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Closure Presentation

Transcript: ABOUT US ABOUT US A team of 5 Graduate Students of UTA working as an Agile Team. TEAM MEMBERS Aditya Sanyal (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) Akshay Kumar (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) Shubhpreet Singh Toor (Chandigarh, India) Xi Wang (Beijing, China) Ye Zhu (Beijing, China) OUR PROCESS OUR PROCESS Agile (Scrum) Pair Programming. 2 week sprints. Working software over documentation. Code Refactoring. Customer collaboration over following a plan. UNIVERSITY BAZAAR SYSTEM OUR PRODUCT Summary Summary Developed for students and faculty of UTA. Used as a marketplace for selling, buying, exchanging and lending items. Used to create a common platform for users with same interests. Has the functionality of chatting. Discussions page. Emergency broadcasts. Project Backlog Project Backlog Sprint 1: Registration & Login Sprint 2: Clubs Sprint 3: Marketplace Sprint 4: Discussions Forum Sprint 5: Messaging System Burndown Chart Burndown Chart DEMO DEMO FUTURE SUPPORT Phase 2 Phase 2 will contain additional features to the app that will benefit the users as well as the owner. FEATURES Features "Forgot Password?" feature. Integration of payment by credit/debit card portals. Integration of online banking gateways. Integration of online wallets i.e. PayPal. Pop-up Notifications. Space for advertisements. USER MANUAL A brief user-manual which the users can browse at their own leisure which will give them a quick theoretical walkthrough through the app. USER MANUAL A LEARNING EXPERIENCE CONCLUSION An amazing learning experience, technically, personally and professionally. EXPERIENCE LEARNING CURVE Developing expertise in Android Development. Hot-fixing issues encountered in the last moment. Overcoming cultural barriers. Learning to adhere to Agile Methodology. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Increasing efficiency of development. VOTE OF THANKS Dr. Bahram Khalili Amirhossein Herandi


Transcript: Graphical layout (visual identity) eManual Over 120 pages presents how to manage OIP contents online and offline version 3 video presentations: - OIP - KidsZone - Panoramas Over 15 videotutorials with voice instructions Example eManual Pages WebManual We were urged to use open-source software but there were often significant differences between the set of requirements demanded by the end-users and what the available software offers, so.... we could not just adopt the open-source software, we had to adapt it DEVELOPMENT PROCESS FRAMEWORK FOR SOFTWARE BASED ON OPEN-SOURCE COMPONENTS Find available solutions Evaluate solutions from the list Choose the most appropriate solution Adapt the solution Develop new modules Obtain users’ feedback We have applied this framework to develop the main OIP and its components and we are going to use it in developemnt of the BM 2.0 Plus' eguide content management system, too OIP GUIDE We have created a mobile version of OIP! Design of icons and navigation elements for panoramic galleries. Set of icons includes all arrows, information tables, symbols of museums, multimedia elements. Just type in your mobile browser such as: - iPhone Safari - Android Browser - Opera Mobile You will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of OIP. Premises doodles operation of the OIP PROJECT BM2.0 AND OIP RESUME: 1. Goals of the project common platform for all museums Online Information Platform stages of creation and development. 2. Additional elements of OIP: Kids Zone, Panoramic Gallery, games, MOBILE version. 3. Scientific approach and new products developed within the project 4. Technical and Administration Documentation - presentation 5. Overview of expenses OIP, Mobile, Panoramic Gallery, SEO, Kids Zone. 6. OIP PROMOTION - no. of visitors, analysis of OIP promotion 7. MOBILE version of OIP - presentation 03.02.2010 2012 eManual San Francisco We have to be ready for the future, so ... 0 problems for the museum More visits to the OIP We follow current trends We are closer to potential customers ARTORANGE Panoramic galleries Stockholm InteRant Search Engine Optimization Adaptation of content management system (software analysis, system design) an evolution into perfection (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Why do we need a mobile version? Always up to date content Creation and implementation of panoramic gallery for museums consisting of 116 panoramic photos, merging virtual tours, connecting navigation development of the Panorama Manager administration panel tool (edit gallery and manage/add multimedia elements) connecting multilingual option to enable change of the language of the navigation and display language of other texts in galleries development of an option for creating an interactive game, consisting in finding and collecting elements hidden on the panorama. INNOTECH Technical & administration documentation With a mobile version of the BM 2.0 Project is ready for the mobile revolution Adapted for touch screens and mobile devices screens resolutions Low consumption of data transfer W3C Mobile Web standards Finger-friendly design Online Information Platform Money thank you ! Research System implementation (content acquisition, system deployment and testing) photo frame CMS maintanance - system updates, new modules Servers maintanance Content updates - new content and translations Promotional activities - social activities on Facebook/Twitter, ubiquitous martketing (tickets, posters, other websites) (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr People Assets Online Information Platform Important Details STRUCTURE project closure 2012 01-03 From 2011-12-01 to 2012-03-21 Objectives of the BalticMuseums 2.0 project promotion and efficient use of the natural heritage stored in the oceanographic museums by means of cross-border tourism information tools increase of attractiveness and competitiveness development of cross-country tools, that are jointly used and updated by oceanographic museums a multilingual Online Information Platform about the museums to present themselves in a joint presentation including tourism offers in the region online ticketing system a prototype of a multilingual visitor guidence system 01.12.2009 (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Creation and implementation of 4 multimedia games for children, intended to be placed in the "BalticMuseums 2.0 - Online Information Platform" Kids’ zone section. Optimisation of webpage for search engines (SEO) Preparation of key words list, consisting of 170 phrases translated to 5 languages Needed changes and content improvement list Visitors statistics notes Budapest Kids' zone Results Servers maintanance - for now the SUAS server has a very long time of site load - 20 sec. for welcome page it's too much 03.02.2010 Notes Creation and implementation of the multimedia website for kids section of including the design and execution of graphics, animation and

