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puerto rico

Transcript: Location: The caribbean Captial: San Juan Puerto Rico is a self governing commonwealth of the United States. Puerto Ricans have U.S. citizenship and can vote in presidental elections. They have 3 political parties(Partido popular democrtactico, Partido nueve progresista, and partido independistia.) Holidays in Puerto Rico! a gift giving holiday taks place on January 6 it celebrates the day that the 3 wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus on Jan. 5 kids place boxes filled with hay or grass and a bowl of water for the 3 wise men's camels then the wise men give them presents Puerto Rico uses American currancy Population: 3,897,960 Official langueges: Spanish and english Cooking in Puerto Rico has Spanish, African, and other indigenous influences Examples of puerto Rican dishes include... Rice and beans Tostones: fried plantains (green bananas) Mofongo: made of crushed Tostones and meat Pork is a very common meat eaten there. Others are steak and chicken. Famous Puerto Ricans include: Jennifer Lopez... Roberto Clemente born in Carolina, Puerto Rico Played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates Major industries: Sugar and dairy products pharmaceuticals, electronics, textiles, processed foods, clothing and textiles. The Coqui ("little frog") is the national frog of Puerto Rico, because it is native to the island and can only be found there.It gets its name from the song that it sings "koo-kee". Puerto Rico is also home to El Yunque. El Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the care of the US National Park Service. The park has an abundance of wildlife and also has many water falls such as Cascada de la Coca Puerto Rico has a tropical climate with average tempatures year around of 80 degrees and 70 degrees in the mountains. Popular sports played there are baseball or el beisbol, with players like Roberto Clememente. Another very popular sport is boxing (boxeo). This is felix Trinidad again. In New York they have the Puerto Rican day Parade every year. Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are frequent attendies. Puerto Rico has a very rich culture. Filled with Spanish and African influences. A popular type of music and dance is Salsa Bomba y Plena a music that is coupled with dance it is pure African, was brought over by black slaves in the 1700s its a rythmic music with drums Christopher Columbus founded Puerto Rico on Nov. 19, 1493 on his 2nd voyage to the New World named Puerto Rico, means "rich port" El Morro Full name is San Felipe el Morro most known as El Morro Started to be built in 1539 took over 200 years to build Was used by the U.S. in WW2 to track German submarines in the caribbean was designated as a world heritage site in 1983 Statue in Old San Juan. Doorway in El Morro Jail cell. Overlooking the water from the top. View from inside the hideout. Me in the hideout. View from my hotel in Carolina. Puerto Rican Flag Puerto Rico! Rocks at the bottom. Strip of island next to it. Used to store supplies. Ricky Martin View of the ocean. More. Felix Trinidad A pro boxer. (I'm actually related to him.) Overlooking to the Old San Juan. Front sign. Old San Juan On the way to El Morro Fountain in Old San Juan. Lighthouse at the top. Recently restored. Hideout. On the way to El Yunque 3 flags at the top. Also her husband Marc Anthony

Puerto Rico

Transcript: Puerto Rico Climate Puerto Rico has a tropical climate with an average minimum temperature of 19.4 °C and the maximum of 29.7 °C. The average rainfall is 1687mm per year Typical Food A typical meal of traditional Puerto Rico includes rice, beans, meat ,salad and banana tostones. Rice is the most common and varied in this type of food ,all the days you eat rice. Puerto Ricans are expert cooks in rice in all its varieties In addition to rice, the banana is the best companion and do so in a variety of ways. Music Island Music account with different cultural folk rhythms, such as Bomba and Plena, estadidad jíbara", or in the music or Trova, the different sixes and aguinaldos, in classical music, the Puerto Rican danza. Currently their rhythms with international boom are the Salsa and Reggaeton. Language Puerto Rico is a Spanish-speaking island. Legally it is bilingual, in the sense that both spanish and english are official languages, Spanish is the native language spoken by the majority of the population The island of Puerto Rico was discovered on 19 November 1493 by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage of exploration. Some historians are of the opinion that the island was discovered by Martin Alonso Pinzon in 1492 during the time that was separated from Colon Typical Dance Flag The flag was adopted by the Board of revolutionary Cuba Section of Puerto Rico in 1895 with the following meaning: Red stripes - blood shed by the patriots in the revolution white stripes - the victory and peace after obtaining independence blue equilateral triangle - the sea and the blue sky of Puerto Rico lone star - represents the Island

