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Implementation Plan

Transcript: Selling Learning Promethean Board Computers iPads Computer area iPad Area Clutter Free Open layout Technology Room Listening Centers Observant Creators Resilient Reflective Room Whole Group Creations Taught? The Master Learner Works Cited What is our role? Model Learning Sell Teaching Become Problem-finders Moon Shot The Idealist Thank you! Promethean Board Use Starfall Find Typing Program Learn coding through Scratch or other K friendly program -> Have students use coding program Limitations Realistic Goals Innovative Educator Innovative Technology teacher Innovative German/English teacher etc… Microsoft introduction Make unit books classroom mind-maps google docs full of their questions to keep track of Use subscriptions watch videos ask questions grade themselves Implementation Plan The Pragmatic Dreamer Technology Germany Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Finnland Tracks Learning by ability not grouped by grade An Educational Technology Journey... By Natascha Calnon Computers Computer lab Computer Technician/ Tech Lead Promethean Board Projector Stand Whiteboard iPads (set at least 4-6) Computers (set at least 4-6) Computer Lab (40 Computers, teacher computer) Computer Lab Projector w/Promethean Board Starfall, Brainpop, ESGI, Animoto, (subscriptions, and more) iPods with (now German) (later Turning on computer clicking typing opening browser opening applications swiping tapping coding paint/ar/decoration Do you agree or not, do we sell our trade? German Language in Kindergarten Carrot and Stick learning vs. Teaching how to learn What drives us? Student graded report cards ? Personal Connection Innovative Learners Flip chart for each letter/sound Flip chart for introducing and intriguing students for each Unit of Inquiry Hands-on centers for each of the units Hands-on centers for Math/science Use Story Jumper/Storybird for at least one Unit to make classroom book Use computer to help with testing - data collection, etc Use google docs or Mind-map to keep track of all of student questions (for each Unit) Make more than one movie for what students did in each unit (goal - all 6 units small 2 minute movie for each) Raise/Fundraise for iPads (4-6) Experts in field teaching field skills Experts in learning teaching learning skills Teach students to be learners Teach content or how to be a learner? Forethought, Performance, Self reflection The Philosopher Empathetic Problem Finders Risk-Takers Networked What would the room look like? What technology would I have? What programs would I teach, or would they learn? Thank you! Standardized Learning

Project Implementation Plan

Transcript: Project Implementation Plan Greater quantity of applicants Higher quality applicants Standardized applicant review process Clemson Student applicants Recommendation #1 Outcomes Ratio of traditional applicants vs online applicants Metrics The Village Bakery and Cafe Resources Promotion Recommendation #2 Employee time given task of helping train new hires Decreased efficiency while training new employees Management time to conduct reviews Resources New customer segment due to new operating hours Greater brand recognition Increased Student Traffic Establish a Formal Training Process Key Action Steps: 1. Establish expectations that all employees must have before they begin serving 2. Implement a shadowing process for up to 2 weeks with experienced employee 3. Employee review process Employee Reviews -Assign scale of 1-10 for each skill - get overall employee score Designated employee for job postings Human resource time to determine qualifications and interview questions Metrics Improve Hiring Process Resources Outcomes Measure ratio of student discount sales to full price sales Track number of social media followers Compare new dinner revenue to existing cafe revenue Key Action Steps: 1.Write formal job descriptions based on VBC’s needs 2. Define specific qualifications and interview questions 3. Post link to application to VBC website 4. Create posting to Clemson Job Link Recommendation # 3 More efficient operation during peak hours Better customer service Accountability for employees/growth in their position New employees for dinner shift Specific employee responsible for Social Media accounts Money for advertising materials - Paid social - flyers - tabling on campus By: Grace Hickman, Jonathan Luppino, Collin Griggs, Eric Van Overeem, Chris Dintrone Outcomes Key Action Steps: 1. Implement student discount 2. Advertise unique appeal on social media 3. Advertise closeness to Clemson’s campus 4. Open at night for dinner business Metrics

