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Transcript: There are approximately 565,000 Black undocumented immigrants across the country who are erased from the (non-black)Latinx-dominated immigration conversation despite being disproportionately targeted by both the criminal justice and immigration systems. The racial profiling, tougher sentencing, and mass incarceration of Black people makes it so we are detained and deported at disproportionately higher rates than non-Black immigrants. Myths Peddled by Trump Administration Executive order by President Obama The requirements were pretty much the same as the DREAM Act but with set dates Available for renewal every TWO years Costs about $500 to renew REMINDER: - Criminals - Social Security - “Mostly adults” term used loosely - Legislative branch sought out to stop what DACA was doing - Unconstitutional is redundant - Denied jobs to Americans - Caused a surge in minor arrivals Conscious Intersectionality ConvoCast 9.10.2017 UNDOCUMENTED: How Immigration Became Illegal by Aviva Chomsky Already in Action - Demand/Fund/Support As many as 75,000 Dreamers who benefited from DACA are LGTQ. For them, the prospect of deportation contains an additional element of uncertainty, since they may be sent to countries that have poor LGBTQ human rights records. For some, it could mean death upon return. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS CONVOCAST. Additional comments/questions? Special thanks to our guest, Armando Buenrostro. Immigrants began to demand rights and higher rates of pay Braceros program ended H-2 program remained The U.S. made illegal workers who were previously deemed “laborers” Kept the door open for exploitation Caused people to permanently migrate to the U.S. Reagan administration passed last form of immigration reform Dream Act Re-introduction Recognizing America’s Children Act The American Hope Act Bridge Act D.R.E.A.M. Act of 2001 (Development Relief Education for Alien Minors Act) Suggested Reading: Action Items/Things You Can Do to Help Rescinding DACA: What is this really about? This ConvoCast is recorded and made available to Platinum Members in The Good Men Project Premium Library. Basic Requirements Be in the U.S. before the age of 16 Been here for at least 5 years Go on to higher education or armed forces Have a clean record Eventually a path to citizenship Passed the House but failed to receive the super majority in 2010 Has not been re-introduced since Implementation of DACA 2012 (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) 1. Donate to legal fees for renewal for dreamers who qualify. 2. Contact your local representatives in support of DACA. Armando Buenrostro "Most of us think that we know what the word illegal means and why some people fall into this category. It seems right and natural to us that people should be divided by citizenship, and by documents, into different categories with differential rights. We assume that the world is naturally divided into countries and that every human being somehow belongs in one country or another. People are supposed to stay in the country that they were born in, unless they can get special permission to enter another. Each country expresses its sovereignty by deciding who is allowed to enter into its territory and who is allowed access to citizenship. So we rarely question the idea countries should be able to decide who can cross their borders and treat people differently under the law depending on statuses that these same countries assign them. But there is nothing natural about this state of affairs." - Aviva Chomsky, Undocumented How People Became Illegal INTRODUCTION Some Intersectional Analysis


Transcript: Original Mock-up #1 Infobox - Interactive picture with dialog infobox Use of modalWindow, Draggable, gsmaps, and lightbox Logo / Icon Change Revising Mock-up #2 Conclusion musics from freesound & purple-planet getFullYear() Get 4-digit year getMonth() Get month, from 0 to 11. getDay() Get the number of day in a week, from 0(Sunday) to 6(Saturday) getDate() Get day, from 1 to 31 getDay() getHours(), getMinutes(), getSeconds(), getMilliseconds() Interactive Elements Location Previews Lightbox - adds the aesthetics, interactivity in displaying images gsmaps.js - can change the design and easily implement the google map within app Project Schedule Sounds that match the location Music for the main day pages Use of touchSwipe When users open the app, a small div will pop up and explaing this in simple and clear manner -similar to above Aesthetically pleasing on the eyes Very simple, user-centric and user-friendly design Draggable - drag the different windows across the screen and place them anywhere Basic concept is to inform users of unique locations and places in Sydney Different choices for each day - Monday to Sunday Recommended Area and Time - when / where it is best to go, how long you should stay Festival / Events - what is on the day Spending Money Transport / Traveling Methods Images & Videos Add Weather Function Add Dates Add More Locations New User Feedback Use of Sounds & User feedback Interactive Elements Finish the basic concept design Give out to friends and test it out. Surveymonkey In future, SOCIAL NETWORKING!! Interactive Elements Sydney Observatory Interactive Elements modalWindow - different styled pop-up box Design will be simple, clearly visible and consistent The Rocks Markets Interface Description Construct a simple, user friendly application Engage with the target audience through various interactive functions Assist indecisive people like me in choosing what to do to have fun in Sydney! TouchSwipe - Swipe to different days to see what sorts of attractions are available in other days THANK YOU! In future


Transcript: Decisions Benefits Consequences GOT TO DO IT !!! Youth Prayer tomorrow in this room at 7 p.m. ***Announcement*** 2. Faith requires submission -Prayer Wall- ASK THE PANEL It's normal to sometimes doubt the wisdom of one's parents. However, the command to honor them calls us to recognize that they often understand what we do not. We should develop a relationship of trust and respect with those whom God places in authority over us. Real "discipleship"means becoming more and more like Christ. - Attitude -Opinion -Thought -Language -Behavior -Emotion As we grow spiritually we began imitating Jesus and become less like our old sinful selves. LET'S MAKE A DEAL!! Ephesians 6:10-18 Cheating on a math test Having sex before marriage Driving twenty-five miles an hour over the speed limit Lying to your parents Abandoning your little brother or sister at the mall Skipping school Using illegal drugs Spreading gossip about a friend Skipping church on a Sunday Shoplifting What does imitating Christ mean to you? Is it easy or difficult to imitate Christ and be a true disciple? Why or why not? Where can we find help? What are some activities and attitudes that kee[ you growing in the Lord? *How we choose to live reveals how we treat others. Do we live selfishly or put others before ourselves? It is not difficult to follow Paul's advice when we put others before ourselves. Submission means putting personal preferences behind and putting the other person's welfare before your own.* Many people choose behaviors without really knowing their consequences. They base decisions on their short-term benefits, without investigating the long term consequences. Thankfully, choosing to follow God's instructions for life doesn't have to a leap in the dark. He promises to bless us when we obey His principles. TEAM QUESTIONS 1. FAITH REQUIRES IMITATION Ephesians 6:19,20 What six things in verses 3 and 4 must be avoided? How would you define and avoid these things? In verse 8, what does it meant to be "DARKNESS" and "LIGHT"? In verse 18, what's the difference between being drunk and Spirit-filled? 3. FAITH REQUIRES AMMUNITION Battle Ready! Which prize would you have chosen? Why? Why is it difficult to make a choice when you don't really know about the options? What choices do people make without really knowing the options? Why do they do that? To what other relationship is marriage compared? What does this teach us? Why should children obey and honor their parents? How should workers obey those in authority over them? How should those in authority treat those who work for them? Faith keeps following Ephesians 5:1-7 Ephesians 5:8-14 Ephesians 5:15-20 Pay me now- Pay me later The reality of life is more than what we can see. Some Christians believe that because God is in their lives, difficult times will be rare. However, Christians face both normal human hardships and spiritual attack. To ignore difficulty or presume that something is wrong whenever trouble comes is to misunderstand the nature of battle. Ephesians 5:22 and 6:9 Unit 3 >> Study 4 Please make an effort to be here. We ALL need prayer.

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