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Product Launch Presentation Template

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Product Launch Presentation

Transcript: O ROI TAGLINE cti SECOND PRINT AD $200,000.00 $500,000.00 TV CHANNELS U Promotion 56% Sound/Vibrating Pillow Lightbulb with speaker Technology (low) O 7% Advertising Tactics Provide discounts, incentives and free samples Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising BUDGET Amazon Store High Quality Speakers After all, you can't snooze life!" "15 to 20% of the U.S. population is "consistently late" CAMPUS OUTREACH Social Media tra Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising LITTLE MONEY Website STORYBOARD - VIRAL VIDEO (ONLINE) $460,800.00 Contest Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising $200,000.00 Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. DON'T MISS IT! SECOND TV FLIGHT D Brand personality - fun, humorous, party atmosphere Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising After all, you can't snooze life!" 15-20% H POP-UP STORES/KIOSK FIRST TV FLIGHT Students (currently enrolled in college). Medium/high household income (U$ 40,000 – U$ 80,000) 60% men, 40% women - advertising focus. UE Boom Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising DON'T BE LATE FOR LIFE! MAGAZINES Full Page - 2 months Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising MEDIA SELECTION - Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising Educate the target audience about the product and its benefits gy Heavy internet users. Spend majority of their time on college campus. Possess smartphones - rely on smartphone for everything. Use social networking daily, multiple times per day. Stay up late studying or spending time with friends. Have early morning classes and/or work. Tactics Amazon Echo FIRST PRINT AD Successfully introduce Wake n’ Roll into the market. TV COMMERCIAL YOUNG ADULTS MICROSITE Frequency: monthly Circulation: 2.000.000 Price (high) Bluetooth CONTEST PRIZE HANDOUTS & COLLATERAL Full Page - 2 months $ Price (low) bje Moving Alarm Clock Wake n' Roll Y WORD OF MOUTH WAKE N' ROLL Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising ONLINE ADVERTISING DON'T MISS LIFE! 18 $800,000 NI during first fiscal year. Product \ $60,000.00 Don't miss life! 6 months Moving Alarm Clock ( survey by Proudfoot Consulting) MEDIA 20 structures + 20 rep x 6 months PRINT AD Clocky UE Boom Amazon ECHO Bose Soundlink Cell phone Alarm Function Traditional Alarm Clocks N Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising Perceptual Map Media time in NY, Boston, SF and LA for 2 months Educate target market about the benefits of using Wake n’ Roll. Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising THREATS Traditional Alarm Clocks 5 winner - $100,000,00 Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising SOCIAL MEDIA $480,000.00 $360,000.00 istribution Online Marketing Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising Guerilla Marketing MEDIA SELECTION Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising OPPORTUNITIES Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising COMPETITORS BUSY LIFE CHART (MEDIA) Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising oal Frequency: bi-weekly Circulation: 1.400.000 G of the U.S. population is "consistently late" of Americans own a smartphone (64%) of Americans between 16 and 34 years old use their smartphone as an alarm (38% use either a clock radio or an alarm clock) use their smartphones do listen to music. POP-UP STORE/KIOSK Smartphone innovations (more powerful speakers and apps) Smartphone alarm clocks are free (they come with the phone). Unknown brand. TV Vibrating Sleep Mask Frequency: monthly Circulation: 6.700.000 WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA GUERILLA MARKETING OBSERVATION T te { Media time in NY, Boston, SF and LA for 2 months 25 Campus Outreach E-commerce (Website) Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising GUERILLA MARKETING / CONTEST Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising UCSD - 2015 Creative Advertising Strategies Instructor: Michael Baehr Clocky A Coupons - 20 campus x 8 rep x 30 days TIMELINE Micro Site National Launch Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising ves Scale 48% Product Extension TARGET MARKET S Pop-up Stores/kiosks $430,000.00 Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising $1,650,000.00 Pop-up Store Positioning Goodle ad words + ad placement - 6 months Technology (high) FILIPE ALBERGONI PAULINE NOCI MICHAEL GARCIA $1,650,000.00 WEBSITE $49.99 Print 2/3 K Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising CENTRAL TRUTH Frequency: monthly Circulation: 3.000.000 Coupons, Flyers, etc. 6 MILLION Wake N' Roll | Strategy | Advertising

