B.C(only men were allowed to attend school at that time) there are 84,200 RN working in schools in 1862 the new England hospital for women and children was the first nursing school in the U.S

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