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Red to Blue presentation

Transcript: Historical urban context. notable architecure. Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989 was called The Hungarians’ Street. The Tower-Gate, built in the 15th Century, was part of the medieval city’s fortifications. It was the main Eastern entrance Gate of the city of Cluj. The Gate was demolished in 1872. The Reformed -Calvine Church from downtown, was built in the 1829-1879, in Classic Style. the Unitarian Church, was built between 1791-1796, in Baroque style with Rococo and Neoclassical elements. THE ORIGINAL BUILDING NOTED AS A HISTORICAL MONUMENT, built in cca 1920s ECLECTIC STYLE WITH BAROQUE ELEMENTS THREE LEVEL CONSTRUCTION : BASEMENT, GROUND FLOOR, 1ST FLOOR STRUCTURE: BRICK WALLS AND WOODEN FLOOR slabs FINISHES: EXTERIOR APARENT BRICKWORK, INTERIOR HARDWOOD FLOORS TOTAL BUILT SURFACE: APROX 1000 SQM 1ST FLOOR SURFACE AREA: APROX. 350 SQM THE EXISTING BUILDING HAS 2 EXTENSIONS THAT WERE BUILT AFTER 1990 ON THE GROUND FLOOR TOWARDS THE GARDEN, AS WELL AS SEVERAL NEW INTERVETIONS b-dul21 decembrie 1989 no.74, cluj-napoca MORE PURPOSE, MORE AUTHENTICITY, MORE LOVE. promotes the red to blue concept and uses the identity elements like fonts and colours the target creating a confortable space that engages people and stimulates creativity cos & haak studio offices promotes a contrast between the existing canvas and the new interventions * dialog between old & new construction technologies * TRANSITION between raw elements and contemporary finishes and furniture CLIENT The End PROFILE AL KTCHEN & LOUNGE AREA HALLWAYS OBJECT SCALE andrei kiss Andreea kiss-horvath 1 macro ANALYSIS OLD vs. NEW INTERIOR DESIGN CONCEPT PROPOSAL by 1st level functions: - info point/ reception area - offices for min 20 employees - meeting rooms - kitchen area - lounge area - restrooms - storage SPACE garden macro & micro & conclusions 3 nature vs. technology red to blue concept BRIEF micro ANALYSIS 2 macro analysis- offers information about the urban and historical context mix of architecture styles- from medieval to contemporary closed urbanism, one way street hotels, office buildings, cult and public institutions micro analysis- offer informations concerning the imediat context ECLECTIC STYLE WITH BAROQUE ELEMENTS BRICK WALLS STRUCTURE WOODEN FLOORS INACTIVE OLD HEATING SYSTEM WITH CERAMIC FIREPLACES ORIGINAL MOSAIC CEMENT FLOORING IN THE STAIRWAY AREA recent interventions: - new central heating/cooling system with radiators, 2 extensions on the ground floor, closing of the courtyard loggia on the 1st floor, new compartments on the 1st floor inspire, empower and connect * use of natural elements like wood and vegetation alongside hightech furniture MEETING AREAS DEMOLITION PLAN CONCEPT THANK YOU 1ST VERSION micro ANALYSIS Designing the new Red and Blue offices will uncover the building's architectural and aesthetic values 2ND VERSION conceptual ELEMENTS red to blue identity examples location CONTEXT ANALISYS solution samples & examples conclusions © HaaK STUDIo info point/ reception q&a

