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Project Brief

Transcript: Display operations-vital information on dashboard Streamline maintenance by providing information about versions and updates Provide team with crystal-clear picture of what is happening ''under the bonnet'' 12/05/15 - 03/07/15 8 weeks start-to-finish Functional specification - deliver by 15/05/15 Implementation/HLD - 4 weeks with weekly drops - 18/05/15 - 15/06/15 Further discussion required to formulate complete timetable Overview Problems that need solving Objectives Organization Outline of deliverables Start to finish timetable Constraints Quality expectations Constraints Time (8 weeks start-to-finish) Getting time from team (you guys get pretty busy!!) Creating a passive dashboard that will be useful enough to be attractive to team Organization ''Tron-like'' display detailing information in a clear and concise manner Passive operation Display split into multiple screens, each providing real-time analytics of different processes Quality Expectations Outline of Deliverables Lack of specific information vital to operations ''When was last crash?'' ''Hours since last incident?'' ''What is currently live?'' ''Where did time-out occur?'' ''Is everything the same version?'' Accurate, reliable data available at all times Final design + information should be something that staff will use regularly Futuristic display Passive operation Project Brief Daniel Bryars - C.T.O Ashley Sutcliffe - Head of N.O.C Robbie Roberts - Head of I.T Gareth - Head of Development Problems that Need Solving Objectives Timetable

Project Brief

Transcript: Gant Chart Lenses Night Time photography: Less light pollution Set the camera settings in the day Cold Colours include blues and purples. When the distance between the lens and the image occurs the size of the image increases. Conclusion Tom Mackie; 1985 after moving to the UK became a full time landscape photographer. Digital,panoramic Landscapes Everything in my research will also contribute to the context of my project I will analyze my photographs at different times of the day to see how the light sources at particular times affect my images. How do camera and lenses work Landscape photography - settings on the camera, general landscape photgraphy Times of the day - Sunset, Sunrise, Dusk, Dawn, Nighttime and star trails Location research Famous Photographers Colour Psychology The boundaries for my project is that i am using natural light as the only source so i will need to plan very well and be prepared. Sunset and Sunrise Think ahead and plan the shoot Golden Hour Take photographs at different exposure The bending angle can change depending on the lens you use and the structure of that lens I will research into colour pshycology and see for example why people are drawn to sunset photographs as they are warm colours rather than ice pictures which are colder. Shutter speed determines how long the shutter stay open for for example a long shutter speed allows more light than a short speed Project Evaluation I have little ethics to consider as i am only photographing landscape, my main ethic is that i do not trespass on private property and that the people involved in the surveys and feedback know that they can withdraw and that it will be anonymous. Location I will use the sun and the moon for these images and see how they provide lighting within landscape photography. I will have a self analysis and analysis form other people this by gathering surveys I have already been on one location shoot for where i will be capturing my images Famous Photographers Research Any Questions? Dusk and Dawn: Again plan Prepare - you will need to be at location in the dark Approximately 20 minutes before and after sun sets and sunrises The colors will always change Can get stunning images as the light can transform images magical Project Deliverables This project will allow me to experiment with nighttime, star trails, dusk and dawn,sunset and sunrise. This will benefit me I will have a wide range of images to go alongside my research question I have planned one more location shoot for Snowdonia, Pwllheli, Betws y Coed and other surrounding locations Composition settings such as: Rule of Thirds Balancing elements Leading lines Framing Experiment Depth Viewpoint Why? Project Context Focal length determines how much light enters the lens so for instance a small aperture of 1.4 will allow more light than an aperture of 8. I have chosen this topic because I want to see how natural light and environment can affect my landscape images. Location: North West Wales coastal landscape I will also show my work off as a showcase therefore I can get more data for my report, this will then allow me to create a critical judgement about my chosen topic. I have already started to pursue this type of photography and i really enjoy taking these images and by doing this project and experiment with natural light it will benefit me for future work. I will be comparing my images to famous photographers that i have researched into and forming a critical judgment. They normally include very little or no human activity My project revolves around landscape photography, and i will see how natural lighting affects landscape photography alongside environment. A lens bends the light as it enters and beams to a certain degree Project Brief Warm colours include colours like red,orange and yellow Times of Day The question: "How does natural light and environment affect landscape Photography? Colour Psychology These are broken into different chapters in my project. Each chapter will benefit me and give me an insight and inspiration for my final product This would then create a successful project I will also research into different types of landscapes such as HDR and panoramic and see if there isa preference between the natural image and the edited image for HDR purposes. The angle of the light when it enters the lens can change depending on where the object is placed Jim Brandenburg: Environmentalist and a nature photographer Photographer for the National Geographic Society I will create two portfolios for this project one being a hard paper copy and one being a digital copy. Therefore i can use social media to get feedback on my images as well as showing them. Topic Different types that you can do for example; Urban landscape Food scape Cityscape Coastal Countryside Panoramic, HDR Thank you for listening to my presentation. I really enjoy this type of photography and i want to experiment more into how can different natural light affect my images. HDR will

