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Project Scope

Transcript: More effective use of company resources. Significant employee benefits. Reduced rollout times. Minimization of risk. Disruptive Innovation vs Sustaining Innovation Security Concerns DevOps The Project Questions Agile Configuration The Implementation Plan Software-Defined Data Center Well be looking at 4 disruptive technologies to improve project delivery: 4. DevOps Agile Infrastructure Delivery Puppet Tested in a small infrastructure environment first. Installed on all existing servers and clients. DevOps Form multiple small groups of app and infrastructure developers. Have them work together on similar tasks for incentives. 2. Software Defined Data Center 3. Case Examples Availability DevOps The Implementation Plan 1. The Future Outlook 3. Puppet no invalid modification data change completely in transaction distributed data remains the same customer profile, transaction record, account balance, system developing file, source code data should be always accessible system should keep operating data in public network: confidentiality data in different location: integrity Project Plan 2. Security Issues distribution error: integrity configuration error: integrity and availability 4. Implementation Plan We need case examples of each technology been used in the banking/finance industry. We will look at 4 key themes for our project. This includes: 1. Cloud Computing Case Examples Long-term improvements Security Concerns Confidentiality Puppet Cloud Computing Cloud Computing PaaS (Platform as a Service). IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Implemented incrementally. Software-Defined Data Center Hybrid implementation with IaaS. Can be implemented immediately. Case Examples The Future Outlook The Future Outlook Integrity The key goals for Westpac: Our project has a number of security concerns that must be addressed.

Project presentation template

Transcript: text box Sheet title Sheet title Sheet title images & text images & text Project title here Project title here PROJECT TITLE Sheet title text box add logos here text box Project title here Project title here Project title here Project title text box Project title here text box Sheet title Project title here Project title here Assignment text box Sheet title images & text add logos here xx/xx/xxxx text box Project title here text box CHAPTER II "Quote relevant to project" text box images & text text box images & text Project title here Project title here images & text text box "Quote relevant to project" images & text Project title here CHAPTER III text box text box text box IDEAS & AMBITION Sheet title Project phase images & text add logos here images & text text box xx/xx/xxxx text box images & text text box text box Project title here DESIGN PRINCIPLES Project title here images & text Sheet title Project phase text box Sheet title images & text images & text images & text Sheet title Sheet title text box Sheet title Project title here images & text text box text box Sheet title images & text text box images & text text box PROJECT TITLE Project title Project title Sheet title Sheet title Project phase images & text images & text "Quote relevant to project" Sheet title images & text images & text Project title here Sheet title Sheet title images & text text box text box text box text box text box CHAPTER 1 Sheet title text box text box Project phase DESIGN images & text images & text Sheet title Sheet title Sheet title Project title here Project title here Project title here Sheet title text box Sheet title Sheet title PROJECT TITLE Project title here add logos here Sheet title Sheet title Project title here text box Project title here Project title here Sheet title Project title here images & text Project title here text box xx/xx/xxxx Sheet title Project title here Project title here images & text images & text images & text ANALYSIS Sheet title Project title here "Quote relevant to project" RISKS & OPPORTUNITIES Project title images & text PHILOSOPHY PROJECT TITLE Quote & cover image Sheet title images & text images & text IDEAS & AMBITION images & text images & text "Quote relevant to project" Sheet title Project title here AULa Design Bert Tjhie Tao Wang Postbus 1993 | 1000 BZ Amsterdam Cruquiusweg 111A | 1019 AG Amsterdam T +31 (0)20 624 5904 E © AULa Design 2013 Project title here cover image here Project title here Sheet title Project title here Sheet title Project title here text box Project title here CHAPTER IV Project title here Sheet title Project title here TABLE OF CONTENTS Project title here Project title here text box Write assignment here text box text box text box Project title here Project title here images & text Project title here Project title here Sheet title text box Sheet title Sheet title Project title here PROJECT NAME text box Quote & cover image Sheet title xx/xx/xxxx Sheet title text box Quote & cover image Sheet title Sheet title images & text text box Sheet title

