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Real Estate Presentation

Transcript: WELCOME THank you for having us here today! JUAN C. QUILES Direct: (939)208-5478 REMCONSULTANT@GMAIL.COM REMC PRESIDENT JOSE O. RIVERA Direct: (787)367-6245 RECM VICEPRESIDENT Let's talk about numbers!!! Simple & Easy Almost 100% of the people that purchased a home last year started online. 20% of time spent on the internet is spent on SOCIAL MEDIA. 8 OUT OF THE TOP 10 THINGS THAT GOOGLE LOOKS AT WHEN RANKING YOUR WEBSITE ARE SOCIAL MEDIA RELATED As a professional who does listing presentations, buyer consultations and at other points throughout the transaction, your ability to convey that information largely depends on how it is presented online. Social media marketing plan for your business Social media online presence gaining more likes and followers listing broadcasting Communication & Keeping you informed about current market activity professional photos and videos print ready marketing material meta tag website content market your home strategically Aggressive marketing strategy review 15 post per month on FaceBook to get more Optimize your active listings' Internet presence by posting it on Facebook, Twitter and Google +, adding multiple photographs, videos and creative descriptions. If you’ve recently been in the market to either buy or sell a house, chances are you’ve seen a realtor’s video on YouTube. In a recent industry survey, 73 percent of homeowners said they’re more likely to list with a realtor who uses video to market his or her properties. Listing agents can add their listings to foursquare as a tracking and feedback mechanism. Imagine that every showing was accompanied by the showing agent “checking in” and using the tip as feedback. Listing agents and homeowners alike can check and see who is showing the property and how often they are coming back. Take that same thought and imagine the prospecting tool you have if you are interested in pursuing expired listings. Use foursquare to track attendance at office tours, caravans or meetings. Build neighborhood or condo check in and compete for “mayorship”. I can see where being Mayor of a particular neighborhood could be of real value on a listing presentation. professional photographs your listing to increase marketability Why should you hire us? This is what a Text Box looks like Now just click on What you want to insert Stage your home to showcase features that buyers are most interested in According to the American Institute of CPCU, 65 percent of the population consists of people who prefer visual learning, with only 30 percent of the population preferring auditory learning, and a fractional 5 percent preferring to learn by doing. Click on insert and the little bubble options for Insert will open Target marketing to active real estate buyers and sellers that are looking to buy or sell in your neighborhood. Colors and theme Follow Up for Feedback. We personally call you to ask for feedback! Text Box Hi! Forward, backward

Project 3

Transcript: 80% of new purchase business is controlled by real estate agents Lender Site - Praxius Technology Real Estate Industry Has Lost Control of Online Marketing Training components And generate home loan referrals Membership upgrades Will get you in the door Lender-Agent Collaborative Trulia, Zillow, and control real estate marketing online Online resource & training center Concepts Generate and refer business to loan officers Town Sites – Co-branded Prices Vary Based On Sales Volume Agent/Office Sites - $49/month Co-branded With Loan Officer Enhanced Lead Generation System - $49/month (Craig’s List) Easy to get started Agent Collaboration Process Tools Training Coaching And support Provides Obtain new purchase business How can they do this? Establish Real Estate Agent Relationships & Obtain New Purchase Business Lenders that provide this system successfully establish & maintain relationships with real estate agents Provides Templates If you provide this system... Our weekly training and coaching webinars keep you on track In interacting with your real estate partners Online resource center We will present the Lender-Agent Collaborative marketing system to your selected agents Lender agent collaborative Tools Provides Internet marketing solutions to the lending and real estate industries The marketing system To compete online for home buyers Agents Do Not Have . . . Virtual Homes real estate agents utilize our cutting edge marketing system To foster ongoing meetings with agents Weekly webinars To make it easy to succeed A division of Virtual Homes Real Estate that operates a New England real estate company Establish relationships That provides information to the consumer Website demo Realtors Control Home Loan Referrals Real estate agents must have a dominant Internet presence to generate home buyers Lender-Agent Collaborative Marketing System The content is created by you and the agents In your marketing meetings Marketing Membership - $99/month They need this system to be competitive in the new real estate economy Wesbite is the primary tool Most real agents do not have: Technology tools Training Support Weekly Webinars

