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Restaurant Business Plan Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Our market segmentation will be based on demographic, mostly our target market is youngsters which approximately are 5000 people out of 10,000. There are ten casual dining restaurants in Cova Square and these ten restaurants cater for 5000 people. Market Trend Restaurant is a very popular choice among Malaysian consumers, and is dominated by the restaurant category, with independent players representing the majority share in terms of value sales and total outlets. Marketing Plan Assem Akhmetova SCM-025129 Azizov Mirumidjon SCM-024368 Dilara Jakubayeva SCM-025347 Zhuldyz Sultanbekova SCM-019258 Marketing Plan Marketing Plan Market Segmentation Target Market Cafe “Chaihana” is new restaurant in Malaysia, Kota Damansara that offers authentic Central Asian Halal food, which is a mix of several cuisines, like: Uzbek and Kazakh. Our dishes feature elements of many different cuisines and allow our guests to have a taste of both cultures all at one stop. The restaurant will be opened inside of the Cova Square’s building, near SEGi University. The partners decided to open the cafe “Chaihana” in Cova Square because there are a lot of students from different countries and the cafe will offer them Central Asian traditional cuisine. Marketing Plan Market Growth= The Difference/ The Original x 100 (25,800 – 23,500) X 100% = 9.7 % " CHAIHANA" RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN Marketing Objectives To be leading a reputable restaurant; To provide good quality food; To be competitive in the market; To offer jobs. Product and Services Authentically homemade food Halal and organic meat “Meet with smile, cook with love!” INTRODUCTION Market Growth Marketing Plan Marketing Plan Marketing Plan Market Size Market Share and Sales Forecast

Restaurant- Business Plan

Transcript: Human Resources Training Needs/Approach Place Distribution Strategy Pricing Strategy Low Cost Match Competitors Student Discounts Gameday Specials Special Promotions Operational Plan Elements from international cuisines Kitchen Position Staff Bartenders Bar backs Location Strengths: Company Structure 1- Burgers 2- Beer 3- Live Games 4-Wings 5-Live Music Ben Brooks Local Established pubs Llywelyn's Pub Mattingly's Titlted Kilt Pub and Eatery Limited Choice- Gap in the Market Distinguish our business by Catering towards our audience on campus Receptive towards feedback Campus Advertising Location: high profile visitors Liscenced Bartenders booking for meeting and gathering. Assisstant Manager Menu Position Staff Line Cooks Prep Dishwashers Financial Plan Remodel and new equipment-$135,000 Food/Alcohol- $20,000 Legal cost-$2,000 Web design-$2,000 Business cards-$50 Initial Marketing-$50,000 Total-$209,050 Hosting galleries for artists. Executive Summary Down the road from the university Walking distance High Traffic Location Closer than Mainstreet Owners Atmosphere: Year Two Projected Sales: $660,000 Year Two Expenses: $379,400 Profit: $280,600 Large market with nearby college campus Easily accessible feedback Flexible management Salaries and Wages- $90,000 Rental-$14,400 Utilities-$10,000 Food/Alcohol supply- $20,000/month Bank repayment-$25,000 Total-$379,400 CONCEPT Running Cost Per Year Food "World Series" Wings- $10 "The Touchdown" Burgers- $8 "Fanzone" Fries- $3 "No Loss" Nachos- $7 "Perfect Season" Pizza- $20 "3-point" 3 lb Monster- $30 Free + "The Game" Tee Projected Sales Limited Business experience Limited price ajustments to remain competitive online orders Bright and Welcoming individuals, looking for young students Requirements Alex Bogusz Inventory LU Spirit Gear Etc. 65% profit margins on food 80% profit margins on liquor Amount profited from food per month/year (before labor):$50,000/month, $600,000/year Profit after expenses for first year:$ 251,550 Sources for Initial Funding Supplier's Relationship 7 60" Televisions 25 Tables 15 Bar Stools 75 Sturdy Chairs 10 Booths 5K Utensils 2 Deep Friers 1 Flat Top Grill 2 Ovens 1 Full Size Kitchen Cash Register Company Phone Sports Bar Todd Schowalter Jr. Profficiency in mathematics and accounting Product Strategy Threats: Lucas Nagle Each owner invests $25,000 for 20% stake $100,000 business loan from the bank Total funds raised: $225,000 Year One Projected Sales: $600,000 Year One Expenses: $500,000 Profit $100,000 Successful business model can lead to expansion and growth Marketing: Competitor Assessment Prior Management experience Position Staff Servers Hosts Bussers Drinks "The Slamdunk"-$5 "The Goal"- $5 "Tech Foul"- $5 "The Overtime"- $15 Beer- $3 Weaknesses: live music Business Plan SHORT VIDEOS Opportunities: Marketing Break Even: 10 Months social media Start Up Costs Year Ten Projected Sales: 1.3 Million Dollars Year Ten Expenses $700,000 Profit $600,000 and parties!!!! Social Media On campus Marketing Radio Local Advertising Reliable Service Cleanliness Affordable prices Consistency Great Food Prior cooking experience or cooking education The Game  Straight relationship with our suppliers Our company will need to have a straight relation with our food suppliers, so that we can offer fast service  Direct Line We also request our supplier's give us a direct line to our goods Customers' Needs creative dishes Positions Needed Jason Keena Style: S.W.O.T. Analysis After the interview process concludes... Near campus 2 week course ensues surrounding the mentality of the business and work duties. Includes Work Conduct (1-3 hours) Shadow Positions for additional week for training and experience On the Job Training for an additional week Mandatory 1 month performance review with management 6- Nachos 7- Student Discounts 8- Great Customer Service 9- Smiles Bookkeeper Fun/Casual/Relaxed "The Game to go" "Homefield Advantage Customer feedback center Less than 1 minute seating times 10-15 minute ticket times Under 30 second drink time Multiple TV access throughout the building Future Vending machines around JBR office buildings, serving karak, arabic coffee, and other signature drinks Our goal is to provide a fun enviroment for college sport fans and students alike. Service Process Management Bookkeepers Cooks Servers Greeters Bartenders Promotion and Advertising Our business rewards enthusiasm, punctuality, and customer satisfaction. Raises/Bonuses awarded for consistent work performance and positive customer feedback. Date: 12/3/2015 Owners: Alex, Ben, Jason, Lucas, TJ Address: 2265 First Capitol Drive St. Charles, MO 63301 About: Sports Bar and Grill catering to college students Long Term Goal- Franchise Short term Goals- Break Even Descripton of Services: Provide affordable food to customers and a pleasant, enjoyable environment Target Market: 18-24 Year Olds Competition: Local Pubs Investment: $125,000 Loan: $100,000 Previously established business

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