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Project Initiation Presentation Template

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Project Initiation Presentation

Transcript: 6. Approach User: Student (Verb Noun) View Modules Access email Upload file Contact staff View Forum Request help [2] User: Technician/ Learning Technologists (Verb Noun) Access code Create Database Edit database Delete database Access email Upload file User: Lecturer (Verb Noun) View Modules Access email Upload file Contact student View student on course list View student module list Search student View course Request help 3. Analysis of the Strategic Implications using SWOT 4. Research References [1] [1] Kingston University (2015) Projects and their Management. Teaching Block 1 CI5410 Content. Week 1 Powerpoint Presentation Aims, Objectives and Strategies. [2] Bradford, R.W. and Tarcy, B. (2000) Simplifies Strategic Planning: The No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast, 1st Edition edn., Worchester, USA: Chandler House Press. [3] Haughey, D (2014) Creating a Project Budget: What You Need To Know, Available at: 4th November 2015). [4] Wysocki, R.K. (2013) Effective Project Management Traditional, Agile, Extreme. 7th edition. Hoboken: Wiley [5] Cotterell, M. and Hughes, B. (2009) Software project management. 5th edition. London: McGraw Hill Higher Education. [6] Kingston University (2015) Projects and their Management. Teaching Block 1 CI5410 Content. Week 2 Powerpoint Presentation L2. [7]Kingston University (2015) Projects and their Management. Teaching Block 1 CI5410 Content. Week 5 Powerpoint “Which Method”. 7. Method User: Staff (Verb Noun) Access email Upload file Contact student Contact lecturer View student on course list View student module list Search student The maintenance of the project will be ongoing throughout the project’s lifetime. The costs will vary depending on the type of maintenance required. All tasks highlighted above will have a “direct cost” [3]. DELIVERABLE A: Project Initiation Presentation - Group 8 1. Aims, Objectives and Strategies We will be using a combination of DSDM and PRINCE2. As highlighted in Task 6, DSDM will allow strong user involvement which is vital in our development of the project, adaptable requirements and a dynamic style of management [6][7]. PRINCE2 will have a priority on quality, monitoring and change allowing us to provide undergraduates and staff with the best possible system. It also complies with the UK Government project implementation standard [6][7]. We believe having a combination of both DSDM and PRINCE2 is the best solution to manage the project. 2. Requirements Our chosen approach is DSDM for a number of reasons which will benefit our project In the DSDM approach “active user involvement is imperative”[4], users are involved throughout the development of the system. This is important for our project as user feedback/ involvement plays a big part in helping us create an effective learning support system. The project is time constrained as it needs to be delivered within a set period of time therefore DSDM was the appropriate approach. [5] The DSDM approach never compromises quality, it “focusses on business need” [5]. This will ensure we meet our objective of creating an efficient learning support system. The nature of requirements are likely to change, for example, user feedback could indicate that a certain requirement should be amended for the benefit of the project users. As DSDM is more dynamic and adaptable than other approaches, “all changes during development are reversible” [4] it allows us to modify parts of the project regardless of which development stage the team is in. This will be beneficial as we could have someone working on new requirements whilst another person is developing something else for the system. 5. Total Budget Requested

Initiation presentation

Transcript: Tech & Infrastructure The system requires a web-connected device only. Such devices currently exist in the company. Employees Management Airstrip control manager assigns pilots and airplanes to sorties. During the day he may get more orders only relevant employees will have the permissions to work on it. Workflow Field needs Spraying Gonny Graff - DBA, Developer of the DB layer functionality. Reducing Time Spent On Administrative Work Correct pricing of orders At the end of each day all pilot’s reports are gathered Store the company's activities on a daily base. Prevent data inconsistency. Calculate the price of an order. Calculate the pilot's salary. Produce periodic reports. Financial Data After system validation is done, we will train the staff. there's a need to habituate the employees to use the system. Problematic Issues Reports A web based Server-Client system, connected to a Data Base. Orders Administration System Architecture Orders are weather depended and has to be performed immediately. Better Analysis of expenses The Israeli fertilizing, fire, pesticide air spraying market consists of 2 companies. Telem holds ~50% of the market which is estimated as a 40M shekel industry per year. Targets About "Telem Teufa" Yanay Manheim - Developer of Interface and integration between GUI and DB layers . Modeling the system using: UML - visual paradigm Potential users: ground teams, managers and administrative team. Financial reports, payments data, and dashboards are currently made by hand. Expected To Increase Profit By 1,000,000 NIS Per Year After each sortie the pilot writes down his output Customers Management Developing and implementing a web-based information system, which will manage the company's activities. Administrative work will be done efficiently and will save time and money. Main Functions 7 airplanes and 10 pilots (former IDF). 180 customers. Covering 400,000 Dunam Work Distribution Gantt chart Access to the firm's data will require authorization. Rent A domain name and server services. Maayan Amsalem - GUI layer developer, designer and head of QA. Planes Maintenance Resource & Costs 2 Users will access the system through a web interface. Simultaneous work in Excel is impossible. Moshe Hagoel - System architecture, developing and QA. The technology for developing the system exists and accessible. Development gantt chart Goals Resource & Costs 1 Administration using Excel sheets and papers leads to data inconsistency. Generating execution report Since 2006. Identification Head pilot allocates pilots to airstrips. In addition, he makes a backup list of pilots 2 landing-fields: Megido in the north and Sade-Teiman in the south. Time For Questions! Incomes are calculated by Dunam and expenses by flight hours. Submitted By: Elinor Brondwine Yanay Manheim Moshe Hagoel Maayan Amsalem Gonny Graff Customers: Elinor Brondwine - Project manager, head designer and in charge of customer contact. Access from the public network will be possible. Orders prioritization Farmer contacts company in the evening before Application Developing using Joomla. After the assimilation phase, mr Arie Nossal will be "in charge" of the system. Execution The benefits Initiation Presentation "Telem Teufa"

