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Program Update Presentation Template

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Program Improvement Update

Transcript: Williamson Elementary Program Improvement Year 3 Cordova Villa Elementary Program Improvement Year 2 (Freeze) Safe Harbor Educational Techonolgy SPSA- Action Plan Technical Assistance -District Choice, SES, and Implementation of Restructuring Plan Mathematics NCLB target 78.2% Andy Smith, Principal Growth model assessments Program Improvement District and Schools Focus on: two consecutive years of not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress in: Instructional Leadership Teams and District Technical Assistance Team find the following to be effective in improving student achievement: Staff Collaboration the same content area (Language Arts/Mathematics) for any numerically significant group (15%) or on the same indicator (graduation rate or API) Program Improvement Year 2 Professional Development all students Black or African American Hispanic or Latino Social Ecomically Disadvantaged English Learners Students with Disabilities Peter Maroon, Principal Folsom Cordova USD PI Update SPSA- Action Plan Technical Assistance -District Choice, SES, hold at Year 2 Common Core Implementation FCUSD is a high achieving District yet did not make AYP in all sub groups. SPSA- Action Plan Technical Assistance -District Choice, SES, and Corrective Action Cordova Meadows Elementary School Once Identified as PI, a District and/or school advances to the next level of PI and is required to implement NCLB requirements A school and/or district in PI that successfully makes AYP for "holds" or freezes from advancing A school and/or district that successfullu makes AYP for two years, EXITS from PI. Targeted instruction FCUSD District and Schools Jon Wallace, Principal Student achievement: Cordova Villa School “Hawks" Title I Resource Teachers: Tracy, Battson, District Level Lynda Purser, Jodie Queenan, Sandy Portlock, Sharon Greene, Jenna Schuette, Vikie Boudorous Common Assessments Collaboration and Data Analysis Targeted Interventions; Before, During, After School, Saturdays too! Professional Development Every Child By Name-Student Progress Monitoring DPA Language Arts and Math Growth Monitoring Assessments Universal Access grouping, Schoolwide Curriculum Coaching Language Arts NCLB target 78% Program Improvement Year 5 Williamson Elementary School “Wildcats" SPSA- Corrective Action Plan Technical Assistance -District Choice, SES, and Development of Restructuring Plan Targets for 2012 Hispanic or Latino Social Ecomically Disadvantaged English Learners Students with Disabilities Instructional Leadership Early Literacy Program Improvement Identification FACT: PI Only applies to Title I Districts and Title I schools when it meets the following criteria: Folsom Cordova USD in Program Improvement Year 3 Kathleen Ayre, Principal Targeted interventions Mills Middle School "Home of the Mustangs" Joseph Piazza, Principal 2012 FCUSD API is 837! 12 point increase from 2011 Language Arts 89.2% Rancho Cordova Elementary School “Rams" White Rock Elementary School “Pony Express" SPSA- Action Plan Technical Assistance -District Choice, SES, and Corrective Action Data Analysis Program Improvement Year 5+ SPSA- Action Plan Technical Assistance -District Choice, and SES Rancho Cordova Elementary Program Improvement Year 3 Program Improvement Update: Sandy Spaulding, Principal Folsom Cordova Schools in PI Mathematics 89.5% Program Improvement School Highlights: Board Presentation January 17, 2013 2012-2013