BLUE FLAME - Client Presentation Template

Transcript: DESIGN DEFINE Creative Specialist DISCOVER DECENT DRIVE DEVELOP DEPLOY Creative Director Other Department COLLABORATIVE WORKFLOW Creative Manager Utiliztion Rates Blue Flame's creative utilization rate is defined as the percentage of time a resource spends directly on active projects. Target Utilization: approximately 80% CREATIVE WORKFORCE CREATIVE WORKFORCE *data reflecting six weeks of reported hours Creative Operations Manager 149% Creative Operations Manager 149% 3D Designer 71% 3D Designer 71% Graphic Designer 59% Graphic Designer 59% Graphic / 3D Designer 48% Graphic / 3D Designer 48% A creative director is a vital role in all creative industries. The responsibilities of a creative director include leading the design and concept for any assigned projects. The creative director is known to guide a team of internal specialists and external resources with skills and experience related to creative industry fields. The creative director may also assume the roles of an art director, copywriter, photographer/videographer, or lead designer. Some example works can include brainstorming, storyboarding, visual layout, and copywriting. Creative Director 0% Creative Director 0% Blue Flame could concider building a pool of freelance Creative Director specialists to be tapped per project opportunity that matches their professional experience. Events Print Digital Social Pool Pool Blue Flame could test new Creative Director resources through pilot projects. Some projects that can be used as a pilot include: Blue Flame Branding & Marketing (print / digital) New Business Opportunites (events) Pilot Pilot INITIAL REQUEST INITIAL REQUEST EVENT INFORMATION EVENT INFORMATION CLIENT INSPIRATION CLIENT INSPIRATION ASSETS ASSETS VENUE INFORMATION VENUE INFORMATION INTERNAL KICK-OFF / BRAINSTORM INTERNAL KICK-OFF / BRAINSTORM QUESTIONS QUESTIONS RESEARCH & INSIGHTS RESEARCH & INSIGHTS STRATEGY STRATEGY TACTICS TACTICS RESOURCES RESOURCES SCHEDULE SCHEDULE BUDGET BUDGET PROPOSAL PROPOSAL ROADMAP ROADMAP LOOK & FEEL LOOK & FEEL CONCEPT CONCEPT INITIAL CONCEPT INITIAL CONCEPT REVISION 1 (R1) REVISION 1 (R1) REVISION 2 REVISION 2 FINAL REVISION FINAL REVISION MAPS / GROUND PLANS MAPS / GROUND PLANS GRAPHICS GRAPHICS DIGITAL DIGITAL COPY COPY INTERNAL REVIEW INTERNAL REVIEW CLIENT REVIEW CLIENT REVIEW PRODUCTION FILES PRODUCTION FILES INITIAL DEV INITIAL DEV DEV CHECK DEV CHECK FINALIZE FINALIZE SHIP SHIP LOAD IN LOAD IN ACTIVATE ACTIVATE RUN OF SHOW RUN OF SHOW PHOTO / VIDEO CAPTURE PHOTO / VIDEO CAPTURE LOAD OUT LOAD OUT INVOICING INVOICING FILE ARCHIVAL FILE ARCHIVAL PROJECT RECAP PROJECT RECAP POSTMORTEM POSTMORTEM

Red and Blue :)

Transcript: The Enjoyment. The Greeting. From the moments of a glance to your eyes, to long texts of wisdom. Your beautiful face speaking every word, without a word being spoken. The many mornings of stare and meaning to each of us represented our real Love. The Release The New Love From the hourly phone calls from Manhattan and the calming sound of your voice to sooth and embrace the meaning of our two beings. The release of a hardened relation ship, weight has been lifted off with a suddle remembrance of great times with the one that you once loved. Ashley, I believe that you are someone special and You really don't understand how much I do love you. The emotional nights of me wishing I was by your side at every moment of the day. I really need you Ashley and I know you need me too. For the past 6 months I have been in so many mixed emotions for other people and for you, but as I know right now you are the person I will ever want in my life. You did change my life for the better and I want to change yours. I know your grandpa would be so proud of you Ashley for being so sweet and caring to others. At this point I cant stand seeing people treat you bad anymore. Ashley you are the sweetest and nicest person I have ever met and I will always be here for you in every moment of the day. And I am that guy that would never force you into anything you didn't want to be involved in and I have found something inside of you that I have never found in any other girl, honesty and toughness and that's what makes you a strong and sweet individual. I could write about you for hours sweetie and I am in love with you and im here to treat you like a woman should be treated with respect, Love and compassion. I know what you've been going through is hell but im here for you honey and Ashley will you accept my question..... Will you be with me :)? As we comeback in the most positive way not forgetting how much love and effort was put into building our relationship we both move on for our sake. As you move on with Jarrett and I stay single like always promised "I will wait for you ".The relationship moves on for two weeks. Thinking that she was going for the best turned out to the worst. Speaking to the soft sad voice on the phone as I hear her cry I realize its time for me to step in, watching the sweetest person I know just get patronized by so many mean people I couldn't live through it. My silly attitude just to see my sweet Ashley smile makes my day.... Forgive and Forget Red and Blue.. The Relapse. The sorrow Watching someone as close as your sister get so internally upset and broken broke me as much as it broke her, trying to cheer her up in every way possible their was no room for happiness. Coming out of a complicated relation ship and trying to find a new one, not realizing that the perfect relation ship was right in front of you, A short sorrow relation ship comes as fast as it leaves. The real question.