Oxford Real Estate (Loan Application)

Transcript: Installing Solar Panels Oxford Real Estate (Loan Application) Build 420 luxury apartments with combination of one, two and three sophisticated bedrooms across high-rise buildings. Our project apartments are located opposite to Sydney harbour bridge, close to Sydney CBD, transport, business parks and shopping centres. Any Questions or comments? About Us Professional Advice We need $30 million dollars to complete the project at North Sydney. The type of loan we have applied for is a Commercial Loan and Mezzanine Loan at an interest rate of 5% from Westpac. Our Budget & Cost What's Our Plan? Zeger Sun, Senior Consultant at KPMG suggested to use more indepth ideas of providing plans of previous projects to increase the chance of success in our loan application. Also to include documents about Personal Finances including information about Owner’s equity and securities. He expresses that such information will allow the lender to have more confidence in lending us money, as it provides them with a sense of security in the special case we are not able to repay the full amount. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi The new solar panels this will allow us and residents to save an astronomical 92% on electrical and energy bills. By installing it onto the roof, our apartments will ultimately benefit the environment through reducing greenhouse emissions caused by artificial energy production, whilst also benefiting the residents of our apartment with exceptionally cheaper energy bills. The profits of this investment will go back to our real estate development team, primarily paying off our debts and help in building our revenue. Feedback Given The feedback attained from group 3 was overall very insightful and was well expressed. The feedback did give its’ criticism about flaws or potential errors in our assignment plan that we had to fix in a serious manner, but however also highlighted the “creative and interesting” ideas we made for our business. Our Income Statement Loan Application Commercial real estate developer located in North Sydney. Known to build quality apartments since 2002. For more info please email us at

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Transcript: REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Insert your text here REAL ESTATE Corporate Services Multi-City Assignments Portfolio Reviews Property Audits Services your video REAL ESTATE Prezi template Separate elements. REAL ESTATE Prezi template Services Insert your text here Services Research Market Inventory Specialized Research Quarterly Market Reports REAL ESTATE Research Market Inventory Specialized Research Quarterly Market Reports Services Insert your text here Corporate Services Multi-City Assignments Portfolio Reviews Property Audits Services REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Brokerage Acquisitions Dispositions Project Leasing Tenant Representation Site Searches Consultation Tax Deffered Exchanges Sale-Leaseback Transactions REAL ESTATE Use symbols. Consultation Portfolio Valuation Expert Witness Testimony Feasibility Studies Workout Analysis Tax Abatement Reviews Lease Audits Services REAL ESTATE Consultation Portfolio Valuation Expert Witness Testimony Feasibility Studies Workout Analysis Tax Abatement Reviews Lease Audits REAL ESTATE Services Services Change colors. Research Market Inventory Specialized Research Quarterly Market Reports REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Prezi template add, remove, copy slides Services Corporate Services Multi-City Assignments Portfolio Reviews Property Audits REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Services Consultation Portfolio Valuation Expert Witness Testimony Feasibility Studies Workout Analysis Tax Abatement Reviews Lease Audits REAL ESTATE Services REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Services Services ABOUT REAL ESTATE BIG SALE BIG SALE BIG SALE add, remove, copy slides add, remove, copy slides

Real Estate presentation

Transcript: Real estate Research Paper Presentation Damon Skinner period:6 Research Paper Damon Skinner period:6 Research paper May 11,2018 What is real estate Introduction The three subtopics I am going to talk about is How does someone become a real estate agent? How do agents find buyers? How people start their career? Real Estate pictures Real estate Pictures What is real estate Real estate is something where someone sells houses and and help other people to sell houses in order to become a real estate agent you can go to college and study in real estate and you can also internship with someone who is already an real estate agent for a year or two until you are ready to go on your own and ready to become your own agent. What is real estate becoming a real estate agent How does someone become and real estate agent ? Go to school for real estate Study for the Pre-licensing test You have to be 18 years of age You have be an legal U.S resident Pictures of people in class for real estate Finding a buyer How do Real estate agents find buyers ? Start with friends and family Let them know you are licensed Be the first at the open house Work hard for clients picture of finding a buyer Picture of finding a buyer or seller Get someone who is in the real estate business Apply to the (NRA) National Realtor Association Choose a real estate brokege you would like to work for Create yourself a business plan How does someone start their career in real estate? how to start your career Pre-licensing and test pictures Pre-licensing pictures Video of someone selling a house