Puerto Rico

Transcript: Family Life Traditional General attitudes of people Government Baseball, basketball, and volleyball are popular sports. Families enjoy picnics at the beach or a park In free time, they watch tv or play board games Women do not change their lastnames when they marry. Luis Fortuno Interesting Facts 1 dollar is equal to 1 dollar!! Shake hands when meeting someone. If closer friends you kiss on both cheeks. Beckon by waving all fingers with palm down. To point, you pucker lips toward the direction. Interrupting is not rude! Recreation Flag Vote for their own officials, like governor Famous People Population: 3,989,133 Generally sympathetic Love to party at fiestas Value education (many graduate and go on to college) Relaxed Admire politicians Very strong national pride They wear typically what Americans wear. 2 of the oldest churches in the US are in San Juan Puerto Rico is about the size of Connecticut Democratic Money! The US dollar is used The Castillo de San Felipe del Morro is a military fortress. Jennifer Lopez- well known American actress and singer judge on American Idol Ricky Martin- worldwide pop singer Spanish and English are the main languages. Spanish is spoken in a daily life. English is used more with business. Male and female both have an adult literacy rate of 94% Puerto Rico Government, services and tourism make up most jobs Exports are sugar, coffee, chemicals, textiles and electronic equipment Most imports are food related Gestures Part of the US but don't pay tax and don't vote on national elections Puerto Rican Dress Life Expectancy Male: age 75 Female: age 83 Economy Families are very close and supportive of each other. There are about 3 children in each family. Extended family usually lives close by. Religion Roman Catholicism- 85% of the population The rest are other Christian religions Almost all Puerto Ricans consider themselves religious. Red for the blood of the brave men who gave their lives. White for peace and victory after gaining independence. The blue triangle is for the sky and ocean waters in Puerto Rico. The star symbolizes the one island of Puerto Rico. Modern

Puerto Rico

Transcript: Puerto Rico Land and Climate Same Size as Rhode Island and Delaware combined The island of Puerto Rico is characterized by the Cordillera Central (a high central mountain range), a dry southern coast, fertile northern coastal plains, low eastern mountains, and El Yunque rain forest. History Taino people were living in Puerto Rico when Columbus arrived in 1493 and named the island San Juan Bautista. The Spanish introduced slavery and diseases that decimated the indigenous population. Slavery was not abolished until 1873. In 1897, Spain granted Puerto Rico self-ruler under the leadership of Luis Munoz Rivera. In 1898, as part of the Spanish-American War, the United States invaded the island and conquered its Spanish defenders. In 1946, President Harry S. Truman appointed Jesus Toribio Pinero as the first island-born governor. Two years later, Puerto Ricans directly elected a governor, Luis Munoz Marin. The People In 2010 census, the population of Puerto Rico was 3,725,789 people. There is no record of the population since then. More than 95% of the people are native Puerto Rican, with a mixed Spanish, African, and Taino heritage. Language In the early 1990's, Spanish was declared the only official language, but English has since regained equal status. Most people can speak English. They are comfortable speaking Spanglish. Slang Words Broki-Buddy Galan-Dude Bambalan-Lazy Bum Chavos-Money Chévere-Cool Diantre!-Wow Lo Siento-I'm sorry Religion Roman Catholicism is the major Christian Religion and claims about 85% of the population as members. 15% of the people belong to various Protestant and other Christian churches, and their members growing. Consider themselves to be religious and often attribute their good fortunes to Deity. Personal Appearance Puerto Ricans takes great pride in what they wear in public. youth favor popular Noth American fashions and also lilke a sporty look Sloppy, overly casual, or revealing dress is considered inappropriate Greetings People usually shake hands when greeting. Close friends often greet by grasping shoulders and kissing each other on the cheek. Women normally kiss women or men in this manner, but men do not greet other men this way. They may embrace a good friend or relative after a long absence. People stand very close when talking, and females often touch each other with their hands. Moving away, even slightly, may be considered an insult. Gestures To point, people often purse or pucker their lips in the direction indicated. A person can get another's attention by saying "pssst." This is common and not rude, but if a man does it to a woman, she will likely ignore him. One beckons by waving all fingers with the palm down; beckoning people with the palm facing up is improper. Wiggling the nose can mean "What's going on?" Men often smile and stare at women, but it is considered improper for a women to smile indiscriminately at strangers. Visiting Most casual visits occur in the evening without prior arrangement. Visits are relaxed and the entire family participates. Puerto Ricans' favorite sport is baseball, but people also enjoy basketball and volleyball. Families enjoy going to the beach or parks for picnics. Card and board games are popular. Government Famous Puerto Ricans Roberto Clemente Head of State Barack Obama Dating and Marriage Youth begin dating in groups. Having a boyfriend in important Dating doesn't serious until the boy meets the girls parents. Puerto Ricans marry at ages 19-21. They have great celebrations for weddings. Carlos Beltrán Head of Government Luis Fortuno Recreation Puerto Ricans' favorite sport is baseball, but people also enjoy basketball and volleyball. Families enjoy going to the beach or parks for picnics. Card and board games are popular. Ricky Martin El Yunque rain forest They are gregarious and fond of fiestas (celebrations) They admire people who are intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, and humble. Puerto Ricans consider open criticism, aggressiveness, and greed offensive. Gaining a good education is considered a key to a better future. Being able to buy land for a home or business is a universal goal. People are considered more important than schedules.

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