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Red Curtain Powerpoint Template

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Red Curtain Trilogy

Transcript: MUSIC What kind of ending does it allude to? Represents their love PLOT/STORYLINES Romeo Montague Secret reminder of their love for the show, also reminds the audience of the same thing STRICTLY BALLROOM A TRILOGY IS A GROUP OF THREE RELATED NOVELS, PLAYS, FILMS, OR OTHER. RELATED = CONNECTED/ASSOCIATED OR PART OF SAME GROUP OR FAMILY. Ballroom dancing 3. One of the pair dies :'( Luhrmann combines different eras and styles of music to help him tell the story. The audience know it will have a happy ending from this opening music Musical Movies Romeo + Juliet - colour used to show emotions and to show the divide of the Montagues and Capulets throughout the film, which enforces our knowledge of the divide between Romeo and Juliet Moulin Rouge 2. Both lovers die :( 1. Happy Ever After :) R-E-A -L Sets the scene for the rest of the film > Music to help tell story Baz Luhrmann - Satine who is a courtesan mistakes penniless writer Christian for the rich Duke who is going to fund the show for the Moulin Rouge and they fall in love. Music sets the tone. It is another tool used to tell the story R-E-E-L 3 ALTERNATE ENDINGS FOR THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS Happy, song, fast-pace Seem destined to be apart Overview Draws his audience in by playing music that emulates the emotions of characters COLOUR -Madonna Musical Movies Three seperate stories and films and yet they are connected in multiple ways to create the triology. Scott just wants to dance his own moves but the rules prevent him from winning if he does - They can't be together but sneak around anyway - Satine has consumption = tuberculosis and gets sicker throughout the film -Marilyn Munroe Luhrmann uses songs to connect his audience in all three films Luhrmann uses colour as a way to show characters, highlight their setting and emphasise in the story. To get an idea of how Luhrmann used colour in the Red Curtain Trilogy. They fall madly in love Strictly Ballroom - vibrant colours used throughout especially obvious at the dance competitions and also practises Young hearts run free > Colour to create mood Juliet Capulet Neither can bear life without the other and they both end up dying. Ballroom Dancing Scott is a great professional dancer. Star-crossed lovers Two households, both alike in dignity... The use of blue creates a cold feeling and lack of warmth which helps create the sadness that we also get from the content of the shots themselves and the music played. Diamonds are a girls best friend Material Girl Fran is an amateur dancer and 'ugly duckling Strictly Ballroom is the most comedic and cheerful of the three films and the most colourful as you can see here in shots from openign (above) and ending (below). The colours are vibrant and help enforce the idea of the happy ending. They end up dancing together and fall in love "My only love sprung from my only hate" Romeo + Juliet Shakepearean Language > One simple plot: 3 alternate endings 'Kissing You' + Moulin Rouge - colour is everywhere all the time apart from the 'present day where Christian is depressed in his apartment grieving his loss where blue is the most obvious colur present. Colour helps reflect the craziness of the Mouln Rouge throughout the film. - Satine dies in Christian's arms at the end of the show Helps the audience understand and connect to the film He often uses songs that are familiar to his audience which captures their attention drawing them in. He often reworks these songs to fit in the context. Use of blue creates sadness, same as Romeo + Juliet. Emphasizes Christian's emptiness because of his loss of Satine and show his intense grief. Red Curtain Trilogy Simple storylines What kind of mood does this song create? Shakespearean Language Helps reflect the craziness of the party through Romeo's drug-affected brain

