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Red, White and Black:

Transcript: On July 17th, 1862 President Lincoln declared African Americans could serve in the U.S. military by issuing the Second Confiscation and Militia Act African Americans were not allowed to engange in combat unitl the Emancipation Proclamation The Importance of Different Racial Groups Different racial groups played a key role in the Civil War African Americans fought for the North, which enraged southerners, Hispanics fought for both sides and Native Americans became scouts and giudes. More than 10,000 served in the Civil War Both the Union and Confederate had hispanic Americans fighting for them, but most regiments were in the Confederate Army because most of them lived in the Southwest of the U.S. The highest known rank of a hispanic american was admiral of the Union Navy African Americans Native Americans 200,000 served in the Union army and navy and were paid less than white men and they could not become officers The United States Colored troops suffered discrimination even though they volunteered Most were placed as factory and construction workers and did not see combat They were given wore down clothes and equipment that the white soldiers did not want When used in battle, they were seen as targets and were put on the frontlines Sources Hispanic Americans Most supported the Confederacy because the union troops abandoned the forts in indian territory making them more vulnerable to the confederacy Some Native Americans owned slaves The ones who remained loyal to the Union were only allowed to fight in indian territory for fear they would turn against white men when armed Many were guides and scouts They joined the armies for they were promised to get their homelands back if that side won Race in the Civil War By: Kelsie Owens and Chance Osborne

Red, White, and Black

Transcript: Our Stance #1. Earnest Schusky says that Gary B. Nash does an excellent job of exploring the complexity of the mix with the later inclusion of escaped slaves into a melting pot of America that has generally been overlooked" Authors Larger Message Red, White, and Black 'When John Hawkins returned to England in 1562 with several hundred slaves captured in a buccaneering raid on the Spanish Main, Queen Elizabeth pronounced the deed 'detestable'. Queen Elizabeth did not approve Hawkins method of capturing slaves." - political forces "In return for gold, ivory, and slaves, Africans received European guns, bars of iron, and copper, brass and tankards, beads, rum, and textiles." Trade between the Africans and Europeans helped in building both economies. - economic forces Important People Revealing Quote 3 Revealing quote 1 Revealing Quote 2 The excerpt overviews the trade of slaves beginning circa 1450 in Europe and continues until around 1760, before the American Revolution. It describes how the slaves working in the fields began to flourish the economy internationally. The author writes in a non-biased manner and views the topic in bird eye view describing events with out preference of neither European nor Africans. Gary Nash writes this as a historical prose. This is an except from a college textbook so the reading level was more advanced. He writes to inform the reader about the slave trade. It is well organized and uses more mature word choice. By: Payton Schuerman, Leo Herrera, Lauren Hicks Style of writing Gary Nash begins this excerpt by describing where the earliest forms of slavery began. The Europeans discovered the potential slave profits from Africa and began trading for a small amount of slaves to start. After the discovery of the New World, many more slaves were needed thus began the Slave Trade. Not until the end of the of seventeenth century did the slaves start coming to the North American colonies in large quantities. Nash continues to describe the conditions in which the slaves endured for the rest of the slave trade. We would highly recomend this excerpt to everyone because it is eye opening to the impact the slave trade had on us today. Recommendation Plot Summary Summary Nash's depiction of the slave trade is unique because he described how the founding of the colonies required more people to satisfy economic, militaristic, and a larger work force. It's interesting how the author explains why the slave trade lasted so much longer than it should have. The infamous history of the slave trade beginning in Europe and eventually the Americas in the 1700's teaches its rapid growth in international popularity and its impact in current economic, agricultural, and laboring advances. "Slavery... had existed for centuries in Europe... Christians enslaving Moslems and Moslems enslaving Christians...rights of the slaves were restricted.. slaves nevertheless were regarded as members of the society, enjoying protection under the law and entitled to human rights... status of slave was not irrevocable and was not automatically passed on to his or her children." Slavery isn't strictly Africans, but white slaves were treated better than blacks relatively compared. - social and or cultural forces Setting and Scene Reviews Charles the 2cd Duke of York Ruy Do Sequiera Gon Calviz John Hawkins We agree with Schusky and others' reviews becasue we believe that Nash exposes how much the slave trade trully affected the American culture and how the "melting pot" we have today came to be. Historical Connections Red, White, and Black starts off with the beginning of the slave trade in early fifteenth century. It explains events leading up to slave trade and describes why it lasted so long. The historical context is that the author is saying it in a non biased manner . #2. Another satisfied costomer says "Nash scratches beneath the surface in his analysis of the demographics of colonial America. Not only does he spout statistics, he helps the reader to understand why certain people fought and why they formed alliances during this volatile period in our history. Unique & Interesting Characteristics

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