Product Launch:

Transcript: New customer for Nuby effective December 2015 Who has the NLF? What data is on the NLF? Has this been checked? Have the EAN Codes been checked? Have prices been checked? Has the customer been set up on all relevant systems, including Sage for invoicing purposes? Has the pallet configuration been checked? what are the contractual Terms and Conditions to supply the new customer? should Supply Planning be aware of any specific terms e.g. possible fines for late or incomplete delivery? If so, how is this to be handled? Is commitment to buy based on volume? If so, what has been agreed? Get input from team of any other relevant areas to investigate, check and action. Objective.. to launch 22 lines into a new retailer - Poundworld - distribution aimed for 300 stores effective December 7, 2015 Where does launch fit with other Nuby business? Is there an annual/annualised promotions plan in place, updated and circulated? Is a range plan for all customers and products in place, updated and circulated? What other priority promotions are taking place around the time of the launch? What can I learn about seasonality of product from this team? e.g. launch is prior to Christmas so is an uplift expected on top of expected category demand? Time frame...... Supply Chain...... Launch 7 December 2015 Firm and confirmed order to be received by 3 August 2015 to allow for 20 weeks lead time How is the lead time broken down? Does is cover additional customer requirement for new product /ranging? What is the order to delivery lead time launch? ongoing demand? What is the MOQ for launch? ongoing demand? has the pallet configuration been checked and communicated if not already on NLF? What is the freight agreement? Have EAN codes been communicated accurately? Are there any new products to Nuby UK to be supplied to this customer? if so all material master set up needs to be verified. How will the customer place orders? What is the cut off time for orders? Have prices been agreed and input? What are the current/new safety stock settings on each product? Are they optimum for the new business: allow for flexibility? "Everything's £1..... (in store...) Discount retailer pro-brand Have an online presence with Poundworld Plus which is multi-price Have a multi-price high street offer through Bargain Buys Head office in Normanton, North Yorkshire 1 DC, also in Normanton Work with the customer..... What epos data is available? Who gets this? How often? What is the rate of sale? Is this reflected accurately in the current forecast? What can we learn to take forward with other new launches? Marketing and Merchandising Understand the Customer.......... Product Launch: into Post Launch........ Assumed........ Master Data set up and checks........ Commercial agreements......... What lead time are we working to for the launch product (order to DC)? Is this lead time the same for ongoing demand? How will orders be placed? Do orders require acknowledgement? Have NLF's been submitted? What is the agreed MOQ for launch product? Is this the same for ongoing demand? Are there any supply issues from competitors in the category (Disney, Little Stars) that we should plan around? What is happening in that category in the stores that we need to factor in for demand purposes?

Product Launch

Transcript: Post-Launch 1 – Situation analysis. Two-pronged analysis : External environment, elements outside the company. Internal analysis, capabilities and sustainability of the company. 2 – Marketing Strategy Segmentation Targeting Product Positioning within the target market Value Proposition for the target market Examples of rules managers take into account in launch timing Product launching DOs & DON’Ts Chosing launch timing Introduction 3 – Marketing Mix Decisions Product Price Place Promotion Once the marketing process done, this is time to focus one the Pre-Launching stage. 8 points necessary to the pre-launching : Create awareness Build a strong buzz Create anticipation Build email and social Opt-in lists Validate launching strategy Optimize launching strategy Sales copy optimization from feedback Marketing message optimization from feedback International Product Launching System Should a company wait until the product is finished to launch it ? Before launching a product, a marketing management process has to be done. There are 3 steps in this process. DO – Launch a child-friendly product around the holidays DO – Launch a product just before an industry trade show DON’T – Launch a product in July or August in Europe Is there a demand for your product ? Is the product convenient to use ? Do you have a competitive advantage over your competitors ? Is the product ready to be shipped ? Pre-Launch Launch International product launching system requires work and research during and after the launch. There are three phases :


