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Pros and Cons

Transcript: Pros and Cons of Modern Communication Sytsems Pros Convenient Modern communication technology has been made extremely convenient for the users of them. With mobile devices and gps systems can be used to contact people across the world from almost all locations Stay In touch with far relatives/family members Now with the technology that we have you are never far away from your family members, one click and your talking face to face over the computer with new things like skype and facetime. Saves Lives They have came out with technology that greatly and easily can save someones life, such as a cell phone. With a cell phone you can easily dial 911 if your are injured or lost. Also, they have gps systems which can track you and help you find your way. Also including a transmitter in snowboarding/skiing jacket that can be tacked by a helicopter if you have gotten caught in a avalanche and buried alive. Always Get In Contact Now in modern time with most people owning cell phones it is very easy and very convenient if you need to get a hold of someone. Example, if you are employed and not at home, yet your boss needs someone to work, he can call or text your cell phone asking to work. Entertainment In today's day and age, technology has been made extremely entertaining. With things such as games, movies, text messaging and video chat all on your cell phone you can always be entertained by technology from anywhere. Cons Distracting With all of the technology that we have it can be very distracting to the things we should be doing. Can be Tracked Easily Now with cell phones you can be tracked. Most new cell phones has a gps system in it which can be tracked by anyone easily. Lack of Content With lots of communication technology you are limited to the text you can put in a message, or with abbreviations there is lack of content and can be hard to understand the message that is trying to be put out. Communication skills Another disadvantage to the communication technology is the fact that people don't know how to interact in a social gathering. Crimes are easier With modern technology some crimes are easier such as pirating, also criminals can secretly communicate from anywhere How Technology has Improved to the Better of Our Society The End. By, Jordan Mihalicz Get around easier with gps systems and be on time without being lost Safety if lost or injured from Cell Phones and Gps Systems Video Conferences for Businesses Getting the word of a cause or event out easily with things such as facebook. Get in contact if something goes wrong at work with phones

Pros and Cons

Transcript: Disadvantages Advantages Computerized machines can now do jobs that only man could do. But they are taking away jobs from people and can no longer work to support there family. This is a major downfall of technology. Connect more easier and efficiently with family and friends. Headsets are very useful to own and easy to talk to someone with just a click of a button. You can use it during work, driving, and just to call family. It is wireless and works pretty much anywhere. Children now a days are online so much and instant messaging. You can access the internet and pretend to be whoever you want and no one would know. Children also talk to people they do not know which can be very bad if a child is not parent supervised. The internet can be very dangerous but were on it every day. News Broadcasting Headsets We can now do our online banking from the comfort of our own home with just a click of a button. Laziness Real Social Life:Denied We can find what we need with just a click of a button. More time With the help of technology, communication has became cheaper, quicker and more effiecent. We can now communicate with anyone around the globe using Facebook, Twitter and even Skype. It is nice to own a computer and access the internet your information could be at risk where hackers and viruses can enter your computer through the internet and steal your information from email or they can simply trick you and implant a viruse. You have to really watch what you click. People use a cellphone to communicate with others are at a risk when driving. They can harm themselves and even others. It is nice to stay in touch but a major downfall of owning a cellphone. How technology has improved communication to betterment the society. We now have more devices to suit our entertainment needs (Ipad, ipod, PS3, computers/laptops) People can now broadcast news all over the world have it show on a screen that millions of people can watch to keep us up to date and inform us of what is going on in the world. Communication Driving & Texting People spend so much time on the internet each and every day that people start to rely on it. They will sit for ours browsing the WWW. People get very lazy and do not want to get up and go outside as much. MODERN COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Businesses are now able to be open 24/7 all over the globe. You can make purchases from different countires easier and more convienent. You can also have things delivered right to your door step. GPS Sept 19th 2012 Working Machines News broadcast helps aware people about disasters and emergencies. Alot of sattelite footage that is broadcast over the news helps people who live in the huricane regions. GPS is in alot of vehicles now a days, some can even be automatically programmed into the vehicle itself already. They tell us where to go, how fast were going, and how much time it will take. They are very handy. Some GPS's have an emergency sattelite signal in them, in case of an accident. Technology has made our lives and jobs more efficient.

pros and cons

Transcript: CONS: The budget gets cut and opportunities are declined. There are music rooms locked, with dusty unused instruments! And right now, the public policy are cutting the arts, and many children rely on schools to help build up their creativity. The washington legislature approved a 1.9 percent pay cut for educators in order to close a $5.1 billion budget gap. Next up for cuts will be the fine arts. STRIKE! Cons of another person!! Pros: The fine arts play a big role in the students education. The schools play, marching band, drama club and art show usually are the highlights of the students education. They say that the music classes and the marching band provides harmony. And many people dont understand the importance of fine arts : it keeps children more focused. Strikes! Cons of the schools. Pros: Students didnt give any problem to the substitute that they had. They respected her. The students real teacher told them to cooperate with her and continue with their learning. When the strike ended, the substitute went back to being a loving stay at home mama. And the superintendent called her and offered her any job in the district, but she declined. And the teacher of the class that she substituted for also called her and thanked her for teaching her students so well. Pros and Cons of strikes and issues! PROS: Teachers go on strike but many volunteers step up to become a working substitute. Until the strike was over, there was enough substitutes to fill up ALL of the classrooms of the schools involved. Strike!! Pros of the school. by: Sydney cooley and Ashley rhyne ISSUES! THE CONS!! When the subs arrived at the school for the first time, they were met by a line of protestors, agitators, teachers, and others who shouted crazy rude things and called them by name. The subs learned that the students were being coached outside of school by their teachers to be disrespectful and uncooperative with the subs. Each day after school the subs had to confronted the union agitators that were known to be physical and violent. They were also followed by those people and recieved dirty phone calls from them as well. ISSUES! THE PROS! CONS: When teachers go on strike schools close. The superintendents of schools in Sierra vista agreed that collective bargaining would take away from local taxpayers the ability to control local taxes. STRIKE! Pro of another person!

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