Implementation Plan

Transcript: Reflection An app for mobile devices and computers Tracks each individual child and records nap time, food consumption, and more Provides easy-to-learn navigation for educators and families Family companion app is highly reviewed (Google Play, 2015), and organizes the educators observations into a neat report Allows educators and families to communicate outside of the classroom Implementation Plan Lack of support from parents Requires fundraising Educators are volunteers, so incentives may be necessary Parents concerned that educators may spend too much time on the Ipad Not every family has access to the necessary technology to access HiMama Introduction The Problem: Lack of communication between parents and educators. Who it Affects: Parents, educators and the children. Why is it a Problem?: Educators and parents would like to communicate children's progress to the parents, however it's not always possible due to time constraints. Children's individual needs must be met, without this continuity they may not be supported to their fullest. A way to observe the effects of the solution would be through general observations over a weekly period. At the beginning of the implementation, the halfway mark, and the final week we can visit on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. For each of these steps we could also provide a survey for both parents and educators to measure their overall satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the technology, whether it has improved parent/teacher relations, and if it has improved the quality of documentation and communication. HiMama Child Care Reviews. (n.d.). Retrieved December 7, 2015, from HiMama Family Reviews. (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2015, from LifeCubby Family Reviews. (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2015, from Follow Up By implementing the use of Ipads and the “HiMama” application in the classroom, parents and educators have a greater opportunity to communicate with one another concerning their children’s development. When the Ipads are integrated into the classroom, our goal is to get the educators making observations and notes throughout the day and hopefully on their breaks. We also plan on encouraging the parents to log into the application to keep up with their children’s day to day activities within the centre. By logging into this application, they can follow their child's development and plan for ways to continue at home. Thanks for listening! Scott Lawson is an Early Childhood Programs Specialist at Buffalo Zoo Expresses the efficiency of the app He uses HiMama for lesson planning, parent conferences and attendance records Has received positive feedback from both parents and students Helps create conversations Case Study The Chosen Solution: HiMama Implementation Plan “The HiMama software program has been a huge part of the success of our new preschool program at the Buffalo Zoo. There are so many features that dramatically improve the efficiency and overall quality of our program. I use HiMama for attendance records, lesson planning, and sharing daily reports. I will soon be using all of the collected information while conducting my parent conferences. I have heard some very positive feedback from the families of my students, who have all said they LOVE the daily reports. The report gives them a great starting place to begin a conversation about their child's day. The app took me a few days to figure things out, but I feel like I've got it down pretty well now, and I'm able to get the reports together and sent out much quicker. I'm so happy that someone contacted me about the HiMama program before we began the school year. I had never heard about it before, and now I realize all that I would have missed out on! I'm extremely pleased with the program itself, as well as the excellent customer service and support I have received right from the start. I look forward to many years to come using HiMama!” (Lawson, 2015). This testimonial was written by Scott Lawson, Early Childhood Programs Specialist at Buffalo Zoo. References

Implementation Plan

Transcript: 7 day lesson Daily routine: Students enter room and begin on review and problem of the day. Students watch curriculum accompanied visual learning bridge. Students participate in class discussion and in class assignment/practice. Students are given 3-5 question assessment to determine their homework level. Murray, M. (2007). The differentiated math classroom: A guide for teachers, k-8. Portsmouth: Heinmann. Small, M. (2012). Good questions great ways to differentiate math instruction. (2nd ed.). Toronto: Teachers College Press. The students will score higher on the test than last year's students as a result of homework tailored to their instructional level. Professional Goals 66 students in a fifth grade math class will compare their test scores to a fifth grade class from a year ago covering the same material. The previous students all got the same homework. This year's group will utilize differentiation in their homework. Follow the routine Differentiate for all lessons in this unit Timeline References In Order to Achieve my Goals I Will: Goals I shared my plan with the math coach at my school. She has been differentiating instruction for years. She liked my plan and ideas and offered some great suggestions. Her biggest concern about my plan was I had nothing prepared for my early finishers. She shared some ideas with me and I will have my early finishers do a variety of things, such as computer time, leveled math games of their choice, and peer assessment. Problem Statement Baseline Data Learner Goals Discuss With a Colleague The teacher will ensure the rubrics set in place to dictate the leveled homework will be followed. Implementation Plan All students get the same sheet of homework and are expected to be at the same level.

powerpoint template

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