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Transcript: "Open lines" are furniture lines that typically most dealerships can sell. Specifying these items, you can be very brand specific. Furniture Bidding COM - Customer's Own Material COM is the most common way of specifying fabric for a piece of furniture. This option is listed in the Price List as an Option. Each piece of furniture specified will need fabric. Typical $45-75/yd Basic Commercial Fabric Requirements: Min. 60,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeck Test) Stain Resistant Finish - Crypton, NanoTex, GoreTex Acrylic Backing is a plus Vinyl or Polyurathane for seats is recommended. This is a legally binding document and it needs to be reviewed for accuracy. Documents should included: Plans - with furniture clearly labeled Specifications of each piece of furniture Requirements of the Bidders General Conditions of the Project Bid Form Liabilities and Responsibilities should be clearly indicated in your documents. The Form of Proposal (Bid Form) should be clear and concise to ensure when you review them you can compare apples to apples. "Open Lines" How to use a dealership A "Main Line" is a major furniture Manufacturer that limits its distribution to specific dealerships/territories. Compliment the architecture Installation & Staging User Manuals Liaison for Client (Mars Hill) Servicing Warranties Relationship Building Dealership Services Use Furniture to divide the space and the use of the space Dealerships Conclusion "Main Lines" Things to Consider when Specifying Furniture Information Collecting Generally Price list are considered Retail Price. The Net price varies by the splits of the individual manufacturer and the relationship to the dealer. Rule of thumb: Take 45% off the List to come up with a budget number of the Net cost. Pricelists are typically updated on the manf. website and those are a good resource to defining a general idea of budget and help specify the individual items. Price Lists COM:Fabric Determine your budget. - Pricing: List is Retail (take 45% off to get a budget number) Create a short list of desired furniture Collect information (web sites!!) on your items - dimensions, finish options, configuration options (ex. arms, casters etc.) highlight things you are unsure of. Organize this list/information by space (Classrooms, Open Area, Conference Room) Enter information on your plan - see how it fits -make changes if you need to and edit your information accordingly. Determine, if required, which pieces are Main Line and tag those items for later review. Pick one or two dealerships to communicate with initially- let them guide you to products and suggestions Decide which products work best for your project and confirm if they are Open or Main Lines. Provide them with a list of items that you will need samples for (ex. student desks) faculty approval. Dealerships do not sell to the public - its industry specific. Dealerships have (2) types of furniture "Main Line" & "Open Line" Dealerships offer industry specific Services. Use your dealers to help guide you Collect detailed information on furniture selected. Provide clear and concise documents Provide a variety of study environments-everyone studies differently.

Template for Research Presentation

Transcript: What recent event is having a similar effect in America? Include details about events that have happened recently that are effected by your event. You may use these resources: Income inequality - Research Project How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? How was your event changed by protests and laws after 1960? 2. What were the effects of your event? details Insert a graphic or video to support More information about effects How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? Be specific about events in the novel that are influenced by the real-life event you are researching. You may include a you tube video from the movie of the novel Insert a video from the research Time Place What led to it? Your research presentation must answer five questions: 1. What is your historical event? 2. What were the effects of your event? 3. How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? 4. What recent event is having a similar effect in America? 5. How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? 1. What is your historical event? Information from research about how the event impacted people To Kill A Mockingbird

