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Property Management Presentation Template

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Property Management Presentation

Transcript: The road towards success These are your guide questions towards success.. Ask yourselves... 1. How can you describe your first month with your client? 2. What did you do to get your client's trust? 3. How do you make yourself do difficult things when you have so much on your plate? 4. What do you do to keep your courage up when you don’t have much validation that you're on the right track? 5. How do you know if you're doing the right thing? 6. What keeps you going? 7. How do you help your co team members? 8. What could you do to make yourself more efficient? 9. What advice would you give to someone starting out? 10. What personality trait should every team member have? Challenging Overwhelming Almost ready to quit Zero knowledge First Month on-boarding with the client The key to success is very simple... Winning over your client! COMMUNICATION - Emails are for confirmation and not for conversation - Don't be afraid to ask your Property manager whenever you are not sure about a certain task - It's better to confirm rather than do it incorrectly FLEXIBLE TIME MANAGEMENT - Learn to prioritise your task and be flexible with other upcoming task - Conditioned yourself to set Goals - Always update your Property Managers I make sure that everyday I finished all my tasks before the end of shift or at least take down notes of the other tasks that I need to complete first thing in the morning Finished the day with an empty bowl You have a team of super awesome people let them help you when things gets crazy! There is no "I" in a team You will definitely know if you are doing the right thing but whats important is that you're always open for improvement Am I doing it right? Making your client happy Completing your tasks in a acceptable pace Always communicating with your client Having the initiative to do tasks Doing your best to help them achieve their goal Consider mistakes as a trophy What keeps you going? How do you help your co team members? Knowledge Teamwork WAYS Ask Questions Bond Secret CREATE YOUR OWN TIMELINE How to be efficient? Create your Timeline -Ideal week -checklist -Know your priorities Timeline What is Client Satisfaction? Client satisfaction is your ultimate commendation Do things at your own pace Don't hustle up Keep Calm Be an optimist Refrain from complaining Be open to learnings THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!

Property Management Presentation

Transcript: Gotham Team Use of Green Management Solutions Software Align yourself with a first-class real estate company to handle all of your real estate needs big or small. 9255 W. Sunset Boulevard #1000 West Hollywood, CA 90069 Legal Counsel on Property More money in your pocket! Effectively Market your property on various social media, online, print ad, and multiple listing services to gain the most exposure. Screen and show only qualified prospective residents your property. Enjoy the luxury of a full-service real estate team to handle all the administrative and maintenance needs of your property including: Rent collections Property inspections Monthly Detailed Statements by C.P.A. Qualified Tenants Knowledgeable Real Estate Professionals Thorough Screening of Tenants Process Gotham Property Management Worry-Free Property Management Utilize DRE contracts for all lease documents in accordance with local and California State Law. 24 Hour Access to your property and tenants through exclusive online software (Green Management Solutions). Free in-house legal counsel for any problem that may arise with your property or tenants. 24 hour emergency line for leaks and floods, plus access to our construction team who will promptly fix normal wear and tear on your property guaranteed to beat most handyman prices. Third-party C.P.A. will mail you monthly statements for tax keeping purposes. Formula for happy property owners: 310.247.1141 More time for you! Retain & Increase Property Value Advertising your property on hundreds of relevant web sites Lower turnover rate Output Maintenance issues Customer Service Oriented

