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Red And Grey Theme Presentation Template

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Red and Grey Wolves

Transcript: The Red Wolf and the white markings. Red Wolf Getting the gang together. Habitat Diet Habitat The Red and Grey Wolves are matched in how they survive in packs. The Red Wolf is nocturnal however the Grey Wolf isn't nocturnal. The Red Wolf lives in hollow trees, stream banks, and sand knolls and the Grey Wolf lives in tunnels, caves, and natural shelters. The Grey Wolf weighs seventy pounds though one hundred ten pounds, but the Red Wolf weighs sixty one pounds. The Red Wolves have a lifespan of seven years, but on the other hand the Grey Wolves have a lifespan of thirteen though fifteen years. The Red and Grey wolves have a similarity of twenty-six inches, but the Grey Wolf can reach up to thirty-two inches. The two awesome creatures are the same in the gestation period of nine weeks total The Red Wolf and Grey Wolves have in common the predator of humans The Red and Grey Wolves are both carnivores The Red Wolf eats up to three pounds while the Grey Wolf eats up to thirty pounds Both of the two beast's eat deer, but the Red Wolf eats white-tailed deer Diet Physical Traits Work Cited Red and Grey Wolves By Sam Kifowit Red wolf Strouting: Grey wolf possing: Grey Wolf Habitat: Red wolf Habitat: Grey Wolf Diet: Red wolf Diet: The dark wolf: google document The down Red wolf: google document Grey Wolf howling: google document Red Wolf at home: google document Red wolf walk. Physical Traits The Red wolf's mael of a white-tailed deer. Home sweet Home Grey Wolf run at home. The Grey wolf is gray? Lets go team The Grey wolf's big feast on a bison. Other colors of the grey wolf

Grey Wolves and Red Wolves

Transcript: Red Wolves and Grey Wolves The red wolf as well as the grey wolf hunt deer. Both the grey wolf and the red wolf eat around two to two and a half pounds of meat per day. Both the red wolf and the grey wolf are carnivores. The grey wolf hunts with a group of 4 to 10 members while the red wolf hunts with a mating partner. A Pack of Grey Wolves Hunting Physical Characteristics Two Red Wolves Hunting Grey Wolf Habitat Diet Red Wolf and Grey Wolves' Prey Photo: Red Wolves' Habitat Grey Wolves' Habitat The grey wolf has grey, brown, or black fur while the red wolves' fur is red or cinnamon brown. The red wolf lives to be about sixteen years old. However, the grey wolf only lives to be about fourteen years old. The grey wolf as well as the red wolf have a gestation of sixty-two days. The red wolf weighs around forty-four to eighty-eight pounds, where the grey wolf weighs around eighty to one hundred-twenty pounds. The red wolf and the grey wolf both travel in packs. Both the grey wolf and the red wolf sleep during the day. The red wolf lives in the United States, while the grey wolf lives in Europe and Asia. The grey wolf and the red wolf both need prey animals in their environments. Red Wolf

Red Rising theme

Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X A Red Rising By Pierce Brown B Genre: Science Fiction # of Pages: 382 Year Published: 2013 Rating: 4 stars Rating: 4 stars Reason: The book is very well written with well developed characters, funny moments and a very good plot C Summary Summary Darrow, a miner of the lowest class, Red, attempts to infiltarate the highest class, Gold, after his wife is executed by the Golds. He goes to The Institute where he attempts to become one of the highest class, the Peerless Scarred, the highest class of Gold. The events of the book happen on terraformed Mars D Theme: The theme is that if you work hard enough you, with enough luck and dedication, you can go from the lowest of places to the highest of ranks The title, 'Red Rising', shows the theme very well. In this society Reds are the lowest in the societal hierarchy. The title shows how Darrow is rising from his status as a Red E "'In time you will receive your Scars from my sword,' Augustus closes. 'But first you must earn them.'" (Brown 123) F Theme quotes Beginning Beginning "The reach of the light fades as look up the thin vertical shaft I've carved today" (Brown 4) Explanation Explanation This is when Darrow is just a miner, part of the lowest of the lows, and still just a Red Middle Middle "'This will be your last bar of merit' Cassius tells me. 'That makes you Primus'" (Brown 247) Explanation Explanation He has become the head of his 'house' at The Institute. He is succeeding, which took a bunch of hard work fo him to get to this point. It took 247 pages "Darrow, Lancer of House Augustus. Rise, there are duties for you to fill. Rise, there are honors for you to take. Rise for glory, for power, for conquest and dominion over lesser men. Rise, my son. Rise" (Brown 382) End End Explanation Explanation In this quote Darrow, is adopted into the Archgovernors family. The Archgovernor is the most powerful man on Mars. The key part of that quote is "Rise, my son" (Brown 382). He has become equal in power to the son of the most powerful man on Mars. This happened because he was the best person at the Institute

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