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Purdue University

Transcript: Location - There are club sports, such as rugby, sailing, and karate - 550-575 Jewish students on campus - Campus has no kosher food, but the Hillel has (it is unsupervised) - Hillel has Shabbat every week - Three student groups: Hillel Student Board, Israel Council, and a Grad Student Group - Two synagogues in West Lafayette, one conservative, one reform - No kosher restaurants in Indiana - Jewish Studies is a major and a minor Mr. John Purdue For admission, they look at: - Grades and grades related to intended major - Strength of classes - Class rank - GPA - SAT: Critical Reading: 520-630 Math: 560-700 Writing: 520-630 - ACT: 25-30 - Essays - Recommendations - Experience/Background Purdue's Golf Team at 2015 NCAA Regionals Winery Relevant majors: - Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health (dual major) - Dietetics - Food and Nutrition in Business - Nutrition Science - Nutrition, Health, and Fitness. History Rugby Team Greek Life... fraternity Men's Basketball at 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship Examples of some courses (there are more!) - First Year Composition/English, - Elementary Psychology - Statistics - Biochemistry - Human Anatomy - Principles of Economics, - Applied Calculus I and II - Nutrition in the 21st century - Fundamentals of Nutrition - Physiology and Nutrition During the Life Cycle - Micronutrient and Phytochemical Metabolism in Human Health and Disease - Food Chemistry - Topics in Nutrition Jewish Life Museum New Cordova Sports Recreational Center - Gym/Athletics Center Athletics sorority - West Lafayette, Indiana - College Town - Famous for wineries, zoos, and history - 65 miles from Indianapolis - Purdue has one of the nation's largest Fraternity and Sorority communities - Over five thousand students in eighty different organizations - Twenty percent of Purdue students are part of the Greek life Coursework Needed for Undergraduate - Founded in 1869 by John Purdue - Was a result of Lincoln's Morril Land Grant Act - First groundbreaking happened in 1871 - Graduate School established in 1929 Student Life Continued... Admission - Many student - run organizations/clubs: A Cause for Paws, 3D Printing, A Cultural Connection, among others. - Division I - Part of Big Ten Conference - Team name: Boilermakers - Examples of men sports: baseball, basketball, football, golf. track and field, and wrestling - Examples of women sports: cross country, softball, soccer, and swimming and diving - Student athletes have been drafted in NBA, NFL, and MLB. (Ex: Football player Drew Brees) Student Life Relevant Academic Majors (Over 200 to choose from) - During the summer there are Summer Concert Series - BBQs on national holidays Purdue University by Susy Cohen

Purdue University

Transcript: Why Purdue? Requirements The Math Social Media Pros & Cons Extra Out of State Engineering School People Class size Black & Gold Study Abroad Application/Acceptance: Out of State Excited for college Visiting this summer SOCIAL Basic High School Graduation Requirements ACT score: ranges 24-30 (writing included) Class rank GPA/Core GPA Essay Resume Letter of Recommendation $60 nonrefundable Application Fee City Population: 30,419 School Population: 38,788 PLATFORMS Purdue University maintained its top 25 ranking among the nation's public universities and is 65th among all universities, according to U.S.News & World Report. Social Reflection Technology- $574 Engineering- $2,050 Management- $1,436 After doing this project, I learned a lot of things about Purdue University that I did not know before. Mainly about West Lafayette. I still am excited for visiting the campus but am still unsure if I want to go there. Enrollment Deadline: *Acceptance Rate: 61.3% 1 hour away from Indianapolis 2 hours away from Chicago Out of State Tuition Alone Art & Entertainment Clubs SEO November 1st or February 1st The Math? CMS Purdue University Things to do: Pros & Cons Cons: In State- $23,002 International- $43,954 Average Cost: Out of State- $41,954 Additional Fees: Rec Sports Wolf Park Wild Creek Winery Performing Arts Colombian Park Zoo Agritourism @LifeAtPurdue Pros: West Lafayette, Indiana

Purdue University

Transcript: Quote 2 most popular options University residences, which are on-campus residence halls. Frats and sororities, which are basically groups, that may turn into families and you do things to be in the group, and they live in one big house on campus. Instate tuition is - $10,002 Out of state tuition- $28,804 "Wouldn't it be easier just to ask Purdue who they'd give it away to at the end?" -Reggie Hayes "[Purdue] has been doing pretty -- well, I wouldn't say great -- but I think they've been doing some winning since the last time we played them." — Travis Parker Other expenses are approximately $6,320, books, room and board, parking passes, meal deals, etc. Quote Sports teams of Interest Major: Atmospheric Sciences Fall 1st year: Major course, calculus, chemistry, english Spring 1st year: (2) major courses, Calculus II, Chemistry II, Language and Culture. Fall 2nd Year: Major course, Calc III, Physics, Language and Culture Spring 2nd year: Major course, Linear Algebra, Physics, Technical Communications, Language and Culture Fall 3rd year: (2) major courses, differential equations, computer programming, general ed., free elective. Spring 3rd year: (3) major courses, statistics, gen. ed., free elective. Fall 4th year (3) major courses, ggreat issues, free elective Spring 4th year STS elective, gen. ed., (3) free electives By: Leigh Himes Tuition & other expenses (cont.) Quotes Tuition & other expenses Housing options and requirements (cont.) Softball- the program started in 1993 and has been Division 1 softball ever since. Football- the program started in 1936, and from 2014-2015, has had 3 NFL draft picks. Men's Basketball- started in 1947, since then has had 46 all time NBA draft selections. 2 least popular options: Co-op housing, which are homes on or near campus where students with shared interests live together. Off campus apartments and houses. GOAL! Housing options and requirements Class Requirements for one major Major requirements (cont.) Frat/Sorority Options Purdue University is home to more htan 80 frats and sororities and 12 co-op houses. GPA must be 2.0 or higher. Purdue University Dorms "We're expecting to see a lot of the same we saw from Utah and Purdue, that same sort of option." — Copeland Bryan "There is a time and place for everything, it's called college." - Bill Cosby "There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." -unknown "Experience is the only school from which no one graduates." -unknown "All things are difficult before they are easy" -Thomas Fuller "College is a place to keep warm between high school and an early marriage." -George Gobel Cites

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