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Red, White, and Blue

Transcript: Did you see that? - 3 Pb + 2NO + 2NH + 2OH --> 2NH + 2NO + Pb(OH) White - Red HPhenolphthalein + OH --> H O + Phenolpthalein 2 3 - 4 white 2+ - 2+ 2+ 2 3 4 Copper (II) sulfate solution and aqueous ammonia are mixed. 2+ Safety Measures 3 Phenolphthalein turns pink in the presence of a base Cu + 2SO + 4NH + 4OH --> 2SO + 4OH + Cu(NH ) 2 1% ehanolic phenophthalein saturated lead nitrate saturated copper sulfate 3 150ml beakers 500ml 1.0M aqueous ammonia 600ml beaker droppers HPhenolphthalein + NH OH -->NH + H O + Phenolphthalein 4 colorless 3 4 Lead (II) hydroxide is a white precipitate. - Lead (II) nitrate is mixed with aqueous ammonia. Cu(NH ) gives a blue liquid. 2- 3 + 4 It's different for each beaker. Let's take a look 4 The aqueous ammonia added to each of three beakers formed products colored red, white, and blue! - Materials Patriotic Chemistry - colorless Copper (II) sulfate can stain clothes Ammonia gas is noxious Lead is used Cu + 4NH --> Cu(NH ) 3 1. Set up 3 clean 150ml beakers 2. Add 5 drops phenolphthalein to the left beaker. 3. Add 10 drops saturated aqueous lead nitrate to the middle beaker. 4. Add 10 drops saturated aqueous copper sulfate to the right beaker. 5. Pour 400ml pf 1.0M aqueous ammonia into a 600ml beaker. 6. Use large beaker to pour 75 ml of ammonia into each beaker. Wear goggles, closed toe shoes, and lab coat Avoid inhaling ammonia gas, do in fume hood Follow proper disposal procedures for lead 4 - - Pb + 2OH --> Pb(OH) HPhenolphthalein and aqueous ammonia are mixed. 2- blue deep blue 3 2 3 2+ How does it work? Procedure pink Blue

Red, White and Black:

Transcript: On July 17th, 1862 President Lincoln declared African Americans could serve in the U.S. military by issuing the Second Confiscation and Militia Act African Americans were not allowed to engange in combat unitl the Emancipation Proclamation The Importance of Different Racial Groups Different racial groups played a key role in the Civil War African Americans fought for the North, which enraged southerners, Hispanics fought for both sides and Native Americans became scouts and giudes. More than 10,000 served in the Civil War Both the Union and Confederate had hispanic Americans fighting for them, but most regiments were in the Confederate Army because most of them lived in the Southwest of the U.S. The highest known rank of a hispanic american was admiral of the Union Navy African Americans Native Americans 200,000 served in the Union army and navy and were paid less than white men and they could not become officers The United States Colored troops suffered discrimination even though they volunteered Most were placed as factory and construction workers and did not see combat They were given wore down clothes and equipment that the white soldiers did not want When used in battle, they were seen as targets and were put on the frontlines Sources Hispanic Americans Most supported the Confederacy because the union troops abandoned the forts in indian territory making them more vulnerable to the confederacy Some Native Americans owned slaves The ones who remained loyal to the Union were only allowed to fight in indian territory for fear they would turn against white men when armed Many were guides and scouts They joined the armies for they were promised to get their homelands back if that side won Race in the Civil War By: Kelsie Owens and Chance Osborne

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