Presentation for Professional Practice

Transcript: Biennials, Art Fairs, Awards and Prizes Biennials Whitney Biennial How do you choose the Artists? Various International Biennials - There are many Art Biennials that occur all over the world- A few of the major ones areo Venice Biennialo So Pauloo Shanghai Biennaleo Germany’s dOCUMENTA Biennial o Sydney Biennial Venice Biennial (Most Recent Biennial in 2009) - 53rd International Art Exhibition - The title of the 2009 exhibition is Making Worlds - Ended November 22nd 2009 - With some 90 artists in the main exhibition and 77 countries showing in their own pavilions Venice Biennial (This Year’s 2011 Biennial) - 54th International Art Exhibition - This year’s biennial will be from June 4 to November 27, 2011 - The President of the Venice Biennial is Paolo Baratta - Director of the visual arts section of the biennial is Bice Curiger - The official Art Exhibition of the Biennial is named ILLUMInations and will be presented on Friday 11th March in Rome Art Prizes and Awards International Awards and Prizes GENERAL INFO • One must enter to be considered • Medium restrictions and size restrictions • Most have a general theme that must be commented on in the works • Some are always held in the same place and take place annually or biennially • Prizes range- monetary as well as publication - What is Art Fair - Art Basel & Major International Art Fairs - The Major Fairs in the US - Satellite Fair - Understanding of Art Fairs ' Sales ' Social - Toronto International Art Fair Art Basel art fair - began in Switzerland in 1970 Other significant international art fairs include: ARCO Madrid (Madrid, Spain) Art Cologne (Cologne, Germany) ARTHK (Hong Kong) Frieze Art Fair (London, England) ShContemporary (Shanghai, China) In the US - the major players are Art Basel Miami Beach (a sister fair of Art Basel) founded in 2002 (every December); - and New York City's Armory Show founded in 1994 (every March) Send Documentation by email to: La Biennale de Montréal is produced by the Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal (CIAC)Telephone : (514) The PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE, PARIS (Px3) Deadline: 31st of March Large international art exhibition Occur every 2 years Participation across globe Hosted by a major city Non-commercial Artists invited and selected Art is not for sale Feature artists and country Usually have a theme Cultural tourism - Commercial - Highly popularized market-oriented gatherings of art dealers and their wares - Promote artists & sales of contemporary art -Shopping experience, but one elevated to the level of fine arts Melanie Authier, Central Origin: The Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts have been created jointly by the Canada Council for the Arts and His Excellency the Right Honourable Roméo LeBlanc, Governor General of Canada Eligibility: Any Canadian citizen that works in the field of visual or media arts Amount: 8 awards of $25,000 are available - up to 6 awards for distinguished artistic career achievement in visual and/or media arts Application/Nomination/Unknown: Nomination is done by peers and an independent peer jury of experienced visual and media arts professionals selects the winners. ARCO Madrid FIN Entry Form Examples -The major fairs - focus on blue-chip galleries and expensive artists - Satellite fairs - a more independent, younger galleries, artist projects... >> BTW, blue-chip galleries mean a group of leading galleries such as Gagosian, White Cube, Sadie Coles HQ, Xavier Hufkens, and David Zwirner - The second oldest art biennial - This biennial compromises Brazilian and international art - Curated by Moacir dos Anjos and Agnaldo Farias and a team of guest curators from various backgrounds - The title "There is always a cup of sea to sail in" was inspired by a line by the poet Jorge de Lima (1895 - 1953) in his work Invenção de Orfeu (1952). -The Biennial was divided into six ‘territories’, each with a specific theme and title ShContemporary Geneviève Cadieux, La Voie lactée THE CHARLATAN INK ART PRIZE for the Visual Arts Deadline: 31st of March Claude Gosselin, Executive and Artistic Director, CIAC - Centre international d'art contemporain de MontréalDavid Liss, Artistic Director and Curator at MOCCA - Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, Toronto Yea Jin Song: One winner of the Chelsea International Fine Art Award RBC Canadian Painting Competition TIAF (Toronto International Art Fair) - founded in 2000, held annually at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - Advisory Committee : a group of internationally recognized dealers and industry professionals who advise the Fair on gallery selection and programming - This year : Oct 28-31 (4 days), 12-8pm - More Info & Ticket Purchase : In their rules and regulations, it is stated that “Charlatan Ink LLC reserves the right to display certain works from those hung in the Charlatan Ink Art Prize Exhibition at another venue. Charlatan Ink LLC reserves the right