Iron Curtain history powerpoint

Transcript: NATO Stalin wanted to retain political and economic control over Eastern Europe. The Soviets managed to install Communist governments throughout Eastern Europe. Stalin outlawed political parties or newspapers that opposed the communism. The Soviets jailed or killed some political opponents. The Soviets rigged elections to ensure the success of Communists. The Soviet Union relocated Germans living in Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. Iron Curtain The military, political, and ideological barrier established between the Soviet bloc and western Europe from 1945 to 1990. Iron Curtain By Anne Applebaum Time Period of the book Ethnic cleansing was a form of getting rid of people from Germany and Poland after WWII. The Soviet army was moving these people from their homes and neighborhoods and putting them into work camps. This was because the spread of communism required getting rid of anybody who was opposed to this idea. As you will see any form of opposition you were removed from society. Brendan Conry Life under communist rule is nothing that anybody wants to go through. The government, is the name of the people, owned the factories, farms, mines, and other means of production. People could no longer own their own profit-making businesses and farms. Government economic planners decided what and how much should be produced each year, what the prices should be, and what wages should be paid to the workers. Everyday people would work hours and hours for barely any money which would give them nothing more than food scraps if they were lucky. If you even hinted at conspiring against the government you will be sent off to a camp or killed. United States Belgium Canada Denmark France United Kingdom Italy Luxembourg Norway Portugal Netherlands Iceland Berlin Blockade The Main Idea At the end of World War II, tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States deepened, leading to an era known as the Cold War. The United States and their allies controlled most of western Europe after the war. While U.S.S.R controlled all of Eastern Europe. Joesph Stalin "From behind the Iron Curtain, there are signs that tyranny is in trouble and reminders that its structure is as brittle as its surface is hard". - Dwight D. Eisenhower International military alliance created to defend western Europe against a possible Soviet invasion. A 1948 collective-defense alliance between Britain, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg was recognized as inadequate to deter Soviet aggression, and in 1949 the U.S. and Canada agreed to join their European allies in an enlarged alliance U.S.S.R Poland Bulgaria Hungary Romania Albania Everything from elections to the radio was rigged with propaganda. Stalin wanted to make sure that everybody under his power knew only about communism and socialism. He was able to persuade everybody through the newspapers and radio stations to believe that the United States views were that of an attack on the U.S.S.R. This is how he created this so called iron curtain over his kingdom. Propaganda By Life under the Iron Curtain Major Players/ Characters Eastern Bloc This was a very informative and extremely helpful to realizing how much effect communism had over all of Europe. I would strongly recommend this book to anybody who wants to read about real events that occurred during the cold war. What happened to the people under the socialist rule should never happen to anybody else. International crises that arose from an attempt by the Soviet Union to force the Allied powers (U.S., Britain, and France) to abandon their postwar authority in West Berlin. The Soviets, regarding the economic stature of the three Allied occupation zones in Germany in 1948 as a threat to the East German economy, blockaded all transportation routes between Berlin and West Germany. The U.S. and Britain responded by supplying the city with food and other supplies by military air transport and airlifting out West Berlin exports. An Allied embargo on exports from the Eastern bloc forced the Soviets to lift the blockade after 11 months. This was an event that almost resulted in war. Personal Recommendation 1945 to 1956


Transcript: Curtain: Poirot's last case New York : Dodd ,Mead & Company,1975. The guesthouse is the primary setting for the entire novel. Several chartacters question whether or not the house has an evil environment because of the murder that took place there decades before. As more guests at the guesthouse start to die, it makes it look like the house is evil. THEME Book Work Cited Hercule Poirot is a fictional Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie. Styles Guesthouse Print. Christie, Agatha. Theses are all the guest staying at styles . Book Plot The murderer, identified by Poirot simply by the letter "X" Poirot knows the identity of X,but will not tell Hastings, because Hastings would not be able to conceal his knowledge . Poirot is convinced that X will kill again, but he doesn’t know who the next victim will be. He asks Hastings to help him with the investigation. He also gives Hastings newspaper cuttings of five murder cases, all of which were committed by different people. X apparently had no motive for killing any of the victims, but he/she was connected with all of them. Symbolism Quotes Curtain -Poirot's last case. "It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within--not without."- Poirot The Belgian detective states the greatest tool for crime solving is the mind, thanks to the "little grey cells". He prefers to sit quietly and think when he solves crimes, for he believes all crimes are psychological and having clues is not everything. Hercule Poirot and Captain Hasting return to Styles Court,now a guest home three decades after solving their first mystery together, in order to prevent a serial killer from claiming more victims.Poirot says he knows who the killer is but he doesn't know who the intended victim is. Poirot also tells Hastings that he won't reveal to Hastings who X is.He no longer has the use of his legs and is wheelchair-bound.As some of the guests begin to die there are, as always, several suspects.Poirot tells Hastings that because his mind is able but his body isn't, he needs Hastings to be his eyes and ears. Main Character Good versus Evil The primary plot throughout the entire novel is that of good versus evil. Hercule Poirot has an inner struggle with good versus evil and so do each of the characters that are involved in the story as the murder plot unfolds.Each of the characters struggles with the good and evil of the other characters they encounter while staying at the guesthouse, This is especially true of Hastings because he is evaluating whether or not each guest is capable of committing murder. Captain Arthur Hastingss a fictional character created by Agatha Christie as the companion and best friend of poirot.Hastings rejoins Poirot at Styles to help tackle one last case. by: Agatha Christie

The Red Curtain Project.