Real Estate Presentation

Transcript: Scenario: Agent Munn refuses to sell to Buyer Johnson because she is African American & a woman Don't Get Locked Out!!!! Enforcement Moral practices – defines how things should be done according to an individuals ideals and principles. Ethical practices – rules recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc. Race Color National origin Religion Gender Disability Presence of children under the age of 18 or a pregnant woman in the family HR Rep Pratcher is reviewing Johnson's complaint against Munn. She likes Munn so she decides to wave Johnson off......... Zoning Ordinances Implement the comprehensive plan Regulate & control use of land & structures Zoning Classifications Residential Commercial Industrial Agricultural Fair Housing, Ethics, & Zoning Jessica Johnson, Chris Munn, Amber Pratcher Zoning regulates & controls how land is used. Zoning affects: Permitted uses of each parcel of land Lot sizes Types of structures Building heights Setbacks Style & appearance Density Protection - natural resources Issues??? Moral Practices + Ethical Practices = Code of Ethics Fair Housing Housing Discriminiation - Illegal Training & Development - Aims to better the performance of individuals & groups in organizational settings Building Codes Enforced through permits How it Works If you think you’ve been discriminated against: Talk to a housing counselor You have 1 year to file a complaint with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Discrimination stops when people stop putting up with it Recruiting One of the most important parts of HR It means you and your family have equal opportunity to choose where to live (depending only on whether you are able to pay the rent or mortgage) without being discriminated against or treated differently than other people Based On.... Pivotal role in Code of Ethics Responisble for personnel sourcing, hiring, applicant tracking, skills development & tracking, benefits administration, & compliance with government laws Human Resources Zoning Hearing Board Allow nonconforming use Grant a variance Grant a conditional-use permit Business Conduct - the way a person acts in a business setting from the standpoint of morality & ethics Zoning UNETHICAL & ILLEGAL Code of Ethics What Do you Do???? U.S Constitution vs The Fourteenth Amendment Tests to determine ordinance validity: Power exercised in a reasonable manner Provisions be clear & specific Ordinances be nondiscriminatory Ordinances promote public health, safety, & general welfare under the police power concept Ordinances apply to all property in a similar manner Taking - when land is taken for public use the owner must be compensated Scenario The Federal Fair Housing Act Prohibits: Refusing to rent Refusing to sell Refusing to make available or negotiate Refusing to make a mortgage loan, or provide insurance, etc. Impose different terms or conditions Illegal activities such as steering, blockbusting, and redlining

Real estate presentation

Transcript: Gabriel Mendoza Selling the invisible What blank eyes mean A salesperson tries to sell something and you hear "blah blah blah" be intresting not script and boring You hear the melody but not the lyrics make sure they get captivated with what you say to them instead of them pretending they are listening Why it failed The person did not talk about you and what you need Make the sale about them aplly to their intrest and needs Hit'em where they Ain't Wal marts brilliant strategy was to go where no sane company would Dont join the rest in the same location find your own comfertable area or "farm" An attorney puts himself as a motercycle accident specialist leaving the other attorneys to fight for the larger more competetive car accident market Market yourself not just a real estate agent Ex: Divorce, deseaced, downsizing Etc... Specialist A problem with the "Competetive strategy" is it encourages you to frame your market the same structure and system Dont get stuck trying to compete with others because you will fall into doing work like them The brand name rush A gifted lawyer.. among the premier practitioners in his specialty, but he loses buisness to inferior lawyers in two brand name law firms The tittle carried with big name real estate companies like century 21 no matter how good you are get more buisness Each callers company offered demonstrably exellent, even supirior service yet lost to brands you may have the best service but if you dont stand out or have a known name or brand the more chances you lose to buisness to big brands Each ccompany was growing, but more sluggishly than it deserved You can still grow your brand and services slower but its either start growing it now or wait till later you choose

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