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Project Budget Presentation Template

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Budget Project Presentation

Transcript: Yearly expenses (Approximately based on life after marriage) Since I am a non-Calfornia resident, cost of attendance will be $32,364. Thanks to the money I have saved up from babysitting and my financial status, and grants, I end up with only $30,000 of debt. Personal Savings and Money Market account with TD Bank. The TD Growth Money Account has a minimum balance as low as $2,000. This is perfect for me because my amount of savings was never lower than $2,000. Although Wells Fargo has a $10 monthly fee which is $2 less than TD, it requires a $3,500 as a minimum balance. Bank of America and New York Community Bank also have a minimum balance of $2,500. TD gives an APY of at least 0.05% according to the balance. In my case, I would earn .10%. I chose TD Bank because I do not have to worry about the monthly fees if the minimum balance is low. Even if I do have to pay a fee, it would only be $12 which is significantly low for this type of account. Opening a TD Savings account, I would be able to profit off more as I don’t have to worry about getting hit with a heavy monthly fee. Certificate of Deposit account with TD Bank. After marriage, my husband and I decide to open a Certificate of Deposit Account with TD Bank. I chose this bank because it has a higher interest rate than other banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and New York Community Bank. I opened a Certificate of Deposit at the beginning of the 7th year because I was happily married and pregnant with a baby girl. We took all of our savings that will go to her college education in the future. We figured that since we had some money saved up, we might as well put a portion of our savings money in a CD account, where our money will be able to increase and grow the fastest. We deposited $15,000 for 7 years. Our interest rate will gradually reach 1.25% by the 7th year. Unlike New York Community Bank, I am able to place my money for any time range on CD as I wish, regardless of the balance. In conclusion, TD Bank gave me the better deal so I decided to open a Certificate of Deposit account with them. Education Cost If you could pick your career again, would you pick the same one and why? Living Expenses Introduction Conclusion design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi I will be living with my boyfriend on 664 36th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121. This apartment is located 3 streets away from Golden Gate Park. It is also nearby Lafayette Elementary School, a YMCA, MUNI line, and Great Highway. My apartment has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. It is not completely furnished. Furniture included are the cupboards, microwave, sinks, bathtub, and a toilet. The cost of my rent is $1,600. I will only be paying $800 because my boyfriend and I will be splitting the rent. I would pick my career again, I would without a doubt pick the same one. I have had a passion to inspire and help others ever since I was born. Ever since I was a child, I played pretend doctor with barbies and bratz everyday. Since patience is not one of my virtues, I don't think becoming a doctor would be the road for me. I would choose a profession within that area. Growing up, I have developed an interest for science. I believe my passion for science and my passion to help others can benefit me in this profession. Thanks to all honor classes taught in BCCHS, material learned in biology, chemistry, and physics have benefitted me throughout my college career. To become a registered nurse, I attend California State University Long Beach and obtain my bachelor's degree. We take rigorous courses such as Anatomy, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Psychology, and Nursing practice and theory. After completing my degree program, I need to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and recieve certification. Cost of Living Education Groceries: $6000. My boyfriend and I both like to maintain a healthy lifestyle so we buy mostly everything organic. We do like to excerise and work out so we'll be eating more. Clothes: $6,000. My job requires me to wear a scrub. However, I do have to dress professional at times. I do love to shop once in a while. I don't go crazy on designer brands every time I shop but I do love new things. Entertainment: $1,300. We limit ourselves to go out and eat once a month. We have netflix and rent out movies once in a while. Transportation: $1,700. We will be purchasing two San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Monthly Pass: $68. Furniture: $480. By the time we are married and settled into our home for couples years already, we already have all the furniture needed. But every month, we would spend around $40 to add a new piece or a decoration. Mirror=40 Stools=25 Coffee Table=54 Rug=45 Lamps=53 Wall decor=38 Curtains=35 Ceilng lights=80 `Bookshelf=50 Closet =60 Banks and Bank Accounts After graduating from college, I move back to New York City and live with my parents. I managed to get a good paying job as a Registered Nurse. After 3 years, I have finally paid off my debt

Budget Project Presentation

Transcript: used 16,495 2015 Ford Focus SE 50,000$ 3500 Corral Creek Dr, Mckinney, TX 75070 3 beds 2 baths 2,178 sqft Budget Project Presentation By: Kayla Norton 5th Period Savings/ Retirement I saved 5% of my monthly budget, a total of $275.00, through 401k. I also am putting another $267.96 in savings. $100.00 of this is for the emergencey fund and th other 167.96 will be put into savings. I decided to save this much money because at this moment I am single and have no children, therefore I have more room to save. That way if money is tighter in other ares during a paticular month I will not be completely out of luck. I think saving this much now will pay off greatly in the future once I retire. I would rather have less money for pleasure items now rather than having to work a job in my 70's. The total amount of money per month that will most likely go to retirement (the other 267.96 could fluctuate depending on the month), is $542.96. With an intrest rate of 8%, I will have $1,027,019.70 in savings in 33 years. Reflection My House Housing I am a chemical engineer for this project which is a career that requires a lot of schooling, thus creating a total of $50,000 in student debt. Each month I will have to pay $383.01, this is 10.19% of my monthy budget. It will take me 10, almost 11 years to pay off the debt completely. I recieved the inheritance for this project and therefore did not have to deal with credit card debt, but i do understand that is something I could potentially have to deal with in my future and that it will be a long in costly process. During this project, I had to adapt to how much money I had left after all ny taxes were taken out. I lost $1,790.31 to those deductions. I had to buy a cheaper house and car. They might not have been my first choice, but I had to settle for what I could afford. I learned the importance of saving retirement because I saw how much money I could end up with in the future If I started saving today. I also learned how expensive it is to live on your own as just one person. It really opens my eyes to what will be coming very soon for me, and inspires me to work hard in school so I can have a carreer where I can live the life I want. I also learned that if it is this expensive for a single person, that a life with a husband will be even more expenisve, and then adding kids will be even more expensive than that. This makes me think about what I need to do to prepare for my future. This project showed me how expenisve life is and definitley made me appreciate the life I have because I realize how expensive it is for my parents. I understand when my parents say "money doesn't grow on trees" and think this project will help me preapre for handeling my money in the future. Student Loans/ Credit Card Debt My Car I bought a used car for 16,495$. I made a down payment of 1,600$ the rest of my inheritance went toward my house. I am single and have no kids, therefore I only need one car. My monthly car payment is 366.24 a month for 48 months with an intrest rate of 3.89% This price of this house is 50,000$. I made a down payment of 5,000$. This was only a portion of my inheritence the rest went toward my car. My monthly mortgage is 605.09$ a month for 30 years with an intrest rate of 3.855%. Automobile

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