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Middle School Presentation

Transcript: Presented by Jil Stressed? You are not alone .... In a survey teenagers reported that their stress level is on average 5.88 on a scale from 1 - 10 (for grown ups it was only 5.1). The most common source of stress for these teenagers was school with 83 % . So let's see what we can do against it: You are not alone .... Be organized: Stress is often caused when you can't find things or loose them Plan: To avoid feeling overwhelmed plan ahead. It gives you the feeling you can control and manage the situation Prioritize: First things first ... Talk: When problems build up talk about them with friends, parents, teachers. Helps to clear your mind too Organize Organization Tips Organization Tips - Have a place to put papers for each class - Use a planner - Color code your calender and folders - Plan ahead of time - List and prioritize - Organized study area - Set up the night before for the next morning Color coded Folders Color coded Folders PICTURES Lists can help you Lists can help you Why? - more space in your brain - you feel in control - makes it easier to prioritzie - helps to break large tasks down - satisfying to check things off the list Lists can give you more free time Lists can give you more free time Why? Because you only have to follow your list and .... you are less likely to procrastinate.... Do not procrastinate "Wait, not now. Later....." Get Started ... Sounds familiar? Stop it. Do not procrastinate ... Instead get rid of distractions (cell phone?) and start now! You will feel much better once you have finally started and are not dragging things out any more..... As soon as you hear about an upcoming assignment, start working on it step by step. - Break bigger projects down - Plan ahead - Start a routine, do a little bit each day Start early Start early No more last minute starts and ... No more last minute starts and ... Eat, sleep, relax, work out To avoid and reduce stress, it is important to - sleep enough - relax from time to time - eat right and - exercise Importance of Sleep, Food and Exercise Sleep Sleep Without enough sleep you will feel even more stressed! You should sleep at least 10 hours a day! When you are tired, everything will take longer and you will be more anxious Avoid screen time and bright lights directly before going to bed Take breaks from time to time Relax Relax Breath deeply Do yoga or just close your eyes for a few minutes You are what you eat .... Food Food Drink enough water Foods that help your brain are for example - blueberries - apples - bananas - nuts Run away from your stress Exercise Exercise ... or box it away! Stretch it out! Break a sweat rope-jumping or dancing What ever it is, MOVE ...... and do not forget to SMILE! Smiling is so important because it is our attitude towards stress that makes the difference. Not all stress is bad. It gives us a kick start of energy, can be good when it forces us concentrate or to finally finish something... We have to try to see stress positive as something that brings us new challenges and makes us grow. We can do this by being prepared and staying calm. ..... and smile! Smile and stay positive

Middle School Presentation Project

Transcript: This We Believe-NMSA 2010 Middle schools were set up to benefit young adolescence. So what does it mean to be an adolescent, what exactly are they going through? NMSA released a paper, This We Believe to later be revised and set up 14 essential elements for a successful middle school History of it all In order for any school to be successful support needs to be there. Support comes from the district, staff, students, parents and community. When they all work together the middle school concept can be a great benefit for our young adolescent students Creating Organizationally Healthy and Effective Middle Schools-Kathleen Roney, Vincent Anafara, Kathleen Brown The solution (or hope to a solution) was to reform the jr. high schools to middle schools. These schools were meant to provide support from the transition from childhood to young adult. * even though it should be about the building The Rise of Middle Schools Ways of a supportive curriculum and instruction prepared educators teachers and students engaged curriculum challenging, exploring, integrating multiple teaching and learning techniques variety of continuous assessment Curriculum Characteristics of Adolescences The Start of Middle Schools The Rise of Middle Schools First let's look at the history of middles schools and how they came to be what they are today. The start of the junior high school begins 1994 Students at this age should be in a setting that is appropriate for them Being able to start to moving from class to class, seeing other students regularly an limiting their interactions with older students Past, Present, & Future..Continuing to Guide Middle School The Middle Piece to Education 1975 The Rise of Middle Schools Programs According to Cheri Yecke article Mayhem in the Middle there are ten strategies for transitions 1. include parents 2. add higher grades 3. grade level balance 4. make transition at 6th grade * 5. strict transfer policy 6. modify facilitates 7.high expectations 8. decide on academic approach 9. provide access to advanced courses 10. greater access to extra-curricular activities 1910 1960's A major component of middle schools is to provide a transition from elementary school to high school Transition gaining ability physically, mentally, & emotional separation and more independence from authority The Rise of Middle Schools People wanted a school environment that fostered the needs of young adolescences-junior high schools were falling short In fact jr. high schools were turning into "miniature high schools", exactly what this age student does not need. For young adolescents it is important for them to be active -extracurricular activities help in several ways... Improvement of motor skills and physical fitness; • Enhancement of normal physical and social growth and maturation; • Improvement of socialization, self-esteem, self-perception and psychological well-being; • Establishment of a basis for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong commitment to physical activity NSMA More and more advocates for middle schools begun to find ways to help develop these schools The middle school concept is set up to support a challenging curriculum that best supports their students. Start of the Middle School The call to reform Jr. High schools-they were become "pale imitations of high schools" Journey of the Middle School Number of middle schools goes to 12, 530 Soon middle schools rise above the number of jr. highs-1 jr high for every 3 middle schools People need a more suitable learning environment for young adolescents A school that fit all the needs of a growing child, not only the academic aspects but the social and emotional as well In 1960's a call to reform jr. high schools evolved to reform to middle school concept Jr. High's Surviving Teen Years Facts for Families-No.57 Past, Present, & Future..Continuing to Guide Safe and Stable Environment 1995 1930's strong peer, actions, hobbies, habits moodiness, feeling awkward focused on present-not looking ahead The Rise of Middle Schools Why middle schools? How do they help our students? What can they gain with this separation during their adolescent years? Don' we already have the middle school concept in our district? 3 ways that middle schools support our young adolescence providing a safe and stable environment that fosters the needs of young adolescents allows a transition so the elementary to high school jumo is not such a drastic one set up a curriculum and programs specified to this age of a child Why? The ASCD established the Council on the Emerging Adolescent Learner and soon published 'The Middle School We Need' As mentioned middles schools were started to help accommodate issues that certain age children go through. So how do they address these issues? Approximately 6.8 million students enrolled in middle schools Support for Success Knowing the history and how middles were started, we are able to see the goals that went into creating these schools. When we