Project presentation template

Transcript: text box Sheet title Sheet title Sheet title images & text images & text Project title here Project title here PROJECT TITLE Sheet title text box add logos here text box Project title here Project title here Project title here Project title text box Project title here text box Sheet title Project title here Project title here Assignment text box Sheet title images & text add logos here xx/xx/xxxx text box Project title here text box CHAPTER II "Quote relevant to project" text box images & text text box images & text Project title here Project title here images & text text box "Quote relevant to project" images & text Project title here CHAPTER III text box text box text box IDEAS & AMBITION Sheet title Project phase images & text add logos here images & text text box xx/xx/xxxx text box images & text text box text box Project title here DESIGN PRINCIPLES Project title here images & text Sheet title Project phase text box Sheet title images & text images & text images & text Sheet title Sheet title text box Sheet title Project title here images & text text box text box Sheet title images & text text box images & text text box PROJECT TITLE Project title Project title Sheet title Sheet title Project phase images & text images & text "Quote relevant to project" Sheet title images & text images & text Project title here Sheet title Sheet title images & text text box text box text box text box text box CHAPTER 1 Sheet title text box text box Project phase DESIGN images & text images & text Sheet title Sheet title Sheet title Project title here Project title here Project title here Sheet title text box Sheet title Sheet title PROJECT TITLE Project title here add logos here Sheet title Sheet title Project title here text box Project title here Project title here Sheet title Project title here images & text Project title here text box xx/xx/xxxx Sheet title Project title here Project title here images & text images & text images & text ANALYSIS Sheet title Project title here "Quote relevant to project" RISKS & OPPORTUNITIES Project title images & text PHILOSOPHY PROJECT TITLE Quote & cover image Sheet title images & text images & text IDEAS & AMBITION images & text images & text "Quote relevant to project" Sheet title Project title here AULa Design Bert Tjhie Tao Wang Postbus 1993 | 1000 BZ Amsterdam Cruquiusweg 111A | 1019 AG Amsterdam T +31 (0)20 624 5904 E © AULa Design 2013 Project title here cover image here Project title here Sheet title Project title here Sheet title Project title here text box Project title here CHAPTER IV Project title here Sheet title Project title here TABLE OF CONTENTS Project title here Project title here text box Write assignment here text box text box text box Project title here Project title here images & text Project title here Project title here Sheet title text box Sheet title Sheet title Project title here PROJECT NAME text box Quote & cover image Sheet title xx/xx/xxxx Sheet title text box Quote & cover image Sheet title Sheet title images & text text box Sheet title

