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Transcript: WELCOME! Save your Chart! CAREER INFORMATION O-Net Jobs Volunteers Events Internships Refer to Page 71 of your Student Manual BestJobsUSA, Career Resource Center, Job Hunt, Job Search Engine Resource links to company information Tips about job search process Save your Chart! Career List Guide 7 pages full of careers, career planning, and job search Under Career Information Resources Good idea: Save and Print (on your own time) Job/Volunteer/Intern Search Career planning and job search Job outlook and occupational profiles Articles and books on specific careers (books & print) Internships, community service, cooperative education, study abroad & volunteering Goals: Use the websites on page 71 to search for specific job openings. Find websites on page 71 or else where which give information about that company, job, position. etc. Have a basic idea about a few job/volunteer/intern positions as options for your resume. JBJB O-Net Career Information Resources YOU’RE ONE STOP SHOP FOR CAREER PLANNING. Career Information Resources RESOURCE GUIDE TO JOB POSITION BRAIN STORM Find a Computer Log in with Z-Id and password Access this website: JBJB OCCUPATIONAL HANDBOOK Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. gathers information including: The training and education needed Earnings Expected job prospects What workers do on the job Working conditions INSTRUCTIONS Goals: Become familiar with the O-Net Website and Occupational Outlook Handbook and its resources Brainstorm several career choices based on your interests, personality and skills. Have an idea of careers to write about for your ORR (Occupational Research Report) Career Brainstorming Activity (Occupational Research Activity) Websites for Specific Job Searches Developed by US Department of and Training Administration Relevant to EVERY type of audience Labor/Employment Search jobs according to Career Clusters Job Outlook STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Job Industry Green Economy Sector You can also browse by skills, abilities, knowledge, work interests, values, work activities, etc. Found in advanced search. GREAT RESOURCE FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT IDENTIFY THEIR JOB FIELD

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Transcript: SUSTAINABILITY Introduction / Registration Aims and Objectives Sustainable Packaging Design Gathered from from a variety of sources over 350 designers were asked specific questions about sustainability. This litmus test of opinion has led to a project aptly titled LITMUS. In printed form it mimics the litmus paper aesthetic and in a visual way communicates the research findings, some of which are surprising. SUMMARY: Assessment of Learning ACTIVITY 1: Research (30 mins) Grouping the class into two groups: Why should we, as designers need to consider the concept of sustainability within our work? How could we, as designers support sustainable designs? ACTIVITY 2: Presentation (15 mins) The groups will present their research and findings to the rest of the class; sharing and contributing ideas about sustainability. We're not scientists we're DESIGNERS! As DESIGNERS where do we stand? photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli ACTIVITY 3: Individual Research (40 mins) Students will be given time to research different packaging designs as part of the brief and the unit criteria. Tutor will be facilitating this activity; this activity will give opportunity for one to one tutorials with students. Discuss the issues of sustainability in design. Reflect on the importance and significance of sustainable designs. Identify the roles of designers in supporting sustainability. Research eco-friendly packaging designs. What do WE think about all this 'malarkey?' WHO CARES??? Is anybody doing something about it? ACTIVITY 4: Sustainable Packaging? (10 mins) Which of the two similar packaging is more sustainable and eco-friendly than the other? Extension: How is the packaging more sustainable? 87% of designers feel sustainable design is trending up, but only 59% believe themselves knowledgeable in the area. Or that 92% of designers think sustainable choices have a direct, positive impact on the environment, but only 43% would know where to find a reliable resource on sustainable working methods.

Resource Plan

Transcript: Con's How easily and well usable it is by the end user. Focuses on smart and universal design and its implementation Team management - Coordinate and manage team Editing - Review and edit documentation Programing - Programing Problem Solving Mechanical - Mechanical Problem Solving Webmaster - Online presence management Planning - Time plan over- and review Workshop and tool deputy - Workshop responsible Prototyping - design and test prototypes The conveying system is more complex and prone to failures Servo motor camera right angled Solution path justification Solution 2 Speed of process This is a measure of how accurate the process will be. At 100% it will sort every sample perfectly Material Plan Feasibility Costs Power-on Bi-colour status LED (external view) Still in development as the final design is not yet decided on Team management - Melissa Obermeyer Editing - Melissa O., Mario Godinez Programing - Will Booth, Shreya Dey Mechanical - Aleksander Lelievre, Janosh Heine, Metall working Lab Webmaster - Janosh H. Planning - Mario G. Workshop and Tool deputy - Aleksander L. Prototyping - Melissa O., Janosh H., Aleksander L. Labour Plan conveyor belt camera top view Content Evaluation Criteria 90° angle is relatively simple to program servo motors are cheap and easy to find Con's linear path makes it easier to put actuators and sensors on Equipment list Analyses how fast the process can be made, and also deals with the speed of the final design It is a measure of the complexity of the system. Lower values ere mean the system is easy to build assemble and to work Power Pin (1): 3.3V Supply (without fuse) I/O Pin (2): SCL Signal (I2C Clock) I/O Pin (3): SDA Signal (I2C Data) JTAG 5V power Input: 6.5mm round connector Lumberg 1613 14) 2 optically isolated I/O Isolation can be jumpered 1 input as external exposure 1 output for external flash triggering 6-pin phoenix direct-PBC connector Pro's Solution 1 Labour types and responsibilities Solution 3 Pro's leanXcam Interfaces Ethernet Labour type and responsibilities Material Plan Labour Plan Equipment list Usability Microwave motors require an A/C supply 45° angle might be much harder to program Input Pin (1): UART Receive input pin, RS232 level (input to Xcam) Output Pin (2): UART Receive output pin, RS232 level (output from Xcam) Power (3): System Ground RS232C Interface Quality of process LED's A rough estimate would be: 1 drive 1 actuator 50-70cm3 ABS plastic for 3d printing parts 40 screws/bolts of various sizes 3kg of different metals for static and optical elements 5kg of wooden parts for the final design and prototyping 1 leanXcam 100 Mbit/s 8 position - 8 contact (RJ45) connector Connector J601 the appearance of the final design. It will have to be appealing to customers. leanXcam Standard equipment: Screwdrivers, saws, cutters,... Specific equipment: Laser cutter 3d printer FDM, MCOR 45° angle might yield more accurate results microwave motors easy and cheap to source Simplicity Shows how feasible the design is. Especially if it can be realised with the given time frame and resources at disposition Pro's Con's A measure of the estimated cost Resource Plan Appearance circular disk microwave motor camera at 45° angle I2C Interface 90° angle increases the risk of false positives sero motors have generally small power For debugging DSP On-board 14-pin 2-row header

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