Baldrige Program Update

Transcript: In 2011 we had 3 revenue streams Now we have 9 8 operating revenue streams 1 non-operating revenue stream 2 additional revenue streams not yet online Labor reduced by > 50% Other Object expenses down > 48% ASQ contract down > 49% (not shown on graph) FY14 Initiatives Delay backfilling vacancies Assessing worksystem redesign Build the Baldrige Enterprise Strategic Imperatives Increase Revenues Decrease and Control Costs Support Foundation Fundraising Build the Baldrige Enterprise Increase Applications Enhance and Protect the Baldrige Brand Sustain Operations Decrease/Control Costs Ratio of Labor Costs to Operating Income Increase Award Applications Capability and Capacity Planning Identified areas of strength and need Prioritized areas of need Considered future capability needs as well Improve quality and consistency of Enterprise offerings Better manage use of the Brand Broaden image beyond the Award FY14 Initiatives: Establish standards of use Leverage international interest Ensure proper use by State Programs Labor Other objects ASQ Contract Increase Revenues Support Foundation Fundraising Sustain Operations Enhance and Protect the Baldrige Brand Staffing levels down > 45% Workload- doing a LOT more with a LOT less Pending retirements FY14 Initiatives: Capability and Capacity planning Realign staff on teams Kickoff worksystem redesign Better utilize volunteers Baldrige Program Update Robert Fangmeyer, Director Baldrige Performance Excellence Program June 2014 Decreasing Non-operating Income Increasing Operating Income Total Income Rebounding FY14 initiatives: Expand BETE International offerings Proposal for Federal Funding WIOA Analyzed root cause of low application numbers Personal phone calls to confirm Concern for lack of business applicants Pipeline issues Joint taskgroup to consider eligibility rules FY14 Initiatives: Joint marketing to top level recipients Targeted outreach New tagline and messaging Provide information and impact data to Foundation Staff and their marketing firm Contribute to and review case for support Participate in Foundation Board Meetings Review candidates for Foundation staff positions Co-lead enterprise development Weekly ELT calls Increasing alignment and integration of key processes Actively working to build trust and engagement among the parties FY14 Initiatives Regional Training Pilot Delay Eligibility change Top-tier state standards Terms of use agreement

CRC Program Update

Transcript: Braddock Street UMC Youth team focused on teaching Vacation Bible School to residential, CSP and FCP children set for June 2014 Due to the reported cases of EBOLA, HCW in consultation with Dr. Kenneh, Dave Stenger, Dr. Horner and the World Health Organization among others - this team is cancelled/postponed. Under the leadership of Kathleen Caron, this program has 52 new sponsors in 2014 Mohamed Nabieu's Bo-based work is having real, measurable impact Meeting Obligations From Here.... Limited power Unreliable transportation, and internet Facilities need repair Lack of material necessities Backlog of bills Children struggling in school PSEd Student issues Loss of adherence to UMC faith June Summer VBS Youth Team A Tribe of Interns Young, energetic staff Strengthening relationships with vendors Board approved IT improvements planned Team Leaders: Laura Horvath, Deirdre McClendon, and Gwen Gallagher Every staff day begins with devotions Focused use of electricity and internet during work hours Use of MTC vehicles to aid transportation Facilities repair + renewed respect/care of CRC Painting of various campus buildings include UK group's painting of mural in dining hall Bills being paid; costs being cut - savings being realized Children's necessities available thanks to generous donation Wise, judcicious use of energetic young staff and interns Elizabeth Sombie (intern) Admin Support Mohamed Yamba (intern) Admin Support Jenneh Jai (intern) Admin Support Joseph Sesay (intern) Painter/Mason Thomas Vandy (intern) Painter/Mason Mariama Sesay (intern) Cleaner) Julliett Vandy (intern) Secretary Moiwo Stephen Belewa (intern) Guidance Counselor David Musa (pending) Child Support Program Ramatu Sesay (pending) Foster Care Program Amie Nallo (pending) Reserve Residental Auntie Two additional carpentry interns TBD To There: CRC: Centre of Excellence! Fresh Faces Team Leaders: Lara Brittain, Dave Lewis Music Art and Drama Team Team Leaders: Jennette Cosola and Dave Brewster Summer School 2014 Reliable electricity Reliable transportation Attractive facility Reliable Internet 24/7 Full, capable, qualified staff Reliable water Accounts caught up; taxes paid Healthy children Dedicated, hardworking staff CRC grads active in UMC churches CRC Program Update AP QPM June 8, 2014 Summer School (English, reading, writing and math) for Residential, CSP and FCP students & Fact-finding mission for Davidson UMC scheduled July/August 2014 This team is currently on alert - the EBOLA outbreak is being carefully monitored by in-country and US-based medical personnel as well as the WHO, and a determination will be made within the next few weeks. Team will only travel if the medical team determines it safe to do so. Sponsor A Child Music, arts and drama camp for residential, CSP and FCP students and various construction projects set for July 2014 Due to the reported cases of EBOLA, HCW in consultation with Dr. Kenneh, Dave Stenger, Dr. Horner and the World Health Organization among others - this team is cancelled/postponed.

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