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Quarterly CRM Update

Transcript: 2015 Evernote Solicit questions from the field. Post answers in Chatter 3M CRM Starting Point: On-Premise isn’t meeting our needs anymore 3M Voice + 2014 Pulled for Campaign page on SFDC BU app Pushing information through various channels, ABM's meeting, email, chatter, ZTC's, Marketing Campaign VS Full integration with SFDC 1 Salesforce 1 World Tour Engage the ASD sales force or Schedule Utilize CRM to align marketing Campaigns with the IMC's management objectives Click below to see demo 360 View of Customer is on the horizon Drive Collaboration via SFDC Campaign specific app VS Marketing Training? TSR app Account Check in app = Chat up Competitive x-ref CRM "pause" update App Exchange Must Haves: Easy to Use | Easy to Access | Extensive App Store | Customizable | Data Visibility | Ability to Save / Customize Reports & Dashboards | Quick & Responsive Mobile functionality Chat Up & Chatter Find opps near me app Developing a target market based on user adoption. To gain a better understanding of Cloud Solutions in the marketplace Compare software to Polaris requirements - External research (e.g. Gartner, Forrester) Customer benchmarking of solutions "Bake off" Click below to see example to ideal SFDC behavior Drop Box LinkedIn Click below to see demo Current usage? Within 18 hours Justin had 4 recommendations from 4 different reps. Access the collective brain power of ASD Potential usage? Modify behavior or reps from imputing information weekly or monthly to daily Activities management + Custom apps Who is making the decision & when will it be made Executive Sponsor - Jesse Singh Process owner - Jim Fall Chatter To gain a better understanding of: Business Objectives Pain Points Valued Capabilities Expected Benefits Quarterly CRM Update Dissemination of competitive info instantly to the entire sales force Docusign DupeCatcher Or Cloud Solution Evaluation and Selection SAP Cloud Pilot in Canada End of May June 20 2000 apps built so far Internal CRM Marketing Campaign Salesforce World Tour Salesforce1 - mobile campaign "8 min apps" Devote an hour of time to have reps post questions @Mary Johnston and answer them instantly in chatter CRM Solution Evaluation SOS Chat Up Live video response to questions posted in Chatter tagging - Training marketers/reps to Tag - the assumption is that everyone sees everything Marketing training 3M is taking the proper steps to plan a CRM Solution for the future: Reviewing current SAP CRM On-Premise path Collecting the 3M Voice from IT and the Business Defining the 3M CRM Vision Identifying the right Cloud solution “Pause” = On-Premise SAP CRM Solution on hold = = spend 8 minutes a day logging info vs 3 hours once a week CRM Pause Activities management through Campaign participation while adhering to the IMC objectives "Campaign focuses on rewarding key activity that will lead to optimizing new product sales of three newly launched products"

Wholesale Quarterly Update

Transcript: $497 November - end of December NYNOW 5 new leads since 2007 December March - June Wholesale is naturally cultivated Channel created by demand Huge potential Importance of wholesaling Competitive Advantages December 1st Achievements Develop wholesale collection trend appeal diversify to cast a larger net Growth Projections Trade show prep and follow up. Marketing press kit look book cultivate existing assets Growth Projections $490 Reorder Rate Buyer Language Processes and systems Community Partners Strategic Partnerships Shea Butter Fulfillment Special Bulk Re-evaluate current clients Assess systems and processes ByHand Consulting Interrogate the products Research buying patterns "Nitty Gritty" Existing business growth strategies Increasing new client strategies Sanyu Bangle Leena Bracelet Sanyu Necklace Musana Bangle Etana Necklace End of December Wholesale ...every retailer who bought in in 2013 & 2014 with 4/5 placing an average size reorder 30 current wholesale partners Existing Business Growth Strategies why? what? how? Research Trade Shows Increasing New Client Strategies Vist local stores and buyers. ex: Pharmaca, Compassion International November 24th & 25th 5 cold wholesale partners If I called every retailer who has not bought since 2012 and 4/5 placed an average size reorder, that's an additional Image by Tom Mooring Develop wholesale outreach calendar. Assess current internal processes and order placing system. Most retailers plan their budget and buying schedule around the trade show calendar $11,000 Contingent on immediate schedule. Planning in process. of trade show atendees have buying power. 4/5 people are potential customers Order Stats 40 Develop wholesale collection exclusivity co branding broaden/deepen assortment Top Selling Products Begin calling schedule. Send intro email to all retail partners. January & February $60,000 Data mine for correct trends and clean up sales force records. 81% Form benchmark metrics Average Opening Order Action Items Next Steps Wholesale Quarterly Update November 20th, 2014 January 31st-February 5th Average Reorder Mid December Wholesale Growth ByHand Recommendations: Marketplace ByHand Recommendations: 75%+ calls a week November Learning & Observations Marketing trade shows marketing calendar cultivate existing assets Action Item Timeline Weekly meetings with different teams 3dot consulting time Opportunity! Sanyu Bangle Musana Bangle Musana Necklace Sanyu Necklace Leena Earrings Nontraditional channels 46% Intro calls to clients who ordered in 2013/2014. of a buyer's seasonal budget is spent at a trade show Contact existing partners regularly