Transcript: There's been a murder in the Kremlin. On March 27th, 1960, British Intelligence Agent James Barker was shot and killed in mysterious circumstances. Both the Soviets and the Brits immediately pointed the finger of blame at each other. Soviet Ruler Josef Nilats accused the British of killing their own man to justify their own forthcoming attack. British Prime Minister Bill Oddie quickly branded the USSR's story as false, before presenting his own theory on the incident: that the USSR have a mole in British Intelligence who has been leaking files to the Russian side, one of which may have contained confidential information on Mr. Barker's reasons for visiting Moscow. It is up to you to unearth the truth in a twisted tale of death, corruption and espionage. Are you willing to step behind The Red Curtain? Viral YouTube trailer depicted James Barker's assassination will be released to act as the beginning of the expereince, inviting people to delve deeper and discover more. Pre-release marketing. Mobile app reveiling information when in certain areas. e.g. scanning walls, buildings. The British Soviets The Factions. British Scan Code Teaser Trailer Find Matroyshka Dolls Tracking App Players will be able to download several mobile apps that will act as thier secret agent 'gadgets' and help them discover secret messages and facts, and other rewards such as more chapters in the motion comics, fake trailers ect. Motion Comic British Double Agents: James Barker (deceased) Brian Mortenson Harry Mason Owen Mannion Shaun Anderson Interrogation Game Tumblr THE RED CURTAIN In game and real world Easter Eggs Unlock Access to Radio Show Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy James Bond Further Videos and trailers can be unlocked and bought via the in-game 'secrets' economy. Characters Google maps virtual tour of the kremlin The Red Curtain USSR Double Agents – Dmitri Raskalov Konstantin Eisenstein Alexei Dzagoev Artem Ionov Russian Premier – Ivan Protazonov. Second in Command – Yakov Pudovkin. Minister of Propaganda – Dziga Stirlitz Soviet Spymaster – Karl Loskov. Access to forum and Chatzy Clues on Facebook and Twitter, Character accounts. Participants can start threads on the forum to share information they have discovered amongst each other. Meet Ups, Events Propoganda Players can use secrets to solve the case or sell them to players for the game's online currency, which can be used to buy merchandise. The easter eggs within the game will be made for both of the factions within the game. Real world participation for players. Players will get text messages and pre-recorded phone calls telling them about Russian Dolls containing furthur information, secret messages on walls. Motion Comics will act as the cinematics for the in game story between levels. Qucik time sequences such as mini games and mini motion comics will be added within the levels. Extra Motion comics containing backstory and extra information can be unlocked via mini games and bought through the in game secret market. Radio Broadcasts, News paper reports, News shows and Podcasts can be found in the in game crime scenes, but can also be unlocked via the in game secret economy. At first the red curtain will be market and previewed to the public through social media sites such as face book and twitter, the red curtain will be a page that will leak fake trailers and posters of the red curtain project. Fake profiles on the social networking sites of some of the fictitious characters within the game will leave messages on the Red Curtain pages and profiles, these will be the first hints and clues for easter eggs within the game before the game is released. Also teams in areas around the world will put posters around cities hinting to how the game will work, for example posters will ask readers “which side are you on?” and “Do you know who you can trust?” ect. These posters and billboards will be themed both of the Soviet side and British side of the game. App 1, the Secret message decoder. This app will work with smart phone cameras and will find secret messages that cannot be seen without the app. Agents will be contacted via text of pre recorded phone call with details about a message they need to find in their local area. Agents must find the area in which they have been told to go and use their gadget to find secret messages written on local walls and buildings. These messages may also lead to real places in the area were actual objects such as the russian dolls with tapes in and files on in game characters will be hidden, these will be left for the players to find and take home, there is also the chance that players could locate the secret easter eggs of the other opposing faction and do what they will to them. App 2, The Global positioning system. This is an app mini game for players smart phones and will be accessible via a system similar to google maps. What players will do with this gadget will be to tag locations by planing a flag at the location the player is

powerpoint template

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