Scope Presentation

Transcript: Purchasing by Mandy Woo, Joy Li, Dana Pham, Kat Yom, Jinny Kim, and Jessica Chan Retail industry is getting pickier Overall increase in SKUs Unique brand image needed Possible decrease in retail's profitability due to low sales Solution: replace existing line on shelves Low sales of original Scope = carrying fees of $50K/SKU to add line extension Market Background Samples available at dentists' or orthodontists' offices On-the-go/portable sizes are available in convenience stores and grocery stores Boosts sales in convenience stores, most of Scope's sales are primarily in grocery stores Available as a trial with a purchase of a full sized Scope bottle Market Research Price Pros May attract new customers Pros Pre-brushing rinse product Formula similar to Plax Better taste Pros Profitability with line extension Plax's price for dollar price/liter is higher Place $2.55/unit increase in ingredient costs Approx. 50% actual change in ingredients due to newly introduced ingredient $0.30/unit increase in packaging costs 4 P's Launched in Canada in late 1988 Introduced mouthwash as“prebrushing” rinse Focused on reducing plaque 3x more instead of improving bad breath Approx. $4M for promotion campaign Advertising estimated at $3M and extensive sales promotion: Trial-size display in three drugstore chains Co-op mail couponing to 2.5M households Instantly redeemable coupon offer Professional mailer to drug and supermarket chains Number of price reductions 10% market share of the total market in 1990. Cons Uncertainty in attracting new customers Min. 2 years to accept reassurance claims Possible cannibalization 2 - 9% sales Issue with line extension brand name Advertisement “Line extension may be profitable, but costlier" Market Penetration Price per unit will be $1.12 Cost markup of 125% from $0.0825 COGS Price of competitive brands range from $0.98 to $1.99 for bigger traveler sizes New competitor: Plax Cons Inconsistent with P&G's philosophy Potential damage to brand image Possible loss of credibility with dental professionals “Line extension should be separate from Scope” Market developed by Warner-Lambert’s Listerine 1967: Entry of Scope Positioned as great-tasting, mouth-refreshing, bad-breath protection 1976: Scope as market leader in Canada 1977: Warner-Lambert launches Listermint 12% market share Introduction of competitors: Cepacol (1970), Colgate Fluoride Rinse (1988), Plax (1988) New Marketing Strategies P&G Scope “Add plaque-reduction claims through line extension” Promotion Our Marketing Strategy: COGS per unit=$25.93, gross margin per unit=$15.32, therefore unit price is a price markup of 59.08% One unit is 10 liters or 10,000 milliliters, we want a 20ml. size it would cost approx. 0.002% of a unit Cost per unit is $41.25, each on-the-go size should cost $0.0825 or 0.002% of an actual unit, but packaging costs will be higher with the on-the-go version, so higher markup is 125% Product Development "Confidence when it matters" Advertising Agency Gain market share: Increasing usage among current users More effective ads Product innovation to generate interest The price per on-the-go scope will be $1.12 Keep the current formula and flavors On-the-go/portable sizes 20ml per packet as it is the suggested amount to use to not only get fresh breath, but to kill germs and plaque buildup For use in a hurry, at work, before a night out, etc. SWOT Analysis Campaign to encourage happiness and confidence in the younger generation (those who are dating - college age to early 30's) Social media (focus on younger gen.) Print ads Television ads Same advertising budget of $1.7M same # of wks on air (35 wks), but hopefully raise the GRP (gross rating points) Existing promos include samples, mailed couponing and in-store promotion, new promotions involve social media “Look for other alternatives to a line extension” Current Situation Sales Pros No harm in adding plaque reassurance claims Potential 6.5% increase in total mouthwash and rinse market share through line extension Most strategic option Cons Additional costs Outsource to U.S. $1/unit increase in delivery costs Cons Change in strategy required Successful advertising mentioned breath refreshment Possible confusion if under Scope Loss of market share Two ideas in one commercial is difficult Finance Financials Product Regulatory environment Health protection branch Drug status v. cosmetic status Canadian Dental Association Requires clinical studies demonstrating gum health improvements Saccharin/Cyclamate sweeteners Product development (line extension) of requires $20K in testing No guarantee new product will be more effective Retail industry taking in less SKUs, options: Replace current SKU with new SKU $50K carrying fee per SKU New pre-brushing rinse could cannibalize 2-9% of sales “Concerned with increased competition in retail” - Markets its product in over 140 different countries - Net earnings of $1.6 billion in 1990 - Between 1987 - 1990, worldwide sales

Scope Presentation

Transcript: Presentation Sarah Allergies Why aren't somethings First connection How I got to Allergies Connecting 1 I searched my question on google and I clicked on the first article that popped up 2 Humans weren't designed to be happy and healthy 3 We couldn't ever be with things such as allergies 4 Focused my research and attention to allergies Research Research on Allergies an allergic reaction is caused when our immune system senses an allergy and overreacts making antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). Your body also produces histamines, which give you the allergy symptoms you know. Decongestants include phenylephrine which dilates your pupil, increases your blood pressure, and relieves hemorrhoids. Ephedra Genus Specifically designed to Second Connection How I got to Ephedra Genus Connecting 1 What decongestants were made of 2 Phenylephrine- active ingredient 3 Where is Phenylephrine found- Ephedra Genus 4 Focused my research on that Research Research Ephedra Genus In many different countries, Ephedra Genus is commonly used to treat asthma, colds, flu, headache, nasal congestion, and cough. Ephedra Genus was first discovered worldwide in the 1930s, though many think that others had discovered it before. The Ephedra Genus contains 69 species, four subspecies and two accepted varieties. All of these are widely distributed in arid and semi-arid regions of Asia, Europe, Northern Africa (Sahara), southwestern North America and South America. China 2,700 BC Not be harmful to Third Connection How I got to China 2,700 BC Connecting 1 2 3 Epedra Genus origin Chinese had been using it since 2,700 BC I focused my research there Research Research Religious practices in ancient China go back over 7,000 years. Long before the philosophical and spiritual teachings of Confucius and Lao-Tzu developed or before the teachings of the Buddha came to China, the people worshipped personifications of nature and then of concepts like "wealth" or "fortune" which developed into a religion. Plants have been used as medicines before recorded history and their medicinal use is common to all cultures and peoples of the world. The Chinese Shen Nong Ben Cao (Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica) was attributed to the mythical Chinese emperor, Shen Nong, reputedly a skilled herbalist who, legend says, lived some three thousand years BCE. Us humans? Medicinal Tea Fourth Connection Medicinal tea was used in ancient Asia civilizations. Monks used it to meditate and focus on their culture, while others used it for it's healing properties. These beverages are made by fusing herbs, spices and other plant material in hot water. Conclusion Conclusion Answer to my question All of my research led me to conclude that maybe objects or medication that help somethings to not harm us already exist even though we can’t think of them. Many of us might choose to rely on technology, but even that may be harmful to us. Maybe the old school ways are the ones that might make a difference in our lives and help us save our planet and it’s population before it’s too late. Connections Connections


