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Public Relations Accomplishments And Goals Presentation Template

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Goals and Accomplishments

Transcript: Be There will grow and reach 10,000+ youth, positively impacting their attendance will serve over 24,000 Assisted 800+ people 1,500 family caregivers of a person with a disability will have a plan and feel more confident about the future in the next three years. People with Disabilities 14,240 Seniors have been able to remain living at home Money in Your Pocket Coalition is projected to increase 15% a year for the next three years Seniors Children & Youth Career Transition program exceeded national averages for employing people with disabilities ages 16-24. 90% of women will be able to avoid an immediate financial crisis. 20% more volunteers (744) are being recruited to serve 20% more seniors (1,756) through 30 partner agencies A total of 7,746 Volunteers will help their community through United Way 350 homes were made safer for Seniors with the help of hundreds of volunteers. Close to 95% report falling less and feeling safer in their home. It would cost $12.7 million to support these same elders in a nursing home. 2014 Seniors Homewood Summer Snacks will be modified and expand to two new neighborhoods - 300+ youth will be served 43 (100%) Allegheny County school districts will work to enroll kindergarteners on time 111% increase Served 16,000+ Launch a Caregiver Support initiative to help family caregivers continue this critical role 1,400+ Women & their families Transition Checklist piloted in 3 school districts. PA Bureau of Special Education has adopted the checklist and is using it to train teaching staff across PA. will serve 17,000+ 84% of Be a Middle School Mentor students have a Pittsburgh Promise ready attendance rate Open Your Heart to a Senior shows a steady increase of volunteers: from 293 in 2009 to 620 in 2013 2,700 families will avoid homelessness. Helping a 1 person avoid homelessness saves an estimated $20,000 per year. Helped 6,700 low-income families, average income $11,900/ year, recive over 2014 Capital Week in October 1,640 relationship volunteers will be engaged July - December 2013 On-time kindergarten registration rates have soared to 90% 2015 2,518 families maintained housing or avoided homelessness, 526 are Veterans Helping Families THRIVE Volunteerism 6,378 Volunteers were engaged 85%* of United for Women participants were able to avoid a financial crisis 67% United Way Funded Program Going Forward 250 Millennials will learn about United Way's work through volunteerism Nearly 6,000 Veterans will be connected to employment, housing, benefits, and basic needs resources. 2015 21% National Average 3,500 volunteers will participate in Days of Caring and Action 7,746 people will volunteer with United Way served 24,000+ in 2013-2014 143 people with disabilities avoided homelessness or institutionalization. Nursing home stays for 143 individuals would cost $12.8 million per year. assisted 1,134 Women & their families served 23,000+ 500 Women volunteered to help other women 368 women and their families avoided homelessness, 228 of those were Veterans Developing an action plan to increase housing opportunities for people with disabilities. 18,000 families will receive help to meet basic needs or improve their financial situation Community Impact Review 2013-2014 will serve 1,500+ and their families January - June 2014 Helping Families THRIVE 425 caring adults will mentor middle schoolers to ensure they remain engaged in school and increase their performance, an increase of 25% At least 600 Women will volunteer to support other women in times of need. Volunteerism 5 new agency partner projects are helping over 600 people increase their independence 12,122 families were connected to resources to help them meet basic needs 400 women and their families will avoid homelessness, 200 will be female veterans. People with Disabilities A county-wide initiative to combat chronic disease will have nearly 100% growth over 3 years. Agencies exceeded outcome projections: Significantly more youth were served Children & Youth will serve 33,500+ Mobilizing over 500 youth to participate in the #IWantToWork Campaign with the goal of passing legislation that will create a pathway from education to employment. *The remaining 15% received additional assistance to restore financial wellness “Planning for the Future” Transition Checklist will be used by at least 15 schools. Partner projects are helping 13,780 seniors avoid a fall or hospital stay and remain living at home.

Goals and Accomplishments

Transcript: This week I will be going to my friends Homecoming in Monroe, MI. She has been my best friend from the day we were born and I cant wait! One thing I want to accomplish in high school is graduate with good grades, but enjoy school at the same time! This Semester... Logan Howe This is a college seminar on how to study less but more effective. This semester I want to get back on the right track. In Quarter 2, I slacked towards the end and didn't fair so well in Algebra or Biology. I would like to finish school with a B in algebra and an A in biology! I also would like to work on my test taking skills. I do really good until I take tests. This Week 2nd Hour When I am 25, I would love to be a personal assistant to a celebrity! I love famous people A LOT! If I never become famous in my life, I would want to work with a famous person. I would want to work with Miley Cyrus, Madonna, George Clooney, Meryl Streep, or even Oprah... maybe. In 2015, I want to enjoy my time and make more time for friends and family. I already have plans to go see Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande with my friends. And I am taking my two grandmothers to see "I Love Lucy: On Stage" and to see "The Phantom of the Opera." I also am hoping to get tickets to see Bette Midler with my Grandma, as well. When I am 25... High School This month I would like to get rid of all of the snow! I only like snow on Christmas and I hate being cold all the time! To do this, I will use a blow-dryer and blow the air all over my windows and yard and put sand in the yard so my house looks like a beach! Goals and Accomplishments February In 2015... To meet my goals and accomplishments, I will start taking them more seriously. I won't think of these things just as thoughts but as challenges in my life to help me want to accomplish them! Today

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