Transcript: Too who? On the 15th of November 2013 we will have a promotional party in order to gather as many people as possible to educate them on the new product that we want to launch. The month leading up to the launch date, so from the 1st of November until the 30th will be when we start to put all the infomaton in the magazines and newspapers to make sure people get enough notice about the product. Launch Date In order to make our clients happy and satisfied, we will need to give a few discounts and promotional give aways. This will ensure a successful beginning for our product. By giving these promotional giveaway's to clients, we are satisfying them to make sure they stay with the company for future products and services. We are going to campaigning to launch the new 'Dream Wedding Package' for the business Vektor. This will include a package deal for the bits and bobs that a wedding will need to fulfill someones dream wedding, We will be promoting this product/service on Social Networking sites as these are the most popular and used sites on the web. We will also need to this offer on general websites in our case it would be on other wedding websites. Future clients who are looking at weddings are more likely to see this offer on a wedding website rather than on an ordinary website. We are also planning to Email/Text/Contact our current clients to tell them about this new product that we are willing to launch. This will also be put onto our own website to show new customers about out new product/service we are going to launch on the 30th of November 2013. Dream Wedding Package PRODUCT LAUNCH! Topic 5 Time Scales we are planning to launch this product/service on the 30th of November 2013, this is ideal as it is in the time of Christmas weddings as they seem to be very popular. Also for Spring and Summer weddings we have a longer time to promote this product. Promotional Giveaways.

Product Launch

Transcript: Launch Tactics Market Testing Launch Budgeting Launch Strategy Launch Tactics Lodish et al., 2007 "firms that thoroughly test the product in use and in advertising, study customer feedback during and after launch, and carefully interpret the findings of market testing have a substantially better chance of success”. Betaglucare Hultink et al., 1997: 245 1. Confirm and Monitor Product development timelines 2. Secure initial reference customers 3. Secure external support for your product 4. Define partnering opportunities 5. Include Channel/distributers in launch Influence of an overwhelmingly powerful manager and failure to effectively delegate tasks Overemphasis on cost minimization at the expense of the product quality and development Failure to place sufficient emphasis on the customers' preferences. Costs for public relations Online Marketing Channel marketing programs Events What about traditional and direct marketing? Partner Consultation Market Testing Launch Checklist Launch Budgeting Launching a Product Launch Strategy Di Bendetto (1999: 541) Product Launch More narrow in scope than Launch Strategy Elements include: Branding Product assortment Disctribution channels Pricing Policy Barriers to Launch Firm, Market and Product level Key questions are: What to launch? Where to launch? When to launch? Why to launch? Ledwith & O’Dwyer, 2008: 106 Market Testing and Target Market Theoretical Background Launch Budgeting Reference List Launch in Practice - Betaglucare Promotion Millward & Lewis (2005) Barriers to Launch

Product Launch Presentation

Transcript: High luminous LED lantern Pocket sized Low cost Charge by solar panel 150 Lumens ( maximum ) 3 mode of brightness ( high,medium,low ) Flashing mode Battery indicator light Nokia cell phone battery and rechargeable by solar panel. Heat sink is not working Battery level indicator light is not working properly Holes on the case No battery charging indicator light Produce some audio noise Aluminum heat sink with mica insulator and screws with nuts to put everything together Battery level indicator light ( bicolor LED to show different status of battery) Battery charging indicator light ( same bicolor LED is used to show the status) PCB layout redesign ( to eliminate the holes on the case) What is UltraBrite 150 ? Share of people without electricity access for developing countries, 2008 Why we need it ? Source from: Where to use? What’s wrong with the original product? Present by : David Balla, Thong Yang Kee, Michael Flynn, Prosper Zoumanigui, HeYang Guan Faculty Advisor : Prof. Paul Ruden Corporate Advisor : Patrick Delaney Source from: Product Launch Presentation Original Product Source from : Solutions Off - Grid Locations Interior Lighting Signal light ( bicycle ) UltraBrite 150 Source from:

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