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Public Speaking Powerpoint Template

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Public Speaking

Transcript: Having ethical and effective delivery means: remaining audience centered avoiding behaviors that distract from the message promoting the listeners' understanding. Beyond Delivery: Listening to the Message *We need to be on guard against the slick, superficial speaker who tries to manipulate or deceive us rather than engage us in a discussion of important ideas. The Foundation of Ethical Delivery The Speaker should communicate with the utmost respect for the listeners- Never manipulating them. Not putting on an act. Aim for Mutually beneficial outcomes. Speak Authentically: always concerned with the greater good and ever mindful of the needs, values , and priorities of the audience. Ethical delivery is appropriate to the situation, but does not undermine the meaning or content of the speech itself. Effective and ethical delivery should reinforce rather than compete with the speaker's ideas. Ethical delivery promotes the listeners' trust and comprehension. Your body, voice and gestures must be in tune with the mood and nature of your message. Don't be dull... Your message will be lost! *Experience and Research are generally associated with effective, engaging delivery. Principles of Good Delivery Will I use a podium? Should I move around during my speech? How quickly should I speak? Will everyone be able to hear me? No absolute answers! Adjust to the demands of each speaking situation. Understand the Situation & Audience Expectations: Use a delivery style that will allow you to connect with the audience! Learn about your audiences needs, norms, and preferences. Presentation may vary from formal to informal. Dress for the Occasion! Your appearance can influence audience perceptions of your ethos. When you dress well, you are portraying to the audience that you respect them and that you take the occasion seriously. Establish Eye Contact! If you don't you may appear: uncomfortable, nervous, ashamed, preoccupied, dishonest. When you do, You appear sincere, truthful, candid, open, and trustworthy. Gives you a chance to observe the audiences reactions to your speech! Reinforce Ideas through Gesterures, Movement, and Facial Expressions. Our words and actions should be mutually reinforcing. Speakers who are more animated are more interesting to listen to. Ask yourself! Do I gesture enough? too much? Does my inforcement reinforce the flow of my speech? Are my gestures distracting in any way? Do I rely too much on one gesture? Does my face seem to convey the meaning or feeling I am trying to communicate? Are there more effective gestures I could be using? Is my nonverbal communication consistently respectful to the audience? Keep in Mind! Most movements and gestures should be spontaneous. Larger audiences may require larger gestures. Gestures should not be distracting and should not call attention to itself. Strive for an Effective Speaking Voice Pay attention to volume, rate, pitch, and clarity! Stay away from being monotone, inserting "you know", and stumbling over words. Setting should determine this. If you are not sure if you can be heard, simply ASK! *Don't RUSH! *Practice! *Pause, slow down, and repeat to let the audience absorb! *The highness or lowness of your voice. *Relax because when your tense, your pitch tends to rise. *Have variety in your pitch. ((Emphasize)) *ONE WORD Articulate *Remember to remain flexible Practice Your Speech! 1. Read it outloud 2. Take note of the part that you struggle on 3. Break your speech down into parts 4. Do not practice too much at one time, take breaks 5. Record yourself! 6. Practice in front of a small group 7. Use visual aids or practice in the room you will be speaking in! 8. Time yourself Again, Seek out opportunities to Speak •Extemporaneous speeches are not memorized word for word but it is not completely spontaneous or delivered “off the cuff” •In preparation to extemporaneous speeches, you much be very comfortable with your topic. They required careful preparation *This involves an outline with the best ways to organize your ideas and practicing your speech from these notes Speaking Extemporaneously Advantages of using an outline? • Having an outline will keep you on track, remind you of the main ideas, key examples, statistics, or other forms of evidence. •When delivering a speech extemporaneously you can speak more directly to your audience, watching for their responses and making and changes in the content or delivery of your speech as you go •It is a key advantage to have flexibility o Watching someone else speak and change the way you prepared to have a better response from audience “fine tuning” *No hard and fast rules for constructing keyword outline, however practicing is essential! Why Use Extemporaneous Delivery? Easily Adapt When the entire class presents one way (the better way), you’re not screwed and know how to respond/change everything ASAP Demands focus concentration (you cannot just wing it) Works best when you have a: Genuine passion for the topic

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