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Transcript: BY JAZLYN ANDERSON ELECTRONIC WASTE IN LANDFILLS Landfills Electronic Waste AKA E-Waste is "the world’s fastest-growing source of waste. The United States produces more e-waste than any country in the world" (PBS). "According to a recent report by EPA, every day, we are to get rid of over 416,000 mobile devices and 142,000 computers either by recycling or disposing of them in landfills and incinerators." The Problem: The Problem - We send E-waste items to developing countries such Ghana, Kenya, Hong Kong, China and more - These Items are a problem to the enviroment and the people handling them How E-Waste in Landfills affect people: How it affects people People in developing countries are being exposed to these toxins because they are scaveging in the E-Waste Many E-Waste items contain dangerous toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, barnium, cadium, hexavalent chromium, beryllium, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and brominated flame retardents. Being exposed to these can cause many health issues. Little kid in China sitting in E-Waste Agbogbloshire, Ghana - Largest E-Waste dump How E-Waste hurts the environment: Environment The toxic substances contained in electronic wastes can infiltrate the air, water and soil which ultimately hurt people's health Solutions Solutions: Turn your E-Waste into Turn In programs such as Best Buy where they recycle, refusbish and resell your E-Waste RECYCLE CONSCIOUSLY!!! - Know what the recycling company actually does with E-waste Works Cited: Works Cited Katie Campbell and Ken Christensen, “Where does America’s E-Waste end up? GPS tracker tells all”,, 10 May 2016, , 28 May 2018. Kimberly Button, “20 staggering e-waste facts”,, 24 February 2016 , , 29 May 2018. Rick LeBlanc, “E-waste recycling facts and figures”,, 15 March 2018, , 28 May 2018. Lesley Lammers, “Best E-Waste recycling solutions? Where to look”,, 26 Feburuary 2016, , 28 May 2018. Staff at GreenPeace, “Hazardous Chemicals In Electronic Devices”,, , 28 May 2018. “Impacts of E-waste on the environment”,, 25 May 2017, , 28 May 2018.

Research Paper or PowerPoint Project

Transcript: 7th Grade Research Paper Theme: Ancient Rome See Example People Website: Last Name, First Name. (Year, Month Date Published). Article Title. Website URL ( 1. Use Handout on Topic 3. Use Medieval Textbook to find 2 facts 2. Highlight: 3 interesting facts from Handout 1. Julius Caesar Your Research Paper must include: 1. City of Ancient Rome; 2. Ancient city of Pomeii; 3. Julius Caesar; 4. Augustus and Pax Romana or 5. Diocletian. 6. Marcus Aurelius CITIES Cover Page This Research Paper is DUE: Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 at 3:20 p.m. Guidelines for YOUR Successful and Dynamic Research Paper You may choose one of the following to write your paper: Research Paper Format AND.... Your information must be from two (2) sources: 1 handout and Medieval textbook; IMPORTANT: Be sure to save the site information on a blank Word document page!! A Cover Page with the following information: 1. Title of your paper; 2. Your name; 3. Date; 4. Class (7th Grade History); 5. Picture of Person 2. Augustus and Pax Romana 3. Artifacts (things made by humans) 4. Diocletian 1. Map of city location or where this person lived; 2. Material Culture (how did the people live) You will need this information for your Reference page: "Cite your source" Because... DUE DATE: 3. Marcus Aurelius Book: Last Name, First Name. (Year Published) Book. City, State: Publisher Material for Paper Two (2) Pictures must include: If Due date is not met: Paper will become homework or for Study Hall. Have fun! If you have any questions please ask Miss Monica or Mrs. Rhonda. 1. Ancient city of Rome 2. The Ancient city of Pompeii 1. Typed; 12 Point Font - Times New Roman 2. Double Spaced 3. Must be two (2) Pages including two (2) pictures; (2 pictures on one page)

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