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Puppy presentation

Transcript: puppy discussion Giselle Abdelwahab 27/5/2020 what would happen if i were to get a puppy everything would be left to me. - he (yes he, hopefully) would sleep in my room. - i would walk him everyday. - i would train him to not poo - i would pick up poo if he does poo - i would feed him - i wouldn't have to play with him because he would be allowed in the house, so he would always have my company. what would happen where to get him there are a few shelters we could go to but the websites i have looked at don't have what I'm looking for: - CART Dog Shelter, Abusir, Al Badrashin, Giza Governorate - - where to get him why i should why i should well, i am sure we have all noticed the negative change in my personality these past few weeks. i think that if i get a puppy it will make me happier and more positive. not to mention that if we adopt a puppy, we are giving it a home. having a pet that i can talk to and cuddle with in my room would only bring a positive impact. your part as i have said before you will do nothing unless it is extremely important. for example if i am at school and he gets sick i wouldn't be there to go with you so putting him in the car and such would be left to you. your part things you may be concerned about things you might be concerned about i will train him to poo at a time that is after school so that he doesn't poo in the house. the puppy that i will adopt is going to be small and calm, so if your on a work call he wont bark. if you have any questions now is the time to ask before i finish this presentation: expenses i don't know where pets fit into our financial agreement so if you want to pay for him then go ahead but if that's not how this works then i will gladly pay for him myself. i will also pay for toys, food, treats etc, myself if that's what you want. expenses

Puppy Presentation

Transcript: Teach us (Jimmy) responsibility Gives us a reason to get up and get active We will have a LOYAL companion NO MATTER what Mom will finally have someone to blame her foot smell on :) Jimmy will finally have someone to blame his butt smell on :) Jimmy and I will finally have something we can agree on Ex. Gender of dog (male), name of puppy (Brody), color of puppy (yellow), type of puppy (Labrador Retriever) Solutions Puppies are adorable He'll be a nice guard dog when he is older A companion for all of us Help us get out and get active Ex. Running, playing fetch, walking Someone to keep mom company when we leave Well, when Olivia leaves because Jimmy will live here forever :P CONS Look at that face... PROS Reasons Jimmy Jimmy and I will try to pay for as much of the puppy as possible Jimmy and I will work with the puppy as much as possible Attend Mike Peacy's Obedience School throughout the summer Tire puppy out by introducing him to outdoor activities Ex. Swimming, hiking, fetch, long walks, doggy soccer! Suck it up, plug our noses and pick up dog poo! (: Wear a hat when we take winter walks in the AM Jimmy and I have done some thinking... And well... You know what happens when we think... Let's GO get Brody! Puppies are expensive Puppies are a lot of work Puppies can be destructive and rambunctious Walks in the winter will be cold House training SUCKS Picking up poop SUCKS Plus! I've done a TON of research on Labrador Retrievers. Mom... We gotta talk...

Puppy Puppy

Transcript: Animal Shelters Animal Rescues - No animals are turned down, therefore their time at the shelter is limited. - Pets at the shelter are have the basic care, and their adoption process is much more quick and easy. There is No regulation with breeders •Inhumane practices by backyard breeders (tail docking, weaning too soon) Removed from mothers at seven weeks. Packed in unsanitary crates 10+ at a time for sale to pet shops. Many will be infected by contagious viruses, respiratory conditions, parasites, and other conditions caused by neglect and stress. -Rescues homeless pets and puts them through rehab . Why to adopt instead of buying eu·tha·nize: put (a living being, especially a dog or cat) to death humanely. Pets are never rejected The life of shelter pets How you can help save a life If a shelter is over capacity a pets stay is shortened. - They get all their basic care and more. They get the one on one basis that pets require. "The dogs no one wanted sat for years (yes, years) in solitary concrete and metal cages. The only bright spot in their day was when a volunteer would walk them for 15 minutes and give them a bit of time to wander in a dirt pen outdoors"- Chris Holbein (shelter volunteer) There are about 7 million pets waiting to be adopted. PURCHASING PETS FROM BREEDERS Not All Shelters Are The Same You are giving these pets a second chance. I'd get rid of you mutts right now, but there's probably a tax on revenge. -Cruella De Vil Volunteer your time (walking, playing) -Adopt a pet - Donate food and toys Friends of Animals. (n.d.). Puppy mills, pet shops, and akc basic facts. Retrieved from Vacancy and Stay Time