Property Management Presentation

Transcript: A Day in the Life of an Assistant Property Manager 8:00 AM: Tenant Communication 9:00 AM: Operations & Maintenance Meeting/ Mechanical Inspection Questions? 2:00 PM: Janitorial/Custodial Meeting Host all major events in both the Schwartz Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse and Weinberger Courthouse Events include: -E recyling event -Junk Removal event -Fire Drill event Work Schedule for July 20, 2010 Assistant Property Manager is in charge of the Tenant Satisfaction Surveys each year in May Hosts a kick-off meeting to encourage the office to participate Creates strategies to market the building surveys. In charge of collecting all surveys and sending them to the Regional Office 12:00 PM: Lunch We receive requests from tenants to complete a job Hire a contractor and walk the job with the point of contact Receive an estimate from the contractor Fill out GSA Form 2010, attach to estimate and give to Program Analyst to process Once the project is funded, give the contractor a notice to proceed Once the job is completed, fill out GSA form 220 and invoice. 5:00 PM: Go home for the day :) 3:00 PM: Meet with E-recycling Event Company I am responsible for the Weinberger Courthouse and the Schwartz Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Send out emails to tenants regarding building operations Every week -cafeteria menu -green tip of the week Updates about the new courthouse Send newsletter to tenants Protests that occur at our building Required to complete concessions inspection quarterly Inspect: -cafeteria -snack bar -vending machines In charge of concessions contract -equipment repair -health inspections -main point of contact for operator 4:00 PM: Tenant Satisfaction Preparation 10:00 AM: Concessions Inspection Weekly meetings with O&M Chief Engineer Mondays at 8 AM -tenant requests -invoices -clarify any issues O&M Mechanical Inspection -walk with the Building Specialist once a month to inspect the mechanical equipment -use GSA form 3423 -Chief Engineer signs the form and has one week to correct any deficiencies found Other Tenant Emergencies include: -water leaks in tenant space -heating/air conditioning problems -access card failure 1:00 PM: Job Walk Tenant Emergency: Individuals are protesting outside the courthouse without a permit for use of space It is the responsibility of the property manager to issue permits to those who would like to use the space Permits can be used for: protests, events, and demonstrations 11:00 AM: Tenant Emergency The Assistant Property Manager is in charge of the Custodial Contract Hosts monthly meetings with the Custodial Contractor They submit: -sign in/sign out sheet -Integrated pest management report -inspections -preventative maintenance documents

Property Management presentation

Transcript: Easier to find information Collaboration between teams is made quicker and easier Mentoring What is running on the super-computer? What are other teams currently working on? Weather themed displays in meeting rooms along the Street Empty space identified #3 "Brand isn't just for the client" "Reinforce tone and culture authentically" "Purpose, history and culture" Confusing maps Signs make finding people less of an ordeal 'The working environment' is not just a physical use of space - but our entire office culture. Themed meeting rooms What is going on around the Met Office? The 6 'main' problems identified A2/G2 Walkway (next to Lighthouse) Proposal: Coffee bar, high stools, plug points A1 Balcony Proposal: outdoor meeting room Problems: 1. Weather- proofing 2. Can it be booked? 3. Making efficient use of space available Benefits: 1. Fresh air 2. Outdoor space more inspiring 3. Alternative to pods Empty space identified #1 Why? Staff want to network Resource needed: people Incredible range and depth of knowledge in the Met Office Anonymity of floorplates makes communication difficult Benefits: 1. Inspiring view down the Street 2. Flexible working 3. Better use of space Working Environment Challenge 1. Feeling connected 2. Utilising technology 3. Better use of space Floorplate customisation Problems to overcome: 1. Still able to be used for functions "Fast, uncomplicated and enjoyable" "Contributes both to effectiveness and mobility" "Spontaneous" 4. Making healthy choices 5. Networking opportunities 6. Incorporating more fun Increased sense of belonging to a team Team appears more approachable Media Centre roof Proposal: Informal meeting zone Problems: 1. Structural issues 2. Access 3. Noise for recording Benefits: 1. More fun 2. More seating available for informal meetings 3. Change of environment Short-term changes - "quick wins" Healthy choices Empty space identified #2 How? One-off event Publicity & awareness Structure & flexibility Long-term changes Rethinking the Think Tank Better use of space - empty space "How can we make the best use of our working environment to enable us to do our job more effectively?" Changing room ventilation Feeling connected Chief Exec's 'not-a-corporate- brief' blog Thank you! Questions? MetNet 'profile of the day' Removing the booking facility Examples

