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Project Charter Powerpoint Template

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Project Charter Template

Transcript: Next Step: Develop a method to track/measure participation and outcomes. Work on structure, leadership, oversight and marketing mock-up Develop concept in order to calculate economic, financial and marketing pluses and minuses Deadline: July 2012 Define Objectives Look at expectations, reflections and student membership. Deadline: Ongoing Sponsorship Gain approval of Faculty Senate for transcription notation. Deadline: Spring 2013 Ideation Liz Ferris, Liz Johnson, Sarah Soper, Molly Vanderpool Helping students academically adjust to college may not be enough to keep them there. Studies indicate that it's not necessarily the brightest students who are most likely to stay, but rather those who build strong connections with their environment. Source: Next Step: Additional Lit Review, student focus groups, review existing programs at peer institutions Project Template Outline Overview Purpose and Background Framework Team Organization Resources Process, Milestones, and Next Steps Sponsorship Project Overview Framework Base programming has been identified, but will need updating as research is completed. Deadline: Fall 2012 Next Steps Resources Next Step: Work with project sponsor to gather info and get key stakeholders on board. Team Organization Next Step: Meet with project sponsor for input/advice. Incorporate new items from research. Purpose and Background Research Next Step: Work with University College to get on NSO schedule. Develop self-assessment to be used in FYS. Plan recruitment events and curriculum. Connect students to “Optimal Resume” Work with HIP to review existing research and potential connection. Deadline: Midterm Fall 2012 Next Step: Focus groups, develop survey’s and evaluations to be used during program and events. Learn Process, Milestones, and Next Steps Class of 2017 will be integrated into program through NSO and FYS. Deadline: Summer and Fall 2013 Prototype Finalize the name of the program, the level names and what must be attained to finish a level as well as programmatic information for students. Also address how we will track and measure the program. Deadline: February 2013 Next Step: Ongoing – further definition as project develops Implement

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