Transcript: Association of Traumatic Stress Specialist 3 levels of certification (Responder, Specialist, and Treatment Specialist) Crisis Consultant Group Online 3.5 hours (Discount on 10 or more students) Crisis Counseling Certification Based on DSM-5, 12 audio lessons, 30 hrs American Institute of Health Care Professionals Fee for cert: $175 for 3 yr/$200 for 4 yr WHO IS THE CIC PRISON FAMILIES AFTERCARE (Prevention Works) Triage Crisis Awareness PATHWAYS TO DIGNITY (PTD) Re-entry into society STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE Counseling/Resources Template program to train counselors Determine the training Provide training options to the CIC Counselors trained to assist community and submit reports to CIC Once training is identified a road map can be identified A training budget can be created A financial analysis to be determined by the CIC Implementation plan to use the counselors NON-PROFIT ORGANIXZATION PROMOTES TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE CIC staff Coaches/Volunteers Families and Individuals of local community Liberty Towers staff Role players of High Impact/Short Term events Trainers of counselors/volunteers COMMUNITY IMPACT CENTER CERTIFIED TRAINING OPTIONS CHAD'S DELIVERABLE HOW DID THIS PROJECT COME ABOUT PROJECT SCOPE Provide supplies necessary Pay fro necessary training of counselors/responders Make final decision which training will be used based on Chads evaluation Determine the financial analysis aspect of Chads project AFFECTED PARTIES At training plan to meet CIC needs Evaluation of all training performed Recommendation of preferable training after evaluation Financial analysis determined by the CIC GOAL! HIGH LEVEL REQUIREMENTS William Jessup requirement Target of Dec 2016 PROJECT SCOPE 0 BACKGROUND AND DESCRIPTION CIC DELIVERABLES TRIAGE TRAINING OPTIONS Quarterly/Monthly training Depending on personnel being trained Tracking of trained counselors/First responders Workshops for counselors/responders Implementing and using counselors Acquiring training space Acquiring required material/equipment Counselors tracking community contact

Project Scope

Transcript: Resources set aside in case of any emergency situation Low risk project High confidence on provided budget Contingency fund: 10% Planned cost Contingency funds Performance targets Constraints Council permitted construction times: Monday - Saturday: 6:30am - 6:30pm Sunday & Public Holidays: Nil - This Development Permit is granted in accordance with the Conditions of Development. - Sections 1 to 12 of the development permit is pertain to this project. - The development must comply with the provisions of Council's Local Laws, Planning Scheme Policies and to the extent they have not been varied by this approval. Exclusions Risks and injuries Supply of materials may be late or faulty Weather conditions in Brisbane Cost planning Adequate cost management: project is completed within budget Cost is considered as a constraint since it is a limited resource. To develop a duplex in the suburb of Taigum. Duplex features: 4 bedrooms 1 bathroom 1 lock up garage Budget: $250,000 Timeframe: 6 months Project objectives Risks and issues Inclusions and exclusions Planned Duration: 160 days (5.2 Months) Actual Duration: 188 days (6.17 Months) • Plan development • Landscape plan/works • Storm water drainage • Council connection services (water and sewerage) • Fencing requirements • General conditions • Administrative Conditions Budget: $250,00 Rawlinsons Construction Guide 2013 Brick veneer, built on a flat site and basic fit-out: $248,000 $865 per sqm, all inclusive Changes only occurred to Duration All other aspects remain the same from Feasibility study. Cost remains: $248,000 Lot suitable (correct zoning) Project should still go ahead, despite duration changes. Conclusions / Recommendations FONTS Project Scope Planned duration & performance targets • Contributions (payments to council) • Parking and access (parking on project site) Initiation Phase: Project Charter Approval Planning Phase: Project Management plan approval Execution Phase: Foundations Framing Close stage Fit out Landscaping and external works Assumptions Project duration Inclusions

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