Project closure

Transcript: Project closure What is Project Closure? Project closure represents the pivotal final stage within the project management lifecycle. It involves a thorough examination of the project's deliverables, ensuring their alignment with the intended project objectives, and conducting comprehensive quality assessments. Subsequently, the project team proceeds to share these deliverables with the project's client. Why project closure is important? Effective project closure helps define a team’s and an organization’s culture. Approaching project closure as fundamental to building success leads to better-quality work and makes clients happy. Project closure is important because the process allows you to: 1. Tie up loose ends 2. Take Stock of Lessons Learned 3. Move On with a Clear Sense of Accomplishment 4. Archive the Project’s Learning for the Benefit of the Team and Organization What Happens if a Project Isn’t Closed Properly Failing to effectively conclude a project leads to missed opportunities for learning from its processes and outcomes. Consequently, when embarking on future projects, there is a higher probability of encountering similar issues and facing less motivated teams. By neglecting proper project closure, valuable lessons remain unlearned, and the contributions and efforts of the team go unrecognized and uncelebrated. Whether the project is internal or for an external client, inadequate closure can result in decreased client satisfaction, irrespective of meeting project specifications and timely delivery of deliverables. 8 Steps to close a project 1. Perform final tests - Before you formally end work on your project, run final tests to make sure your final deliverable is stable and still performing as expected. 2. Wrap up loose ends - Review your project plan and flag incomplete tasks 3. Complete administrative tasks - Update project documentation and Make sure all project files and assets are in the right place 4. Notify your team about next steps - Let them know about next steps—like how you’ll tackle or transfer ownership of any outstanding project deliverables. 5. Update stakeholders and send a final report - A final report, including a summary of what your project accomplished, how it performed compared to the goals you set, and any key successes or failures. 6. Hold a project post-mortem meeting - During a post-mortem, team members have the opportunity to provide feedback on what went well, what didn’t go well, and what could be improved for next time. 7. Create a roadmap for improvements - Creating a roadmap for future improvements ensures that you continue to improve and iterate on your final deliverable and project management processes. 8. Celebrate - Celebration can come in many forms—like gifts or cards, a thank you message, a team happy hour, or even a free afternoon off work How do you know when a project is done? There are a few ways to determine if your project is finished, but the biggest indicator is whether you’ve achieved the project objectives you set during planning. Regardless of the goal-setting methodology you use, objectives define what success looks like for your project and give you a clear target to aim for. Project Closure Best Practices 1. Focus on Interactivity 2. Be open 3. Create Space for Best Team Member Performance 4. Realize Inclusivity Is Essential 5. Communicate in a Purposeful and Clearly Defined Manner 6. Assign Closing Tasks to Team Members 7. Build a Foundation for Organizational Success 8. Embrace the Opportunity to Acknowledge and Promote Talent 9.Don’t Focus on the Project Manager What Is a Project Closure Checklist? A project closure checklist is a tool to help project managers verify that the project fulfilled its outcomes before they close the project. They can document any challenges, lessons learned, and any outstanding deliverables.

Project Closure

Transcript: Ibraheem Salem Introduction Premature Project Punch List Evaluate the Business Case. Evaluate the Project Plan. Evaluate the Project Management Methodology. Evaluate Team and Personal Performance. Dr. Ihab Katar Premature project. Failed project. Change priority. Change the priority of all tasks within a project. College of Engineering Celebrate Failed Project Testing and reviewing all parts of the project and its compliance with the drawings and specifications. Punch List. Repairing defected parts caused by ill-implementation that did not appear in reviewing. Guarantee for equipments & machines. Mohanned Jabri Final Handover Construction Management Procedure & Steps A project is a failure if its stakeholders consider it a failure. This is the most commonly accepted definition of project failure. A list of tasks that need to be completed (corrected) to satisfy the terms of a construction contract established after the committee’s reviewing. To Complete Initial Handover Then... General Site. Facilities. Architecture finishes. Mechanical. Electrical. Cleaning. After the 1 year, the bank guarantee is released ( 5% of the contract cost ). Contractor is still responsible for structural defects within 10 years. Lesson Learned Reviewing Items Change Priority Project Closure Committee’s Responsibilities Transfer the responsibility from the contractor to the owner. Final payment should be released. In case, contractor is committed to fixing, modifying and completing. Time is also running. Activities associated with finalizing the hand off of the project deliverables to the business and gaining stakeholder acceptance. Amro Altayeb 1 year after initial handover. Contractor is responsible within the 1 year for: Mohammad Alsalti Notifying the owner with an oration after completing all activities. Establishing a committee to review project’s items. Other Types Of Project Closure Initial Handover What is premature project ?