Property Management

Transcript: Property Management, a License Law Perspective Presented by Melanie Brooks Alabama License Law The Alabama License Law is written for ALL licensees. This includes property management firms. IF the property management firm is not licensed, and they are only leasing their OWN privately owned properties this law does not apply. Fair Housing rules apply to any owner who rents more than 3 properties, and all licensees. This sometimes confuses people. Alabama License Law Escrow Accounts 790-X-3.-03. Deposit ... 790-X-3.-03. Deposit Of Funds. 1)The deposit and accounting for at all times of all funds belonging to or being held for others in a separate federally insured account or accounts in a financial institution located in Alabama shall require that the qualifying broker be a customer of the financial institution holding all such accounts and the qualifying broker shall be one of the persons with authority to deposit and withdraw funds and to write or make checks as necessary on all such accounts. Escrow Accounts 790-X-3.-03. Deposit Of Funds. If the funds are held by the Alabama Broker, the funds must be in a financial institution within Alabama. Notice is says “Financial Institution.” It must be federally insured but does not have to specifically be a bank. It could be a credit union or other type of “Financial Institution”. Point 2 of the Law (2) Each real estate salesman or associate broker shall pay over to his or her qualifying broker all funds coming into his or her possession in trust for other parties immediately upon receipt of same. Point 2 of the Law This does not mean it must be deposited, just turned ov... This does not mean it must be deposited, just turned over. Yes this means immediately. Not when it becomes a contract, or any other date. Each broker should have a “holding” area in a locked and secure place within their office. Open Can of Worms now. Point 3 of the Law (3) Each qualifying broker is responsible for deposit of all funds belonging to others coming into his or her possession or of a salesperson or Associate broker licensed under him or her where such funds are to be held in trust, unless the qualifying broker is expressly relieved of such responsibility in writing. In cases where the funds are U. S. currency, i.e. cash as opposed to a check or note, these funds shall be deposited immediately. In cases where a check is received as earnest money and the contract form states that the check is to be held for a specific length of time or until the occurrence of a specific event, then the check shall be deposited when the contract form states, or if no time for deposit is specified in the contract form, then the check shall be deposited when the offer becomes a contract. Point 3 of the Law All of the following are exceptions but must be ... All of the following are exceptions but must be in writing and agreed to by all parties. A Broker can be relieved of the responsibility of the escrow funds. Escrow Funds can be held for a specific length of time Escrow can be Non Refundable Any agency can hold the escrow funds Seller Can hold the Escrow Point 4 of the Law (4) Funds to be held in trust under a contract for sale involving more than one qualifying broker shall be held and deposited by any of the qualifying brokers involved in the sale. All funds to be held in trust, whether by contract for sale, or by lease or property management agreement, shall be held and deposited by the qualifying broker who is providing these services to the owner. In cases where a successor qualifying broker is to provide these services, the first broker shall provide a complete accounting of the funds and shall transfer the funds to the successor broker. The qualifying broker who is currently providing services to the owner shall be responsible to the public and to the commission for all funds. Upon request by the Commission or its authorized representative, each qualifying broker shall promptly account for any trust funds being held by that qualifying broker. Point 4 of the Law Any Qualifying Broker can hold t... Any Qualifying Broker can hold the escrow funds Selling Agency or Listing Agency can hold the escrow funds Here is where the funds can leave Alabama It has been our custom to hold escrow funds in the account of the listing agency it has NEVER been the LAW Open 2nd can of worms now Point 5 & 6, Disbursement (5) Each qualifying broker shall promptly disburse to the appropriate party or parties any trust funds within 7 days of the consummation of the transaction for which the funds were deposited. If for any reason the transaction is not consummated, or if for any reason there is a disagreement involving to whom trust funds should be disbursed, the qualifying broker shall not disburse any trust funds except pursuant to a written agreement signed by all parties or pursuant to a court order. (6) This Rule shall not prohibit a broker from depositing with the appropriate court any trust funds which are the

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