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Album Press Release Template

Transcript: ALWAYS HAVE A BAND PHOTO ITS ALL ABOUT ME! An album press release is one of the most common (and important) press releases you will write. The trick here to create a release that makes the music journalist want to listen to your music as well as giving them something to write about Bio: SEO "a glorious mess of syncopated staccato rhythms, lush vocal harmonies and repeated minor-major key changes, topped off with the most infectious chorus of 2010 so far" - Fugitive Motel SOCIAL GET FAMOUS!!!! I want to know about you!!!! I Don't Have A Release Your musician bio gives writers a little more detail to sink their teeth into, but like everything else, there's a good way and a bad way to approach the writing. WHY? Where can I e mail you? How can I hear more? Where can I see you? Involvement!!! A good press release can make or break you. Competition for the press is fierce, and your press release can often decide whether you're getting that coveted review/interview/preview/profile or not. Step by Step PLATFORMS CMS Reviews and sound bites Social Make sure you spell check!!!!! What do you do when you don't have a new album to promote or a tour in the works, but you have something you'd really like to get the word out about? You go for the news press release. This kind of press release is great for letting the media know things like that you've won an award for your songwriting or that you were picked as fan favorite in a web poll - anything that's newsworthy but not tied to a specific project. . Your Music Release Date . Creating your own press release “Sophie’s endearing charm is more than enough to give them a place in the spotlight all of their own” – Chris Long, BBC DONT WAFFLE ON!!!! “Has more in common with the tribal leanings of Bow Wow Wow’s Annabell or Adam Ant, and the confidence of early Noisettes material” – Manchester Evening News - Release date News Bio Tours/Gigs Sound Bites

Collection Release Plan

Transcript: 4. Content • Identify a #hashtag that can be used • Identify the language used for all marketing materials (release invitation, branding, tag lines, announcements, memes, Lookbook, ETC) • Identify 2 proofreaders to make edits and suggestions • Ensure the content ties to the brand values 5. Budget • Ensure a line sheet for each cost is created • Keep track of every dollar spent • Determine an estimated cost for each expense • Eliminate any cost that are priority • Think of all resources before using dollars 6. Press • Create a press release that is concise and has a really great reason • Package a press release kit that includes neckwear, brand info • Compile a list of any fashion journalist, mags, newspapers, bloggers • Identify how we can get national press • Identify a PR group to partner with to manage • Identify what images and content will be used for press purpose • Build a strategic relationship and stay in contact with press Phase 1- The Foundation Collection Release Plan Manufacturing 1. Design Development • Create a budget to cover all cost • Choose the final sketch design • Identify a pattern maker and create a tech pack with all details • Design a prototype of the style • Identify the materials/hardware needed to design the neckwear and purchase all the materials for the whole run • Create a file that includes all the fabric specifications • Create a step by step process on how the neckwear is made-tech packs with sketches, details, roadmap, sewing details, fabric weight, contraction, size, washes ETC • Create a pattern or purchase neckwear items for pattern making • Provide a checklist for production-labels, patterns, graded, interfacing, bow tie hard ware, threads ETC 2. Partnership and Quotes • Identify at least 3 manufactures and get a quote from each one • Ask questions (google Makers Row) • Use the design development info to prepare for manufacture • Identify a company that can be your liaison for the manufacture process • Provide a contract/agreement including conditions and terms In-House 1. Seamstress • Identify 1-2 seamstress that can design your product locally • Create a budget and set a price you can afford to pay for the service • Create a step by step process on how the produce is made (tech packs with sketches, details, roadmap, sewing details, fabric weight, contraction, size, washes ETC • Provide a pattern or purchase neckwear items for pattern making • Set goals and objectives • Build a relationship and have them work in your office space (if applicable) • Provide all the materials needed to design the product (or pay them more to cover cost) • Provide a contract/agreement including conditions and terms 1. Color Forecast • Research trend council for color forecasting • Create a Pinterest board with colors, patterns, neckwear • Create a conceptual mood board including colors, vision, prints • Purchase fabric samples and determine how it aligns with color forecast • Narrow down to 3-5 primary hues that will reflect the entire collection • Create a hue palette • Create an analogues of each hue 2. Mood Forecast • Identify the inspiration and creative direction • Determine the actual colors that will represent the collection • Identify the fabrics and threads to purchase and the amount of yardage. • Identify the visual theme that connects to the consumer and the company. 3. Design Forecast • Identify an innovative way to design the neckwear • Sketch out 3-5 designs • Identify the styles and quantity for each design • Identify how the design will complement and connect to the consumer • Test out all the fabric out and see how it responds to xyz 4. Financial Forecast • Identify an estimate cost for producing per product • Identify the price point per product • Identify projected sales from the collection • Identify any unseen cost (add 10% cost to total amt) • Identify every cost- fabric, hardware, marketing strategies, resources, manufacturing, logistics, production, time, tools ETC • Identify gain after losses • Create a strategic event plan or hire an event planner • Identify objective and primary goals for the release • Determine how much in sales must be made to break even • Identify a location, entertainment, food, guest list, ETC • Hire a staff/ volunteers (front end, bar, manger, back end, production set up, models) • Create a unique display for the product • Hire sales rep to manage sales • Develop a presentation that will add value to why you do what you do • Provide a take away and a channel for your audience to have a voice Phase 5 -Soft Launch Extensive Research 1. Consumer Market Research • Identify the consumer needs and wants • Identify what compliments our consumers lifestyle • Identify the key character traits of our consumer • Identify music, food, travel, attire, income, car, home, subscriptions 2. Neckwear Market Research • Identify the attributes, benefits of the neckwear we offer • Identify the sector, segment, and category we fall in • Identify the value and

