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Midterm progress update

Transcript: Tracing, tracing, and more tracing Bugs fixed and design refined based on test feedback if(asBoolean(actor.getActorValue("Is Wall Jumping?"))) { if(asBoolean(actor.getActorValue("Facing Right?"))) { actor.say("Animation Manager", "LoopAnim", _WallJumpRightAnimation,_AnimationCategory); } else { actor.say("Animation Manager", "LoopAnim", _WallJumpLeftAnimation,_AnimationCategory); } } } }); addCollisionListener(actor, function(list:Array, event:Collision):void { if(wrapper.enabled){ if((event.thisCollidedWithSensor || !(event.thisCollidedWithTile))) { return; } if(event.thisFromLeft) { _CollidingLeft = true; propertyChanged("_CollidingLeft", _CollidingLeft); actor.setActorValue("Is Wall Jumping?", false); actor.say("Animation Manager", "ClearAnimCat", _AnimationCategory); } if(event.thisFromRight) { _CollidingRight = true; propertyChanged("_CollidingRight", _CollidingRight); actor.setActorValue("Is Wall Jumping?", false); actor.say("Animation Manager", "ClearAnimCat", _AnimationCategory); } } }); Final Product Implementation All decisions are finalized and stored for reference Full Release Story, Art, Actors, Methods, and Variables all designed Beta Alpha All sounds, art, sprites, and text added Production Preperation All programming completed Timeline Pre-Alpha Planning Thesis Presentation: PolterHeist Progress Update Shane Appell Function over form Laying the foundation Development process General applications before specific applications Beta Test Work in Progress What I Have Learned Thus Far Thank You. Feel Free to Ask Questions

Progress update

Transcript: For water First 50 m3 – rate of 4.40 Next 50 m3 – rate of 5.20 Next 50 m3 – rate of 6.20 Average Consumption per villa Water : 100-120 m3 Electricity: 15000-20000 Units GROCERY COUPON SAMPLE Phase 1-Posters And Flyers Utility Bill Calculation For water First 50 m3 – rate of 5.20 Next 50 m3 – rate of 6.20 Next 50 m3 – rate of 8.20 Part 1 - New Hires For Electricity First 4000 units – rate of 0.09 Next 6000 units– rate of 0.13 Next 5000 units– rate of 0.15 Next 5000 units– rate of 0.18 Part 1 : Through New Hire Forums Feedback LEAD Project Part 2- The contest will run for 6 months from Oct 2016- March 2017 The total utility consumption from Oct 2015- March 2016 is 278,831 QAR Target - To reduce at least 5% of the cost for this period i.e. nearly 14000 QAR. Progress update Main Reasons Enhancing the Marriott Marquis Housing Experience Target Completion Date : 1 Sep 2016 Measuring Impact Old Calculation Completed: Leadership skills section ( Online Trainings ongoing) Currently on the Management Skills section Department Rotation starts on October 1st 2016 Target Completion for LEAD October 31st 2016 Part 2 - Energy Conservation The Housing Team will measure the unit consumption of all the Villas in the housing. The Villa with the least unit consumption to Associate ratio will be the winner for that month. 3 Villas will be selected as winners each month ( Associate/ Supervisors /Managers) All the associates in the winning villa will receive 100 B Moments Contest will begin from 1st October 2016 New Calculation from Oct 2015 Utility Bill Calculation Jan- Jul 2015 Preparing the Coupons Explanation and handover 2 Coupons of 10 QAR each Coupon Redemption Grocery Store and Housing Local Expense Estimated Start Date : Sept 2016 PROCESS Appliances left switched on in common areas. Improper use of appliances. Increased Calculation Rate from Oct 2015. Pipe Bursts/ Leakage/ Technical issues. MANORATH PALAN HUMAN RESOURCES Utility Consumption Overview For Electricity First 4000 units – rate of 0.08 Next 11000 units– rate of 0.12 Remaining Units– rate of 0.14 Current Scenario Amenities placed in the room(Food and Cutlery). Action Plan Meal Coupons for new hires instead of food items. Impact Reduce Wastage. Improved associate satisfaction. Current Scenario High utility consumption by associates Action Plan Create awareness among associates Impact Reduction in utility costs/ Spirit to Preserve Phase 2-The Brilliant Villa Contest

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