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Purdue Mechanical Engineering Presentation Template

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Mechanical Engineering Presentation

Transcript: Mechanical Engineering Some of the top major businesses for mechanical engineers in colorado include -Mkk Consulting Engineers -Barlow Group Inc -A E Associates inc -Smith Seckman Reid -Calibre Engineering Inc -Modeling and control of dynamic processes in engineering systems like acoustics, computer simulations, and artificial intelligence -The program focuses on integration of design, materials, and manufacturing with an exposure to business Career Paths Most entry level jobs in mechanical engineering require a: -Includes topics in mechanics and materials science. Current research is in materials with microstructure, plasticity, biomechanics,and polymer matrix composites Major Advancements Areas of Mechanical Engineering -Bachelor of Science -Bachelor of Technology -Bachelor of Engineering -or Bachelor of Applied Science Education Proffesional Organizations Earnings and Employment National Average per year of a mechanical engineer is estimated at $80,580 Colorado's national average of a mechanical engineer is estimated at $73,000 The national average salary per household is $46,326 There is 232,660 mechanical engineers employed in the US In this field, only 4% is ages 20-24. 13% are older than 55, and the majority of 84% are between 25-54. The unemployment rate for this area is 3%. The number of job seekers will exceed the number of job openings but not enough to have an impact on the unemployment rate. Mechanical Engineering also holds the second highest number of engineers employed It is predicted that engineering employment will grow through 2018 What is a Mechanical Engineer? Citations -Massachusettes Institute of Technology -Stanford University -University of California -Berkeley Energy Thermo-Fluids Area Solid Mechanics Three major schools that specialize in mechanical engineering Areas Cont. Industry Graduate School Entrepreneur Business Owner Research Labs Military Government Preparation for other Professions Mechanical engineers design and develop everything involved in a machine. They also have an influence on designs of various projects as well in order to increase efficiency Manufacturing/Industrial -Thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics like internal combustion engines, transmissions, and emissions control Design and Dynamic Systems Some mechanical engineers go on past a bachelor to pursue their masters in various fields Today, nanotechnology is transforming mechanical engineering. They are abl to work with the nanoparticles that are predicted to be able to kill cancer cells and better treat Alzheimer's Disease. Also, the growing concern for the quality of the planet and environment has created many more opportunities for mechanical engineers to develop new equipment and processes to clean up the environment On a daily basis, mechanical engineers are generally working with a team that is tasked with completing various projects together. They also use a chunk of the day on design engineering where they create prototypes and test new designs of things.

Mechanical Engineering Presentation

Transcript: Series Parallel Series Hybrid The 21st century BUT: Evolution can not happen within one day/year/… 1 Prius prototype 1996 Hybrid car Visionary Future Hybrid 21 5 V2G in the UK Power is used to charge our cars - Implementation of 50,000 EVs with V2G - 30% of renewable energy generation can be introduced - Reduction of CO2 by 27% Summary ESB "SUNDANCER“ 1973 The difference between electric and hybrid car Hybrid car Future Prospects Build appropriate charging infrastructure 7 10 Increase EV development 2 Complex AKA Through the Road Hybrid TTR 11 Advantages and Disadvantages Electric car 18 The Birth: Late 19th Century Tasks to be solved 9 Hybrid technology as interim stage Thank you for your attention 93% of energy generation covered by petroleum-derived fuels 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Modified from Module 3: Architecture of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Lecture 5: Basic Architecture of Hybrid Drive Trains and Analysis of Series Drive Train, lecture notes distributed online from National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 November 15]. 9. 10. BMW I3 11. Honda Insight 12. Toyota Prius 13. BMWI8 14. Nissan Leaf 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 20 15 Possible Solution - V2G 16 Optimize capacity and charging behavior Electric car Power generation with different processes Lohner-Porsche 1898 prototype 1900 to 1905 in production Parallel Hybrid P1 electric car 1898 Hybrid Car PRO: • Complement of both drive principals electric & combustion • Good in stop & go traffic • Torque from below CON: • High inital investment compared to fuel savings over the life of the car • High primary energy use • Reduced place offer because of to integrated technologies • Weight Volkswagen Taxi 1977 13 Conventional Combustion Engine Car PRO: • Fast refueling • Large range • Low initial investment - available used market • Common technology - workshops everywhere CON: • Poor efficiency • Harmful to the environment during operation • Maintenance intensive • Fuel prices fluctuate strongly 4 Image by Tom Mooring Research and Investigation of combined technology to gain knowledge etc. 14 The History of the Electric and Hybrid car Electric car 8 Complex Hybrid Electric Car (battery powered) PRO: • No harmful substances during operation • Torque from below • Few sources of error • Not maintenence-intensive • Low operation & upkeep costs CON: • High initial investment • Limited lifetime of batteries • Limited range • Charging time • No distinctive workshop structure The 1960 to 1970 period Evolution ongoing Nissan Leaf 2011 Mechanical Engineering Presentation Hybrid and Battery Electric Drive Trains EEMS 2016 Toni Segarceanu David Smith Muhammad Luthfi Tristan Maurer Felix Erhard Electric 3 17 Battery Electric 6 Hybrid car 12

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