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Professional Background

Transcript: Professional Background Jeremy Wong Work Nassau Community College Adjunct Technical Assistant Adjunct Technical Assistant Description Deployed images to multiple Macintoshes and PC’s on an enterprise level (Windows Deployment Services and Deploy Studio) Provide hardware and software support for MAC and Microsoft Windows Provide training on day to day operations for new student aides and technical assistants Work with project managers to plan and execute technical solutions in a timely and cost effective manner Assisted with the breakdown of various department computers to be moved to the new Student Service Center Setup computers and provided wire management in the new Student Service Center Use remote software to access faculty machines on campus (Remote Desktop Connection and Real VNC) Added newly imaged faculty machines to the NCC domain with the correct naming convention Added newly imaged lab machines to the student domain with the correct naming convention Setup network printers in various departments with the correct naming convention Provided telephone support for faculty members and students all around campus Assisted the banner helpdesk with faculty/student password reset Maintained and organized storage rooms Description Adjunct Instructor Adjunct Instructor Computer Repair Technology 201 & 202 Computer Repair Technology 201 & 202 Class Description Class Description This course is designed to provide the skills required to install, service and maintain personal computers and their peripheral devices. Topics include microcomputer fundamentals; PC hardware; the addition or replacement of field replaceable modules; installation and configuration procedure for various devices; common problems associated with each module and troubleshooting techniques. Microprocessor support systems, memory systems, on-board I/O, expansion slots, system board upgrading and troubleshooting conclude the course. Telecommunication Technology 253 & 254 Telecommunication Technology 253 & 254 An introduction to the technology and terminology of Local Area Networks (LANs) will be presented. The topologies, transmission media, network interfaces, and the access methods will be examined. Shared resources and interconnecting of LANs will be explored. Lectures, interactive learning and demonstrations will be employed Class Description Class Description Skills Skills Description Advanced knowledge in all Windows based Operating Systems (XP, 7, 8.1, 10 Enterprise, Server 2008/2012 R2) Advanced knowledge in Virtual Machines (VMware, Hyper-V, and Virtualbox) Advanced knowledge in Remote Desktop Connection and TeamViewer Advanced knowledge in Troubleshooting Network Problems (Connection issues, Network Printers, File Servers) Advanced knowledge in MAC OS-X, MAC Office 2011/2016, MAC OS Installation (New Install/Upgrade) Intermediate knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite 2010/2013/2016 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Advanced knowledge in Computer Hardware/Software Build, Repair and Upgrade Advanced knowledge in laptop repair and upgrades (Motherboards, LCD screens, RAM, CPU, SSD/HDD) Worked with MySQL for school projects Knowledgeable in Windows Deployment Toolkit and Acronis True Image Exceptional Multi-Tasking and Time management abilities Certification as a Cabling Specialist Pier 1 and 2 Built desktop computer systems from scratch (Motherboards, RAM, CPU, SSD/HDD, Overclocking) Description Empire State University Education Education New York Institute of Technology Briarcliffe College Nassau Community College Present - M.A. in Learning and Emerging Technologies (online) Empire State University Empire State University Recieved - B.A. Information Technology with Concentration in Internet Security New York Institute of Technology New York Institute of Technology Recieved - A.A.S in Computer Repair Technology Nassau Community College Nassau Community College Briarcliffe College Briarcliffe College Recieved - A.A.S in Networking and Computer Technology

Professional Background

Transcript: Since I work at a technical high school, this program couldn't suit my needs any better. I am excited to learn about the new (and old) technologies I can implement in the classroom. I am excited to show my colleagues everything I have learned. High School Where I realized that Mathematics is indeed my strong suit. I was able to excel with little effort. My mother was shocked, I told her she should have known my math capabilities because I'm a lefty! ;) Finally, I landed a position at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School. I currently teach Common Core Algebra and Statistics. Our school offers various technology programs that requires the students to become certified in their field in order to graduate. Here I hope to implement many of the new and emerging technologies and hopefully do a good enough job where the otherwise reluctant teachers would willing to utilize as well. I am excited to make a difference! According to my mother, I had trouble with counting money as a child. She states I just couldn't grasp the concept that each bill had a different value. She immediately thought math would NOT be my strong suit. MALET Professional Background Ironic Back Story TIME 2000 My Current Position I decided to pursue a career in teaching. TIME 2000 (Teaching in Mathematics Education) is a rigorous program at CUNY Queens College specific for secondary math teachers. The courses were intense and the training was extensive. However, the hard work was well worth it. Due to the NYS hiring freeze, finding a teaching position was difficult. Throughout college I was working for a Urologist. I started off as the filing girl and moved my way up as the doctors' personal assistant. Throughout my run, I worked for every single department in the practice. Eventually, I became the go-to trainer for new employees where I trained them on our scheduling, billing, and Electronic Medical Records systems. Little did she know.... Progressive Urology

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