Presentation for Professional practice

Transcript: things that have inflection my reflective practice How I need to improve Presentation for Professional practice final year of planning The ability to assess learning Work experience in academy settings Make clear link to the curriculum through my planning Understanding governing body view and combine my view of football to build a foundation of what I believe football to be Sport Curriculum External work education Exposing me to developing a season long plan how to assess participants Started to see the value of long term planning on myself and participants Sport curriculum 3 Building my own identity of football Introduction to football coaching Planning Exploring different fundamental of strength and conditioning Participant development look at the different way my planning has changed Building a curriculum. link to my disseration adn how you have to build it arround the participants How I assess the situation and how i approach how i reflection on the situation jobs and placement ive had Basic understanding of Creating link to coaching pedagogy approaches The need for longer term planning Participant Development Strength & Conditioning Internal logic of sport Analysis the situation to help break down the play to understand it with more meaning Becoming a head coach Strength and Conditioning Learning how to cater to different sample You're student practice The strands of the course Changing views on sports through the module Exposed to a different population group e.g. women football you're coaching practice What is next for my development Experience abroad More experience within a academy setting Gaining experience in analysis to build a great understanding of the game. Second year of planning Experience My first stages of planning Dissertation your ambitions and how I've changed thought about each of these areas have change over the last 3 years you're personal practice Reflection on my practice Who what How

Template for MFM presentation

Transcript: Weekly MFM Didactic conference Quarterly MFM/Neonatolotgy joint conference Quarterly fellow-led U/S conference Quarterly Research meetings Quarterly M&M, Journal Club MFM/Mayo joint journal club twice yearly Monthly Fetal Echo conference Shelly Tien, MD, MPH 2015 Northshore Medical Group Evanston, IL Marijo Aguilera, MD Yasuko Yamamura, MD 2008 University of Minnesota Program Basics West Bank Community Involvement Committee Other Great Things About Our Program Moonlighting allowed Opportunities for international work Cultural and socioeconomic diversity of patient population and community Affordable cost of living Year 3 Laura Coultrip, MD Estimated Salary U of MN Medical Center 3-year fellowship 1 fellow per year 3 hospitals Current Fellows Year 2 PGY5: $59,081 PGY6: $61,155 PGY7: $63,111 Conferences Questions? 20 PTO days/year for years 1 & 2 25 PTO days for year 3 Can take in 1/2 day increments up to 1 week per block Conferences do not count against PTO Jessica Nyholm, MD 2010 University of Minnesota $1200 yearly administrative stipend $7500 research fund Department laptop Abbott Northwestern HCMC Welcome to the University of Minnesota Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine! Free parking at all sites Meal cards Medical and dental Life insurance Liability and disability insurance Paid maternity/paternity leave Other Resources Training Sites Previous Fellows Minnesota! Primary research year 3 months clinical Other Program Benefits Vacation Policy Year 1 Minneapolis Twin Cities Teaching Bethany Hart, DO Year 3 Lisa Gill, MD Year 1 Gauri Luthra, MD Year 2 9 residents per year (36 total) MFM rotation coverage: 3rd-year resident on MFM days 2nd-year resident on MFM days 3rd-year resident on MFM night float 2nd-year resident on Ultrasound 12 med students on OBGYN Clerkship rotations Breakdown of Rotations by Year St. Paul Monisha Gidvani, MD 2011 Obstetrix Medical Group Dallas, TX Lauren Giacobbe, MD 2013 Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine/High Risk Pregnancy Ctr Las Vegas, NV Clinical Experience Faculty Jessica Swartout, MD 2009 CentraCare Clinic St. Cloud, MN Wide variety of pathology Major referral center for northern Midwest region Diverse patient population Clinical year 8 months at the U (2 months ultrasound, 2 months L&D, 2 months genetics, 2 months of MFM) 1 month at HCMC, 2 months ANW (MFM, ICU) 1 month Research 6 months research 6 months elective Katherine Jacobs, DO 2014 Obstetrix Medical Group Fort Worth, TX - University of Minnesota Starting summer 2015 Marijo Aguilera, MD 2012 MN Perinatal Physicians/ Abbott Northwestern Hospital

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