Project Initiation

Transcript: Unit Test Approach Purpose Kick- Off meeting presentation Used during the Kick off Project plan – more datailed than the one included in the charter (reviewed following the definition of requirements) Milestone review memo – one page document (closing doc of phase – M1) Part of test and train Project Charter (Project Initiation Document) Business Case (Management Summary) Scope and objectives (functional scope; business objectives; out of scope) Infrastructure Interfaces Dependences, Assumption Project Organization – Roles and responsibilities Project approach – Project route Objectives 2 Test specification Test Plan (document define detailes of the testing process) Official project document signed by (accepted) by the project team Set the Test Scope and timeline Roles and responsibilities Type of test (positive, negative, performance, etc.) Test prerequisites (e.g. test environement, trained users) Issue management (type of issues, error handling) Acceptance criteria Transition (Go-Live) - M4 Tracability Matrix: Document connects the user requirement with system delivery spcification and user acceptance test. Acceptance Test complition report Summary report of the testing Any outstanding test issues – specify an action plan and a responsible person. To agree and document on Scope and success factors Project governance How to operate the project team Plan (timeline) Start up Kick - off meeting Deliverables 1 Deliverables 2 Objectives 1 Part of the testing process Unit testing – verify the functionality of each component Integration testing – units are succesfully integrated into one application (e.g. test of interface application) System testing UAT – by the users with support (specific test scripts) Users need to be trained to execute UAT User Acceptance Test DESIGN, BUILD and TEST (M3) To launch the project (inform users, team, affected employees) Introduce the members (to each other and to other team members etc.) Introduce the project scope Introduce the solution (vendor, supplier) Familiarize the paticipants with the methode, timeline deliverables Technical System design Systems Build Systems and Acceptance Testing Project Charter (Project Initiation Document) Operation standards of the Project team (meetings, minutes, meeting request, regular and ad-hoc meetings etc) Project communication standards Project schedule (Milestone plan) – with deliverables Risk assesment (can be a separate document as need to be maintened constantly) Integration Test Agenda (Activities ) Tartgets, Objectives Activities Deliverables Project Initiation User Acceptance Test (UAT) Gábor Németh Project Initiation (M1) Document for UAT – which describe each of the test procedure in detail: Description of the testes process Step by step instruction Detailed instruction for each step Expected results for each step Tester record the actual result and sign; mark if the step has passed. System Requirement Analysis System Delivery Specification Deliverables 3 Other deliverables (documents) Meetings to „agree” Vendor’s PM Client’s PM Representatives of the functional areas (dedicated to the project by the client) Kick - Off All project team members Subcontractors of the vendor Sponsors Representatives of other business areas possible be affected by the project (any other Stakeholder) To define (document) the „who”, „what” and „when” Specify roles, responsibilities Specify the scope, dependencies Specify the deliverables Governance, Control (how to manage, escalate) Specify the project communication, documentation Identify risks, their possibilities, impact and possible way to mitigate them (maintained through the whole project) Specify timeline (plan) User acceptance test – verifies that the system meets the previously defined user requirements Validation process where the users (end users) approve that the built solution is in line with their needs Important to reference it to the requirement (requirement doc and also system delivery spec) – tracebility matrix REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS and SOLUTION DEFINITION - M2 Project Close (M5) Participants

Initiation Project

Transcript: References First we need to sell our own items for immediate profit and start-off money in order to start buying (on-sale) items to resell for higher profits. Gabrielle Neuman accounting (tracking revenue and expenses) listing products shipping Dean Balva managing PayPal account listing products shipping Linda Lightman with some of her merchandise. Success Criteria Ship fast and add tracking number Make sure we profit off of products Keep the consumers happy Buy/sell at the right times. Flow Chart (no sponsors) Mission Statement managers: gabrielle neuman dean balva Constraints/Limitations Initiate Project Dependencies 1. Make $500 by the end of the project 2. Receive an above average rating on 3. Send out items within two days for maximum customer satisfaction. Stakeholders SMART Goals Our project is self funded. We auction and handle products that we previously owned. We strive to get the first-rate products to market so that our consumers our happy with their purchase. Assumptions We have assumptions that people will be interested in the products that we will be listing. Our products will be of generally high value. Therefore, we will be making profits., C. (2015, September 3). Could you find a fortune in YOUR home? Woman who makes $25 MILLION a year on eBay reveals her top tips for making money online - and says most people have at least $3,000 worth of items 'just lying around' Retrieved December 3, 2015, from Is Forex Trading Risky? - Calculate the Risk - Is-scam. (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2015, from What are assumptions? definition and meaning. (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2015, from Project eBay Background Information At first, eBay only allows you to list 5 items a month, due to security reasons. To overcome this, we will start a Craigslist account as well; then we can also sell larger products, such as a treadmill, locally, and other products locally without any limits. Time is also a limit; we only have until the end of April. We face a risk in purchasing items and listing them to resell because there is not a 100% guarantee that someone will buy them. Risks For our senior project, we wanted to learn about how to run a business in a real-world situation while also making money. The idea to sell items on eBay came from an article we read on Linda Lightman who started selling items she found around the house such as video games, jewelry, and household appliances. Her venture turned into a big business with employees, and she now makes $25 million a year.

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