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Product Oriented Template

Transcript: Goals: Digital Display on Extended Network Total Investment Search Engine Marketing Plan is...Show how the schedule will work Plan is....break out impressions plan Audience Target: How does this help my goals: Spec Ad Slide How this helps reach our goals: This helps reach goals by.... Digital Display on Addresses goal by... Insert spec ads here Who we are focused on... Includes: List everything... Audience Focus: Quote: Print Suggestions Plan.... SEM is.... Audience Focus: Plan is...Show how the schedule will work How does this help my goals: Plan is...Show how the schedule will work The Post-Standard Audience Focus: SEO is...... Who are we looking to reach? Also, can throw in Geo-Fencing here. Ask for Video input. $$$$$$$$$$ Search Engine Optimization Mobile Advertising on Extended Network What it is: Mobile Advertising on Plan is....break out impressions plan How SEM helps with your goals: This relates to goals.... Geo- Target or DMA focused in SEM helps with.... Audience Focus: How this helps reach my goals: Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. This relates to goals.... Who are we looking to reach? Also, can throw in Geo-Fencing here. Ask for Video input. 1. Goal Example 1 2. Goal Example 2 3. Goal Example 3 4. Goal Example 4 Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. How this helps reach my goals: Addresses goal by... Keywords to focus on... Company Name This relates to goals.... SEO helps..... Digital Display on How SEO relates to your Goals: Audience Target: Plus...Add your commitment to working with the advertiser or promise "Example Quote" Keywords to focus on.... How does this help my goals: What SEM is:

Professional Development Product

Transcript: Created by Natalie Guden Professional Development product Theme 1 Theme 1: Student Choice and Voice Is Valuable Joyful, Illiterate, Kindergarteners of Finland This article taught me the importance of play within the classroom. Play is vital to young children. By offering more time and options in regards to play time in the classroom, the students will be exposed to more learning opportunities through hands-on experience. evidence from the article School officials are believing that there is not enough time for play in the classroom and it should be banned. In Finland, play within their Kindergarten classrooms is highly valued. Teachers provide their students plenty of options when it comes to play. They have two main options: indoor and outdoor. Wherever a child decides to play there will a variety of options for them to choose from as well. Through play, children can develop their language, math, and social-interaction skills. Play allows children to learn with joy. evidence from the article, cont. link to article: sudbury valley school This article taught me that students should be given some freedom to make their own choices. Teachers can allow student choice in their classroom by giving options for assignments. Students can also voice their opinions and make choices when it comes to classroom rules and discipline. Sudbury Valley School is a free school where students choose their own path and destiny. The students can do whatever they like as long as it follows the school's rules and guidelines. As long as students stay for a minimum of 5 hours, they can arrive at whatever time works best for them. evidence from the article Timeline #1 #2 This school allows students to gain confidence, make friends, and overall be treated like humans. Students are "learning in the trenches". Whole school meetings and pupil empowerment give students a voice within the school. They learn that it is okay to make mistakes. evidence from the article, cont. Timeline link To video This article taught me that it is okay to voice your opinions. I also learned that it is also okay to teach your students to voice their own opinions, if they do it respectfully. It is important to stand up for what you believe in. Encouraging educator courage Teachers need to dig deep, be courageous, and should not be afraid to speak up if they feel fit. Students should be aware that it is okay to talk passionately about subjects they care about. Democratic decision making allows students and the teacher to get together and voice their own thoughts and opinions while coming to a collaborative decision. Evidence from the Article Link to article This article taught me that there are plenty of alternatives to traditional schooling. Even though I plan on teaching the traditional route, this option is great for students who want to learn through interactive life experiences. what are the results of unschooling Unschooling is not homeschooling. There is no curriculum and there is no teachers. This article was a study that was conducted to see how children who were unschooled were doing currently. Many people who participated in this study say they ended up getting a job in the creative arts or entrepreneurship. Unschooling allows children to explore their own interests at their own pace. evidence from the article Link to article This article taught me the importance of taking risks. Even though teachers are supposed to look out for the well-being and safety of their students, it is important to remember not to overprotect your students. rough housing and climbing trees According to new research, children who are adventurous and take risks may be healthier physically and mentally than those children who are more sheltered. Free range parenting has become protective and sheltered parenting. Children have become less active than in the previous decades due to overprotective parenting. evidence from the article Children are less likely able to deal with failure and decision making if they are shielded from the world. Children could become more scared or reckless in the future because they were never able to test their own limits when they were younger. The government has strict parenting policies that may influence parents with fear to be more overprotective with their children. Evidence from the article, cont. link to article This article taught me the importance of flexible seating. Students who choose where they want to work may be more successful because they are working in the area that works best for them. Classroom Physical Space Flexible seating is another example of choice

Professional Product

Transcript: Dec Penetrating & Developing Market Share PIN PERHATI Lag (Hulu) KOL engagement/ network - Building partnership with targeted KOLs per Medical Association (IM, Paed, Pul etc) Marketing & Medical Oct ORL-HNs Call Frequency A/ B/ C KOLs Internal Medicines FIGO GOAL! Target MD Coverage Impact KONAS PETRI System Mar Critical Success Factors Challenges & Focus Improvement 2015 Target Customer KOPABDI KOGI Lead Professional Product Sales & Marketing Strategy 2015 Call Coverage A PP’s NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCH 2015 Call Coverage B SALES & MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS Continuously develop FF through training & coaching that meet with company growth aspiration and market need Refreshing Product Knowledge Refreshing Selling Skill Situational Leadership Special Program “ My Best Coach “ DISC/ Relationship Building Feb |○○○○ | DDMMYY Calendar Event 2015 2015 Sales Strategy PGI/PEGI Sep Sales Performance Identify & map country KOLs Develop KOLs management plan (ad boards, regional meeting) Engage in key congresses (PAPDI, IDAI, Sympo hosted by SGH) and utilize them as speaker or moderator Doctor Mapping Opportunities & Challenges PERDAMI OBGYN CIPP Gain Back Market Share for Backbone Products Surgeon Today PABI Thank you! MARKETING ACTIVITY 2015 KPI – SFE PK Score Aug Key Strategies Professional Products Apr KPI CSF – High quality field interaction to HCP Tactics Ophthalmologist CAM Concept knowledge (Complementary Alternative Medicine) Products knowledge – FF quality interaction to HCP Speed of Marketing Program Execution # of MD in TML – Territory Master List WCD KOLs Management Plan – Cascade Program Flow PICU/NICU WGO International Symposiums Jun KOLs Management Plan Marketing Activities ` Private & Confidential, for Internal Use only Local Symposiums Lead (Hilir) Marketing Strategy Building Business Foundation New Target Doctors  CE Program Jul Dermatologist Pediatrician PIT PERDOSKI Building Business Foundation Nov Jan Heavy User Paediatric Sub Respi Pulmonologist Internal Medicine Dermatologist Obsgyn Pharmacolog ENT May Assumption : Call/day = 12 Working day = 213 Strategies & Tactics Lack of Doctors awareness on Evidence Base Natural Medicine 2015 PP Sales of 2014 and Target for 2015 PIT IKA Defend & Boost Loyalty Customer

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