Transcript: Neoplasm Review Think Pyogenic Granuloma! RED AND BLUE -Exophytic nodule that has shown up recently -Covered by epithelium -Has blood vessels in it often means there is a coagulation issue Niacin deficiency = pellagra - can manifest as stomatitis and glossitis, with the tongue appearing red, smooth, and raw. NOTE: Sometimes, people just have a few, sporadic telangiectasias how to tell btwn hemangioma and vasc malformation? biopsy! -red and smooth dorsum of tongue Leukemia also looks like cherubism, brown's tumor, aneurysmal bone cyst greater than 2cm Same as petechiae but bigger What is it? -Autosomal Dominant -Abnormal vascular dilatations of terminal blood vessels DDX: Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome often means thrombocytopenia! Significance: brain lesions, gi lesions can lead to anemia, REQUIRES antibiotic prophylaxis palmar and plantar pits? nevoid basal cell carcinoma "gorlin syndrome" radiographic features: -commonly multilocular with honeycomb or soap bubble -can cause sunburst appearance (just like osteosarcoma) -use angiography to show vascular nature! -Acute and Chronic Myeloid Leukemia are most likely to show oral manifestations Overview Varix Pyogenic Granuloma Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma Traumatic Hemangioma Congenital Vascular Malformations Syndromes ` accumulation of blood into tissues that produces a mass -recent onset (difference btwn this and hemangioma/ vascular malformation) Differentials for PGCG: Brown's Tumor of hyperparathyroidism: stones - kidney stones, calcifications bones - loss of lamina dura, ground glass abdominal groans - duodenal ulcers -Look for systemic features, like anemia, infections, neutropenia -Oral features include: gingival enlargement, petechiae, spontaneous gingival bleeding, ulcers Non-vascular neoplasm vascular neoplasm Petechiae Purpura Ecchymosis Hematoma Vit B deficiency Pernicious Anemia Iron deficiency anemia -associated with atrophy of tongue and angular chelitis -most commonly affects women ages 30-50 caused by release of RBCs into connective tissue vs osteosarcoma w/ sunburst appearance Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia Pt needs to be checked for intestinal polyps - adenocarcinoma also at higher risk for developing breast cancer! Peripheral and Central look the same under the microscope. Whats the difference? Central starts in the bone, Peripheral is ALWAYS on the gingiva. Sturge-Weber Clinical Presentation: nosebleeds, GI bleeding, Port wine stains, seizures, small strokes Txm: excision to periosteum but can recur

Red And Blue

Transcript: I think that if politicians sought out middle ground instead of being extreme people would be a lot better off. I think the key to success is working together. This requires party members to be open minded. Whats the Problem? Red And Blue Today's government seems to be extremely uncooperative. Republicans and democrats refuse to vote against their party. There is no compromising made. Red and Blue refers to the two parties which are Republicans and Democrats. Andrew Jackson Woodrow Wilson Franklin D. Roosevelt John F. Kennedy Abraham Lincoln Theodore Roosevelt Dwight D. Eisenhower Richard Nixon Famous Republicans My Opinion Famous Democrats Republican Party View Democrat Party View This party espouses a mixed economy, which tempers a free market economy by providing government intervention in an effort to reduce economic inequality. This is also known as a social market economy. The party sees increased wages, labor unions, tax cuts for small businesses and low-earners, public welfare, government regulated health care and public education as tools to create a balanced and fair economy. Republicans strongly believe that free markets and individual achievement are the primary factors behind economic prosperity. To this end, they advocate in favor of laissez-faire economics, fiscal conservatism, and the elimination of government run welfare programs in favor of private sector nonprofits and encouraging personal responsibility. Throughout our country's history the government has had different parties that represent different views. Even though they represent different views they still must collaborate to achieve something in the government. This is one of the reasons our government has been so unproductive. Party members vote with their party and against the opposition. "Working Together" by David Whyte

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