Middle-School Presentation

Transcript: Biology Subtract 1 ! Sheryl Sandberg - COO, Facebook Ranked 10th most powerful Woman She is Facebook's first female board member Increase in population will increase the demand for food and agricultural market Math And Its Applications We play sports Look at Jimmy Neutron Great! Now let's travel ahead 200 years in time SOY BEANS Charles Darwin There's Einstein! Let's learn why Science is important! Thomas Edison -Youngest person to receive a round of venture capital in technology at just 15 years of age Time Machine: Current Year: 1726 Destination : 1926 The IBM 650 would cost you $4 million dollars if you bought it today. Science Matching Game So let's go back in time through this Time Machine!!! Evolution of Computers S.T.E.M Sports and gaming technology Add 4 to it... Algebra We do homework! BEFORE Wow! It's Incredible that I can use my phone and computer in the middle of the mountain!!! Physics Hey! I am Tyler. Want to go on an adventure with me? 18 Years old Who is a Scientist Mass – Energy Relationship What is Math? -Crafts - Systems - Methods of organization Algebra Geometry Math tools And...what do we do? Realistic Video Games So am I really a brainy Scientist or do I just think logically? Women unemployment rates for Computer and Mathematics Occupations have reduced from 7.3% to 3.1% over the past 5 years CORN Equipment Thanks for joining me in this adventure! I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed this wonderful experience! COTTON Mid-1800s-1930s: Early Mechanical Computers 2 + 3 = ? It equals 5 World Without Science Young people in Technology In Middle school, the algebra you learn is called elementary algebra. It is the basic tool to learn science, engineering, economics, and even medicine! Bill Gates Women In IT iPhone, 2007 Mark Zuckerberg What is Monsanto? Monsanto’s Seeds! Light bulb Technology Growth of World Population What is Math? SOY BEANS Let's find out what STEM is all about and why it's important! Making, modification, usage and knowledge of : -Tools -Machines -Techniques Algebra Geometry Math tools Now subtract the original number that you thought of, from the resultant... Think of a number between 1 and 10! Chemistry Women In IT People In Technology Good luck! CANOLA Yahoo News Digest Product Manager So who are we anyway? SCIENCE BOARD CAREER TREE Time Machine: Current Year: 1926 Destination : 2014 The study of measurements. In math, you learn about: Algebra Geometry Math tools Technology in Sports and Video Games Scientists the one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge Also a scientist is an individual who uses the scientific method VEGETABLES -Invention: Summly – an iphone app that summarizes articles CORN Evolution of Computers Apollo 11, 1969 We use math everyday in our life and so do everyone you know! Ursula Burns - Chairman & CEO, Xerox Ranked 17th most powerful Woman She’s the first African American woman CEO to head Fortune 500 company Math Tools COTTON Marissa Mayer - CEO, Yahoo Ranked 21st most powerful Woman She is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company We go to school Baseball Geometry Albert Einstein The study of measurements. In math, you learn about: AFTER ? + 2 = 5 X equals 3 Combined Net worth : $111.6 Billion Tennis He is always working on new inventions and creations every day in his secret lab Geometry concerns itself with the shape, size, and position of figures in time and space. We go on field trips Real or Digital? We Code! Time Machine: Current Year: 2014 Destination : 1726 and Why? What? How? The 3 words to realization & success. Less than 30% of IT related jobs are held by women LOTS OF OPPORTUNITIES!!!! There's Newton! Let's learn why math is so important! Meg Whitman - CEO, HP Ranked 18th most powerful Woman Served as president and CEO of eBay for 10 yrs Nick D’Aloisio VS OK so let me guess! Is "8" the number you got? :D - Yahoo bought Summly for 30 million US Dollars in 2013 Marie Curie What is Math? What can math do? Game time! Evolution CANOLA The study of measurements. In math, you learn about: Steve Jobs Larry Page Football Great! Now let's travel back to our current time and discover the latest technology! VEGETABLES 1950s: The First Commercial Computers Add 5 to your number! Sustainable Agriculture I wonder how much Science can change a normal man We are students just like you! Except most of us are a tiny bit older than you. And the reward? We gain real-world, hands-on experience at Monsanto, while still at school! Mobile Device Charging Station

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