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Transcript: Tag Global Delivery Centre Shared Services Template creation Powerpoint template created matching the colour themes and styles provided in PDF source. Design to brief Hand-drawn chart to be re-created Recreation The source provided in PDF had to be created in Powerpoint as per the brand guidelines and brand colours Recreation The excel data converted into wheel diagram format had to be created in Power Point as per the brand guidelines and brand colours. Design to brief Map creation to brief – output in PowerPoint Design to brief Enhancing a text message through design Design to brief Table creation Brand management Brand led PowerPoint document from a scanned copy Formatting & Beautification The Power Point source was to be formatted as per brand elements. Formatting & Beautification Slide The source was provided in Power Point and was required to be put in template and make it look visually appealing Formatting & Beautification The Power Point source was to be formatted as per brand Flow The source provided in Word was flowed on the brand template ensuring the correct styles are used and consistency is maintained. Flow The source provided in Word was flowed on the brand template ensuring the correct styles are used and consistency is maintained. Editable PDF PDF in editable format. Questions Thank You Design to brief Hand-written Post-its to be re-created to client template standard. Samples Skill-sets Current skill-sets Capability development Template creation Word template created matching the colour themes and styles provided in PDF source. Selection of serviced brands Presentations & Documents Template creation Word template created from the PDF source and brief. The request was to create user-friendly Word template to be used by users who aren’t proficient in Word with changeable as well. Overview Manages MS Office based requirements for our accounts Builds presentations and documents to a design led brief Team of 32 resources 24 x 5 service coverage and one shift over the weekend Key capabilities include: PowerPoint template design and animation Word template design MS Office brand management Visio creation PDF to Word file conversions Editable PDFs

Project Brief

Transcript: Thank You! Alisa Chirachaturaphak, Sam Clark, Nandini Datta, & Meghan Laverty CCDL Architects, LLC is an architectural firm based in San Francisco, California, dedicated to providing thoughtful design focused on sustainability. We undertake projects committed to enhancing green spaces, which include but are not limited to; community spaces, residential works and parks. We provide architectural services primarily for projects based locally, but are open to taking on projects both nationally and internationally. We specialize in providing services that will allow for improving sustainable design, and are dedicated to working on projects that improve and benefit the community. CCDL Architects, LLC provides architectural services which includes planning, designing and construction of projects. Our projects typically focus on the use and transformation of green roofs, development of community spaces, waste water management and low impact developments. Other services we provide include redesign, repair and additions for residential projects and serving as consultants for green roofs and green spaces. We provide our services to a range of clientele, which include home owners, real estate developers for private projects and local governments for park and community space developments. Walkthroughs — Climbing hall- with dynamic bouldering and workout space and at least (3) bouldering walls/islands with a min. of 36’ clear to the bottom of the roof structure — Outdoor bouldering space- with secure access to prevent injury — Workshop- for equipment repairs and storage of extra holds and hardware for the walls [approx. 200 SQ FT] — Ladder Storage- min. 20’ clearance to underside of ceiling [approx. 100 sq ft] — Administrative suite- (1) office, break room with table for 10 people, and office supplies/ copier/storage [approx. 400 sq ft.] — Changing rooms- W/ showers for males and females — Event Space- to accommodate larger gatherings and other uses with approx 300 sq ft of storage for chairs, tables, etc. — Co-working space- for 8-12 people, includes support rooms and separate bathrooms. area needs to be accessible after hours. Area needs to be able to interact with climbing hall, even if it is simply views into the hall from the offices. Program Parameters Logistics CCDL Architects has experience working closely with the town of Blacksburg to contribute to the community in a positive way through collaboration in the design process, while meeting town and state requirements. Not only do we have a strong understanding of the historical importance of downtown Blacksburg, but CCDL Architects prioritizes in finding a way to incorporate aspects unique to the town into their designs, while at the same time, creating a modern space that is inviting to the community. We at CCDL Architects want this project to tie back to the surrounding southwest VA area. The goal of our design is to mimic the act of climbing a mountain. A climber works their way into the building with glimpses of the rock wall, just as hikers get when they are working their way up a mountain. To symbolize this idea, a climber is rewarded with more views out of the climbing hall the higher they climb, just like the views at the top of a mountain are much clearer than at the bottom. Lastly, having a connection between the inhabitants of the co-working space and the climbers was very important to us. To create a space where the two groups could actively engage and interact with one another, we created balconies at each floor of the co-working space to be able to make the journey to the top with the climbers, but in a more passive way. In addition, we wanted climbers to be able to interact with pedestrians on the street. Therefore, we decided to add a full height glass curtain wall that allows views both into the gym from the street, and out to the community while engaging the wall. Why Design What Who Blacksburg Boulders Client Pitch Firm Overview

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