ECFC Quarterly Update

Transcript: New appointments: Paul Goodes - Eagle One Nick Murray - St Luke's Jemma Hodgkins - Exeter City Futures Ross Morshead - Exeter College Lord Mayor's Charity 2019/20 HMP EXETER 10 target inmates from both prisons 8 week programme Diet and Nutrition Functional skills Sports Leaders UK Employability skills and job interviews Positive male role models Resettlement workshops Sport and physical activity Mentoring programme - Through-the-gate +5,750 (4.3% of total LDP population) SPORT ENGLAND LDP QUARTERLY UPDATE Phase one - c£5 million Uplift in Wellbeing Exeter Active travel plans - infrastructure £300K test and learn projects Cranbrook physical activity role Active workplaces - ECC, DCC, Uni, RD&E and Exeter College FEMALE FOOTBALL PATHWAY COVENANT FUND FA PEOPLES CUP Physically Active Lives Residents at highest risk of inactivity becoming active Futsal BTEC DofE Junior Grecians NCFE Health NCS PL Primary Stars Football FdA Junior Leaders Move and Learn Teignmouth FD Holiday Camps Ability Counts King's College FD Enrichment Courses Power Chair Club PL Kicks Primary School Clubs Opportunity Club Cranbrook SD Junior Kickers Every Player Counts Exwick Sports Hub Match Experience Wildcats Taunton PDC Tiny Tots Girls PDC Exeter College Girls Satellite Clubs Traineeships ECFC Ladies Masters Football PL Girls Exeter Sports Fund Table Tennis Half Marathon Santa Run Granite Way Marathon 10K Run Walking Football Get Active Exeter Sporting Memories Pathfinder Innovation Fund Children's Challenge CAN DS Football Man v Fat OGOC Coach Core OPPORTUNITIES SPORT ENGLAND LDP UPDATE Active Travel More residents choosing active travel to work within Exeter 18K investment Social and physical activity opportunities Target - 100 service veterans in 2019 All Call Sign - brew or whets drop in cafe Group led and links to Sporting Memories OVERVIEW EXETER LIVING AWARDS Physically Active More physically active residents in Exeter & Cranbrook NEWS FROM THE BOARD Fundraising events and workshops Charity of the year for local businesses Powderham Castle Bear Trail Exeter Property Circle Developing relationships across the city Corporate box Financial income (unrestricted funds) Building the profile and raising awareness EFL DAY OF ACTION TUESDAY 19 MARCH 2019 Improving life-skills Improving health & wellbeing Improving education and employment opportunities Reducing re-offending National Exposure on Football Focus EFL Day of Action News from the Board Programme Update Opportunities QUESTIONS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WARREN VIEW - EXMOUTH SPORT ENGLAND LDP Building healthier more active communities £100million investment across 12 areas Breakdown barriers to participation: Poor transport Safety Cost Confidence RUNNING EVENTS Football Foundation - £1million investment opportunity 20K project development funding 40% match funding 25 year lease Planning permission Evidence of need PROGRAMME UPDATE +4,250 (3.2% of total LDP population) BOARD OF TRUSTEES Sponsors: Tozers Exeter Live Better Ola Player Development Centre - 77 Exeter College Football Academy - 20 Exeter City Ladies - 30 PL Girls - 144 FA Wildcats - 28 OUTCOMES THROUGH THE GATE 10-40K fundraising opportunity Raise profile in the City +10,000 (7.5% of total LDP population) Half Marathon - 850 Granite Way - 300 Sub Committees Governance & Safeguarding - Graham Cridland Marketing and Impact - Chris Gill HR & Remuneration - Catherine Hill Finance - David Coard PROGRAMMES AND EVENTS Ability Counts U16 Deaf Team

