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Quinceanera Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Some Quinceaneras After The Mass Traditionally the guest gather and go on to the remainng of the celebration wich would be Called The "Quinceanera Party" wich could take place either at a home or a reception hall.At the reception hall they serve dinner and the young lady does a waltz wich many mexican people call a valz. Tiara The Mass After The Mass The Vals The vals is danced traditionally with 14 chambelanes and 14 damas.The whole vals cinsist of many parts. The formal entry - A grand entrance by the Quinceañera made once most guests have been seated. The formal toast - An optional but usual part of the reception generally initiated by the parents or godparents of the birthday girl. The first dance - Usually a waltz where the girl dances starting with her father. The family dance - Usually a waltz involving just the immediate relatives, the "chambelanes", the godparents, and the closest friends of the girl. The preferred song - Any modern song particularly preferred by the Quinceañera is played and danced. The general dance - Also usually a waltz, where everyone dances to a musical waltz tune. The Mass In Mexico, the birthday girl, known as the quinceañera, who is turning 15 is made-up with elegant makeup. Traditionally, this would be the first time she was to wear makeup. The quinceañera is also expected to wear a formal evening dress. Traditionally, the dress worn by the quinceañera to this event is an evening ball gown. By ;cielo rodriguez period 4 The symbolism behind the tiara is to serve as a reminder that to her loved ones, especially her immediate family, the quinceañera will always be a princess, however some also see it as denoting she is a "princess" before God and the world. At this religious mass, a rosary, or sometimes a necklace with Mexico's patron saint the Virgin of Guadalupe, is awarded to the teenager by her godparents, such necklace having been previously blessed by the church clergy. She is also awarded a tiara. After this, the girl may leave her bouquet of flowers on the altar for the Virgin Mary. Quinceañeras Some quinceaneras sometimes choose to have the change of shoe which is when the father goes up and changes the doctors shoe from which she is wearing to a high -heel which is suppose to mean its her first pair of high-heels . Also in quinceaneras now a days the father goes up and gives her daughter her "Last Doll" which symbolizes the young ladies last doll as she has grown up.Also in some quinceaneras the music played is from a dj or from a band of there choice. In the Mexican tradition - considering the teenager is Catholic - the quinceañera celebration begins with a Thanksgiving mass. For this mass, the teenager wears a formal dress. Conventionally, the quinceañera wore a pink dress to symbolize her purity; however, in recent decades, there is a varity of diffrent sytles. She arrives to the celebration accompanied by her parents, godparents, and court of honor.


Transcript: CHOOSING THE TIME YOUR QUINEANERA STARTS AND ENDS ! choosing when your quineanera starts and ends helps the guests organise themselves and not miss out on the fun or get a late notice. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING A quinceanera is a celebration for a 15 year old teenage girl and is celebrated to symbolize a teen becoming a woman. Step 2 CHOOSING THE PARTY'S DATE ! choosing the party's date is not the most important but a essential step. most quinceanera's don't have to be on the date of your 15th birthday but most of the time they are held on the saturday before their birthday. Step 4 STEP 3 The word itself comes from spanish quince, "fifteen," and años, "years" Sending reply cards and thank you notes ! sending reply cards and thank you notes is very important as it shows how loyal,friendly and social you are. It also sets a reputation of the family. Cover The Decoration and Music ! The decoration and music are basically the fun part in the party so you have to be very careful while choosing both elements. the decoration keep the audience amazed and the music keeps them entertained . Choosing The Venue Of The Quinceanera ! choosing the venue is very important. Most quinceanera's are held in reception hall so basically it is very similar to weddings, anniversary parties and sweet sixteen's. STEP 5 Deciding on the Food and Drinks decidong on the food and drinks is pretty important as you need to know all the guests can eat the food you provide and if your parents allow you have alcohol in the party for the guests. There are roughly 7 steps in celebrating a quinceanera ! Have Fun !! the last and final step is enjoy and have fun. What Is A Quinceanera Step 7 Step 1 Step 6


Transcript: Planning El vestido es bonito. El vestido es rosa. El vestido es largo. El pastel es bonito. El pastel es rosa y negro. Nosotras vamos a comer el pastel. The decorations are stunning .There is balloons that are all different colors. The balloons are hanging at a table next to my sisters last doll. Party Hay tres bailes. El primero baile es presentation. El segundo y el tercero baile es el sorpresa y waltz. The food looks great. Their is a wide variety. The tables look great and have great decorations. Las flores son rosas. Las flores tienen joyas. Las flores son reules. Quinceanera Journal At my sisters Quinceanera we had alot of fun. First my family and I decorated for the party. We put up balloons and got the food for the party. We then got my sisters last doll that looks just like her and her dress. We put a order in for the cake and it is her favorite pattern zebra. We took my sister out to get her dress and she choose the prettiest one and her favorite color pink, it looks great on her. The flowers she got are pink and have little gems in them. The tables are set up beautifully . The dances are coming together perfectly. We got the guests gifts which are candy filled containers that say my sisters name on it. At the ceramony she got a bible and she also got a rosary. My sister loved everything and had a awesome time. She said "it was the best birthday ever and that she can't wait to throw my quinceanera." The rosary is also special te my sister. It has beads on it. It has a cross on the bottom of it where it hangs down. My sisters last doll. She will get it as a gift. It looks just like her. This is my sisters bible. She will get this as a gift. The bible is a special to her. Los clientes toman keepsakes. Keepsakes tienen los dulces. Tienen nombre hermana y la fecha.

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