Release Plan

Transcript: Here is my basic release plan for Another Mans King. Firstly analyzing the resources we have as well as issues followed by a basic blueprint of the release plan. commencing between October and November with no specific dates as it will be done along finding a new singer for the band. Prerelese release. Brief description. 1. share any reviews or articles that have been published on the release. 2. upload guitar play through and message guitar based Facebook and instagram pages that share play throughs that accept the public sending them videos. 3. upload bass playthoughs and do the same this time focusing on bass websites. 4. put social media plan in affect. 5. begin looking into finding a manager. 6. contact radio again about the release see if we can get any more plays. As Ditto sorts out all of the online distribution our focus should be on the promotion of the single. I have put all ideas in one of the following stages of release plan. 1. Pre release. (all the things we need to fix and get ready for the release) 2. Official Release. (how to make as many people know about the new single once its out) 3. Post release. How to get the most out of the release once its out. Official release. Ditto music. £8 for three songs per year. Can upload the both parts of the track in less in 24 hours of signing up. 100% of the royalties go to us they just get the fee we give them. Have many friends who use this company and have never had a problem. Instagram, two posts on Instagram a week Mat keeps growing the audience (make sure all members are the same amount of posts) Twitter, use as band news platform and post as much as possible about what the band is up too, use as a platform to talk to fans. Seth keep building followers. every other day Facebook, use for high quality videos, tour/gig announcements big news. Everyone has to agree. Anther mans king Release Plan Distribution Promotion. 1. Spotify 2. Amazon 3. Itunes 4. Google Play 5. Shazam 6. Vevo Amateurs and professionals that own or influence large play lists. Another mans king. Post Release promotional contact information. following are radio stations that have been known to play metal and or new artists music Radio stations 1. fix current/ change the bands name as we all have A problem with the current one! 2. Finalize art work (if we still want a logo) ! 3. Create/get release cover art. (perhaps incorporating the new logo in some way If we want)! 4. set a release date and finalize with Ditto! 6. Look into/ test ways to live stream the release! 7. make new cover photo and profile that incorporates/ promotes the band release. 8. create press release and Email/ write to multiple metal journalists companies as well as any local music journalists (bido lito.) Seth has access to many emails of these such companies. 9. research instagram and facebook pages that share guitar and bass playing videos. 10. create a social media plan that will be put into affect once the track has been released and we engage our audience again. (eg. two instagram posts a week how long spent getting new followers ext.) 11. Create video to be live streamed and sent to magazines via usbs. 12. sign up songs to PRS incase we get radio play 13. contact metal based radio, spotify and soundcloud djs as well as local liverpool based djs in the same fashion with the press release. 14. contact TruantReacts about the release that is coming (can also do this after the release as he usually reacts to something after it has been released. (if he does offer us a show once we do so will have to try and get loic to do vocals.) 15. catch up with artists we have developed relationships with and keep that contact strong. Optional. 1. Take full band photo Following will be all emails and contact information of any Magazines, bloggers, you tubers and radio stations that could potentially help us promote our music before/ once its released, all of these contacts should be contacted after the release. social media plan. Spotify playlist Curators 1. check Ditto have uploaded the track 2. change profile cover photo and Name minutes before the next stage (as the people who have followed us will get a notification once we do.) 3. Live stream the release in some form of video with the Spotify link in the description. 4. each individually share the Spotify link with there personal description. 5. upload the same live stream video on Instagram with the description then make a live video sharing the details of the release and make a story post. Metal media Websites (PRE RELEASE) add logo here

Q4 Release Plan

Transcript: Q4 Release Plan Wednesday 2018-01-03 Wednesday 2018-01-03 - Training Schedule (Discuss with Angela) Promos (BL) Email Blast POs - Send email telling PPC users about release Friday 2018-01-05 Friday 2018-01-05 Block the following users calendar on Wednesday 1/10 from 1 pm onwards: Dave O, Ed, Gaurang SQL script DB migration (schema, index, Package, sequence, data (static), Etc.) UAC SQL script Create and test script to remove a PPC type worksheet (for testing in prod) DARE app Meet with Dan Martinez to discuss DARE update and possible user inquiries Meet with Dave Trout for pushing DARE app update Tuesday 2018-01-09 Tuesday 2018-01-09 Code compare Q4 Release branch with master: To make sure nothing newer exists in master Do a schema comparison between RMSTST acmr tables and RMSPRD acmr tables Wednesday morning 2018-01-10 Wednesday morning 2018-01-10 Send email at 9 am telling PPC users about down time Pricing site will be offline starting at 4 pm You will be notified once the site has been updated with the latest features and improvements Cut the release in Jira for every project Cut the release in GitLab for WebCore and PPC projects Hide the Ads option from the menu for Q4 release Hide the File type -> ad featured from the Promos menu Wednesday after 4pm 2018-01-10 Wednesday after 4pm 2018-01-10 Direct over to a "will return soon" page Deploy Apply SQL objects Apply UAC SQL DARE app Q4 release branch Test functionality in production Test Inspire in production Zebra device Update release notes on front page Send email telling PPC users about successful update; share release notes Pricing site has been updated It includes new features and enhancements to existing features If you experience problems please report them to the service desk by emailing

powerpoint template

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