puppy presentation

Transcript: Sounds like a whole lot of money? How do I train my puppy so the carpet cleaners and Raymour&Flanigan don't have to come, but in a cheap and afordable way? apps, there are multiple phone apps that teach you how to train your puppy and even step by step programs for free clicker/treat training, this is a positive way to train your dog also youtube tutorials It is a proven fact that dog owners get sick less and less severely then any other people. It is also proven that people who own dogs and are with them constantly have better heart health. Just patting a dog on the head or simply petting it lowers blood pressure and your heart rate. Also a chinese study showed that owners get more/better sleep at night. Next, anther study showed you also have slightly lower cholesterol and are more likely to survive a heart attack. More exercise! Most puppy parents get the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity every day, lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeping them in better shape then cat owners or people without pets. Lastly,some dogs are able to detect cancer. They will lick or sniff at some bumps which would cause you to notice them and most likely get them checked out. Sheepadoodles (: irish water spaniel -curly coated retriever portuguese water dog - irish wolf hound soft coated wheaten terrier -cairn terrier spanish water dog -tibeten terrier bernadoodle -shih tzu sheepadoodle -lhasa apso golden doodle -poodle labradoodle -yorkie cockapoo -westie -kerry blue terrier afhgan hound -havanese Depending on the dog, the maintenance varies. Smooth and curly coats do not require much attention, but plush coats do. However if the dogs hair is long it will need to be brushed and cut more often so the dogs hair does not become matted. Short hair will need to be brushed 3 times a month and taken to the groomer occasionally. Puppies do need to be spayed/nueturd (see slide ) Food water beds toys blankets crates shots grooming.... sounds almost like another kid! Many people want a puppy but don't think they can afford it or have the time. But watch the next few slides about how to cut the costs. The side upfront cost no one thinks about is their daily needs. Bed- $10 to $30 Leash- $1 to $10 Collar- $1 to $10 Food&treats- $25 Dog tags- $10 Chip- $25 to $50 Dog bowls- $1 to $10 Crates- $ which adds up to $145(using the highest prices) Happy and stress free Upfront costs "Happiness is a warm puppy"- Charles M. Schulz Maintenance Sheepadoodles are bred from the 2nd smartest dog (the poodle) and the 63rd smartest dog (the old english sheepdog) out of 340 breeds in the US. Making sheepadoodles highly inteligent and easily trained. They do not shed at all and dont need to be groomed(brushed) very often, maybe once a week. Well I don't want it pooping or peeing in my house! When i'm not home during the day! Health Multiple hypoallergenic breeds Many people just assume a puppy is expensive no matter what(you). F A L S E!!! Buying food and treats in bulk off of amazon, doggyloot, coupaw, and costco are a few great options. DIY treats ant toys are also great. The dollar tree also can be a good option for collars, leashes, bowls and toys. Groom them yourselves. Buy a dog brush and dog shampoo More social and trust worthy The Upsides! There is no doubt that your new puppy will poop or pee in your house a couple of times when you first get it. If you are not home during the day or for long periods during the day then you can also train your dog to use puppy pads which are square shaped pee absorbent pads that are able to hold poop too. Well isnt it going to smell? Dont worry they sell scented ones (; If you ask anyone they'd say that they love having a dog, so why would'nt you? Training Many owners have much less stress. Petting or playing with a dog increases the number of stress releaving hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol. Simply looking at a dog or puppy helps you relax and lower blood pressure. Dog owners are also predicted to live longer then non pet owners. Puppy Commitment The downsides of puppies Many polls show that people trust others that own a dog or are walking their dogs rather then random people walking on the street. Others are more likely to interact with dog owners. An England study showed they are more outgoing anf friendly. Also if you are living alone, having a dog in the house the same emotional benefit as of a human friendship. Sheepadoodle puppies are incredibly intelligent and easily trained. They make for a wonderful family pet and can even be very good health care service dog or guidance dog. They love to be with their family, play, go for walks, or just be by your side. Because they are very family oriented dogs, they want to please you in every way. Cut the cost

Puppy presentation

Transcript: Husky's are generally know to be one of the healthiest dog breeds with few health problems (although that differs with every dog) Female: 20- 22 inches tall and 35- 50 pounds Male: 21- 23.5 inches tall and 45-60 pounds They are classified as a medium sized dog with a life span of 12- 14 years Exercise daily is recommended 30 mins or how every long you train your dog Surprisingly for their size they dont need much food only about 1.5- 2 cups a day of high quality dry food Husky Presentation The most important asset in having a husky is training Since husky's are so bright and intelligent they are easily trained Everything depends on the training of your dog, if you train your dog to only walk a block a day, they will only want to walk a block a day If you train them to be lazy with you they will do it, whatever their owner wants them to do they will do it because their main goal is to make them happy One effective way of training is to withhold necessitates such as food, water or toys to show them who is in charge A wonderful training center where you leave your dog for a few weeks as they train them and then you take them home! there are also other training centers such as and many more!! Health Grooming Happy husky Happy puppy with a wagging tale september 19th, girl, first sets of shots, $325 All sorts of colors! Personality Conclusion: A husky is the best fit for our family!! Training Although I have presented many facts the personal experience is what really matters One of the most important characteristics we need in a dog is one that im not allergic to. After spending the night at Natalie's with Koa and a few other times I can safely say i didn't sneeze once or have any allergic symptoms The only flaw about Koa in my opinion is that he is unattainably young other then that he loves new people and other dogs and will do what ever you want to do such as lay on the couch or go for a walk Personal Experience Possible candidates Strangely husky's are known for cleaning and keeping themselves clean just like a cat Highly known for not having the typical dog odor which is great for keeping them indoors They shed 1-2 times a year in a 3 week span, called "blowing" but to prevent a massive lose of hair it is recommended to brush your dog once every two weeks They are classified as a medium hair length dog but have two different layers 1. undercoats which is soft and fluffy and made to retain heat 2. long coarse yet silky outer coat which is deigned to shed water and keep moisture away from their skin Most owners bathe them once or twice a year, but if you are considering keeping the dog inside it is best to every 3 months or so Husky's are known to be soft and affectionate, alert, adaptable, eager to please, extremely loyal, bright, intuitive and easy to train Although sometimes classified as escape artists, it is easy to fix with something as simple as a shock collar and the right training Many know them as "affectionate and good natured" They love people and are great with small children and other dogs When greating new strangers they always have a wagging tale and are eggar to love them with lots of kisses! Even adorable when full grown

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