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Product Application Inside Sales Presentation Template

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Inside Sales

Transcript: Know your team Be familiar! * How can we improve the win rate without compromising the morale and efforts of the rep? 1. Get new business 3. Improve existing business Tracking Success Do the hard work! Be a facilitator What are your goals? Questions Answered Quantity Time is of the essence, so we need to be able to predict which dead accounts to pursue actively. What separates YOU from the faces they see every day? 1. New business 2. Dead business 3. Existing business 1. Product associations- Knowing the products allows you to maximize the potential of a customer. 2. Back-ordered products- Can be used to get a foot in the door. 3. New opportunities- Be flexible. Associate products! 1. US Compounding is well equipped to formally train new employees on products, tools and strategies. Bottom Line Basic Strategies 1. Computer Software -Research, Keeping score 2. Clinic Services - Get them on your team! 3. Support - Advocate frequent communication 4. Marketing Material - Only use valuable material! 4. Teammates - Don't be afraid to ask! 5. Leadership - Be transparent so they know how to keep you motivated. 1. Computer software (RESEARCH!) 2. Phone 3. Email 4. Fax 5. Cards/Shipping US Compounding Sales Training Item Assumption Actual Quota (ISR) $10,000 $3,600 Deal Size $500 $300 Deals Won 20 12 Opportunities 300 220 Win Rate 6.67% 5.45% Predicting value in dead accounts 2. The inside sales team will meet periodically to discuss winning strategies and adaptation techniques. This will allow us to reach maximum potential as a team. Know your tools *The most important figure on this list, starting out, might be the "Deal Size" because that number will probably be a consistent figure that we can base our strategies around in the future. Use your position! 2. Revitalize dead accounts Relationships Built Resources 1. Autonomy 2. Variety 3. Community 4. Opportunity *We need to be able to research previous objections so that we can predict what objections we will face with a given account. *History can be a good indicator of volume in dead accounts. I don't believe that it should be the only indicator. Know your target Know yourself Be more than just a salesman. Robot telemarketing doesn't work! Inside Sales Keep their interest in progress. How to prepare *As reps, we need to know when to cut ties with an account. What are indicators that an account will not be valuable? Provide distinct services! Know your products * This is only a starting point until we gather sufficient data to compose our own models. This should not be used as a meter-stick for performance as we really don't know what to expect. Make inside sales appealing! Problems Solved Success, in this position, has many different faces. Recognizing those faces of success is very important. At the end of the day, how and where did you win? How can you get more wins tomorrow? Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Valuable Feedback New Business Performance Scale 1. Leadership 2. Teammates a. Service b. Support c. Outside Reps d. Inside Reps Set up for their lay-up.

Inside Sales

Transcript: Purpose: To grow together as a team and make Xeno a billion dollar company. The Road Ahead Inside Sales Past Week Target Goals Status: 0/100 This is unfortunate because 2 demos that were scheduled for Vidit could not be completed due to his health issue, we will cover up in the next week. Oxemberg Nandhana Palace Aditya Birla - Collective Genesis Afsana Nandhana Palace ( Completed) Columbia Sports (Rescheduled) Afsana ( Rescheduled) Demos Completed Learnings Means "Learning" in Urdu Jawed Habib, a Fortune 500 company having around 800 Stores but they have a pure FRANCHISE based model. Oxemberg, 85 stores is using Hansa Cequity. It is a CRM and we need understood the difference in our offerings. Deals like these educate us about new products in the market which might be perceived similar by the end customer. How to handle the objection of Price negotiation in first call - Collective. Unavailability of POC in the higher management. Reactivating an old deal which has been scoped properly - Celio Figuring out the brand hierarchy for brands like Reliance and Aditya Birla. Gros rocher Big Rocks ("Big Rock" in French) We would like to update on the impact next week, because next week we will be working on the Xeno universe which has been defined which will make our current process more optimized, we will have defined targets for the next 180 days & it will become a lot easier to measure our growth. Impacto Impact ("Impact" in Spanish) Pipeline ("Pipeline" in Arabic) Abhinav SSIPL Oxemburg Jawed Habib Avirate Luxottica Swatch Landmark Group- MAX Fashion Relaxo Footwear GOSSIP SHOES ESBEDA AHAD RETAIL AFSANA Kama Ayurveda Ethos Watches ADITYA BIRLA - ALLEN SOLLY TOONZ AMERICAN EAGLE Clai GOLI Vadapav Pantaloons (Aditya Birla) Pantaloons Peperone Baggit Humpty Dumpty Headmasters Pallavi Being Human Speedo Killer Jeans Easybuy William Penn V2 Spar Hypermarket AMPM Manyavar BREYA AROMA BAKERY Aditya Next week goals Work on the lines of Xeno Universe. Work on 20 brands - Abhinav and Aditya. This will be the pipeline for the next 30 days. Work on 15 brands - Pallavi and Aarushi, This will be the pipeline for the next 30 days. Weekly target will be shared once we begin with the process of Xeno Universe. Quote of the Day A great man once said " Do not focus on fame...Focus on Learning" Special Mention "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands *clap* *clap*"

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