Project Closure

Transcript: PROJECT CLOSURE DECHEN ZAM CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Presenter: Sonam Pelden Project Engineer CDCL Outline OUTLINE 1. Project Overview 2. Construction Methodology 3. Financial Status 4. Corporate Social Responsibility 5. Project Review Report 6. Challenges and Lessons Learned 7. Recommendations PROJECT OVERVIEW 1. Name of the Project: Dechen Zam Construction Project (Wangchhu Zam) 2. Project Scope: Construction of 56 m Span Twin RIB RC Arch & (20 + 20) m RCC T-Girder Bridge 3. Name of Client: Department of Road, MoWHS Thimphu 4. Nature of Contract: Contract 5. Project Location: Chubachu near Tarayana Building, Thimphu 6. Funding Agency: Government of India 7. Commencement date: 29th March 2017 8. Completion date as per contract: 1st September 2019 9. Actual Completion Date: 29th June 2019 10. Contract Price: Nu. 67,442,337.25 11. Actual Project Cost: Nu. 103,794,028.01 (68.56 M for bridge works & 35.24 M for additional works) Project Overview Construction Methodology CONSTRUCTION METHODOLOGY Objective: Wangchhu Bridge has been proposed as an alternate route from Taba – Chubachhu – Lungtenzampa to current Dechen Zam located near the Dzong Timeline Project Timeline Earthworks Left Bank Excavation Bridge Foundation works Foundation Sub-structure works Sub-structure works Quality Check Quality Check Arch temoprary supports Arch Temporary Support Laying of MS pipes Laying of MS pipes for arch temporary support Super-structure works Super-structure works Railing works Miscellaneous works Final Outcome Finished Product Financial Status FINANCIAL STATUS Note: As per the audit report, the overall profit is Nu. 8.356 Million after considering the double bookings. Account Head Expenditure 1. HSD 13,276,814.67 2. Hire Charges 15,887,790.76 3. Labour Contract 958,058.24 4. AC & DBM 727,814.47 5. Local Vendor 33,408,321.15 6. Overhead cost 19,659,014.52 7. Depreciation 2,081,227.72 8. Rent,Utilities and Other charges - CDCL 3,378,441.36 9. Liveries and uniform + Insurance 493,487.33 10. Others 15,153,551.80 Overall Project Expenses Project Timeline Account Head Expenditure 1. Chemicals (admixtures): 468,662.69 2. Sawn timber: 3,127,374.10 3. Aggregate: 1,917,267.90 4. Sand 2,034,894.99 5. Cement: 5,792,838.56 6. TMT: 15,768,578.95 7. Pipes: 624,462.00 8. Ply Board: 1,480,882.78 9. Lease payment: 226,875.00 10. Utility charges: 1,966,484.18 Expenses - Local Vendors Local vendors Account Head Expenditure 1. Mustor roll payment: 7,711,855.00 2. GEP Salary: 1,139,987.10 3. Over Time payment: 2,385,333.63 4. Basic Pay: 3,452,251.33 5. Allowances + Other Benefits: 3,607,649.40 6. Liveries and Uniform: 455,737.33 7. Insurance for Employees: 28,008.00 8. Mess Expenditure: 1,044,051.00 Expenses - Overhead Cost Overhead Cost Trained 7 students for On-Job Training 15 truckloads of boulders mixed with soil were delivered to Dechenphhu Lhakhang Presentation to TTI trainees, Bumthang Chumey Planted tree saplings with proper bamboo fencing for the projects landscape work Corporate Social Responsibility CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Employed 40 national workforce in an average. Mostly TTI graduates. Employment Generated Employment generated Use of locally manufactured products (TMT rod, cement, plywood, pipes, aggregates, sand, timbers) Local Materials Local Materials Project Review CDB & CDCL Format PROJECT REVIEW REPORT 1. Write-off of lost assets: a. 1.02 HP water pump (ASSET171104016) - Nu. 4390 b. Wheel barrow (ASSET171102292) - Nu. 7990. 2. Pending hire charge receivable of Nu. 60,017 from a pvt. contractor. Pertaining Issues CHALLENGES AND LESSONS LEARNED Site location (presence of underground cables); Damage of sewerage pipe outlet of Lingkana Arch staging works Construction of Arch Pad Footing Physical Challenges Physical Challenges Double booking of HSD equivalent to Nu. 1 million Depreciation cost booking of assets not physically present in the project. Financial challenges Financial Challenges Handling of MRs and supervisors including drivers and operators Management Management PIP clause on overtime needs to be relooked. Procurement of timbers and sand directly from NRDCL Recommendations RECOMMENDATION

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