Manager Quarterly Update

Transcript: --------------- --------- ------------ --------------- --------------- --------------------------- ------ -------- --------- --------- --------------- Managers Q1 Update Welcome to the Quarterly Manager Update Where We've Been & Where We're Going Let's take a Big Picture view 2017 Hotel Goals AES: 3.61 Group Medallia: 9.3 Transient Medallia: 9.0 EBITDA: 100% of Budget or $27,964,813 STR: Up 3% YOY or 138.6 Medallia Update Medallia Update: 1st Quarter 1st Quarter F&B Food & Beverage Medallia Suprise & Delights Upcoming Events & Promotions Overall Food & Beverage: 8.65 Overall Food & Beverage: STLY 8.71 Overall Cast Iron: 8.63 Overall Cast Iron: STLY 8.75 Overall Whiskey & Rye: 8.87 Overall Whiskey & Rye: STLY 9.06 Overall Starbucks: 9.10 Overall Starbucks: STLY 9.14 Overall In Room Dining: 8.81 Overall In Room Dining: STLY 8.98 Implemented Second Effort Form for F&B Outlets Cast Iron Palate Cleanser served at Breakfast Sweet Treat served at Lunch Amuse Bouche served at Dinner FOH Manager designates guest and provides complimentary dinner Chef makes a guest appearance Guest of the Night In Room Dining Palate Cleanser or Mini Muffin served at Breakfast with Personalized note from server Amuse Bouche served at Dinner with personalized note from server Worms in Dirt Coffee Kiosk set-up for quick service when expecting heavy traffic Buns & Brews Promo Starts Cinco De Mayo Fort Worth Zoo Beastro Cowton Unplugged Kentucky Derby Mothers Day Brunch Dean & Dulca Colonial Upcoming Events Action Plan to increase Medallia IRD Starbucks Cast Iron Action Plan to increase Medallia IRD Starbucks Cast Iron Finance Finance 2017 Quarter 1 Update • Total Occupancy is 81.2% up 4.9% to budget and up 5.4% to last year • Overall revenue down by ($154K) to budget • EBITDA is down ($66K) to budget • Contract labor down ($45K) YOY • Reduced OT hours by 1357 1st Quarter SCCRM SCCRM Group Medallia As of 3/30/2017 OE 9.37 STLY 9.32 Team sends emails before and after arrival asking for client to share any reason we would not receive a 10 on Medallia Goal 9.30 131.6 Index 0.2 RevPAR change STR Goal: Up 3% YOY or 138.6 Team continues to send emails before and after arrival asking for client to share any reason we would not receive a 10 on Medallia Enhancements to Pre-con’s Brainstorming meeting with Banquet Team and CSM Team STR Command Demand for Memorial and Labor Day – Cowtown Unplugged AES 2017 KRA’s include recognizing associates for going above and beyond with OSC cards Acknowledge WOW service during site visits 2nd Quarter Group Medallia Rooms Rooms 1st Quarter Update Rooms 1st Quarter Update With Coach MTD Overall Experiance 8.82 Overall Service MTD 9.02 8.86 9.03 YTD YTD Overall Experiance Overall Service Overall Experiance Goal: 9.0 Introducing: Erron Ferrand, New Manager for Laz Valet Parking Garage Improvements The VIP Experiance Lobby Greeter Select Guest Enrollment Increased 33% for the Quarter Select Guest Enrollment ASC Associate Service Center 1st Quarter Update Events for Associates Since January 1, 2017 Associate Service Center Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball (Annual party) All Manager Meeting, Omni Olympics, Reception Valentine’s for every associate Popsicles for Employee Appreciation Day Popcorn for National Popcorn Day Candy basket on Easter Couches (sold to associates at a discounted rate, raised $675 for Omni Circle) Food Truck Rally OSC Swarms Flowers for Administrative Professionals Lunch and gifts for Administrative Professionals Quarterly Manager Update/Manager Outing HATC Tailgate and Rangers game Manager AES Paper Survey Received 28 surveys back Overall score: 3.76 Lowest 4 questions: I receive the support I need from other departments to provide quality service. 3.32 I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work correctly. 3.50 My coworkers are committed to doing quality work. 3.64 There is someone at work that encourages my continued development. 3.64 *Of the 28 surveys, very few additional comments about the lowest scoring questions.* Recruiting Recruiting • Turnover – 4.15% (down .27 from last year) • Management Turnover – 6.64% (down 2.16% from last year) • Q1 Hires 62 Success Coach TCC Grant Summer Internships 5 Interns 2 Front Office 3 WHPB Engineering Enginnering 1st Quarter Update Fountain Project Completed Replace Perimiter lighting Christmas Lights in trees along the front drive New Direct TV system in Whiskey & Rye Sound System up and running throughout the proeprty New Tilt Skillet in Banquet and Downstairs Kitchens Starbucks Renovations New couches in all suites 6 New Coffee Tables Updates: Improved landscaping on the Front Drive Refinishing Pool Furniture New Towel Rack Purchasing of Sand Chairs for the Pool Sand in the pavers of the Front Drive 4 New Moniters for the Meeting Space New leather on the Front Desk Pods Whats next: Fort Worth Transportation Update Fort Worth Transportation Update Fort Worth Transportation Update $499Mil Grant Quiet Car Travels Through stockyards Travels from North

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