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Process Map Template Powerpoint

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Process Powerpoint

Transcript: By Dora Le & Ann Lung AP Rhet Period 1 1 What Is Process? 2 3 Understanding Process Explanations 4 Planning depict the process accurately distinguish what usually and occasionally happens mentally tests all steps in sequence 5 6 use transitions use transitional words and phrases ensure step leads to the next 7 Structuring A Process Essay Congradulations thank you How To Write A Process Essay describe unfamiliar equipment or material three sections explains how to do something use clear & consistent discussion interrupted only for definitions, explanations, or cautions Goal College writing-calls for instructions to persuade present information include clear thesis statement thesis-identifies process & must provide clear logical transitions explain reasons for performing the steps Using Process define terms transitions-establish sequential and chronological relationships can be instructions or process explanation Presents events in strict chronological order now you know how to write a process essay enables readers to perform a process uses present tense speaks directly to the readers keep reader's needs in mind avoid unneccary shifts in tense/mood easy as 1,2,3 is important too does not need a formal conclusion reinforce thesis Introduction (why it is performed) examples: first, second, meanwhile, in conclusion, finally, etc. body reviews the procedure's major stages conclusion Clarity is extremely important Understanding Instructions Help understand how it's carried out use 1st or 3rd person past or present tense style of process explanation varies Accomodating your audience identifies the process include information about materials present overview of the process thesis is stated each treats one major stage CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

Process Map

Transcript: Process For Developing Learning Resources Reviews and approves 'brief' and 'service request' if required Completes QA and submits final product to BLM The end! BM Brief consultants BM HELP? Arrange meeting with QLI if help is needed to estimate effort, dates and/or costs (QLI may call on ... Neena BM & client Forwards aproved work to QLI Unit BM I may request a meeting of all parties if deemed necessary: the QLI unit, the BM and the Consultant. 5 Jacqui Francoise 1 9 Reviews and accepts work Notes QLI Unit Lynne 4 6 10 2 (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Consultant submits work with a clear set of 'production instructions' Consultant creates draft materials described 'in brief'... Identifies a learning development need QLI & BM 8 Drafts a 'learning resource project brief' and a 'service request' Click here to start Business Manager (BM) RESOURCING CHECKS ... Does QLI have capacity to complete in-house? If not... Is the preferred Consultant available? Jacqui Sandra Dave 7 Review and approve work provided (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr 11 Undertakes work in accordance with 'production instructions' CONTENT CHECKS ... Is this work definitely required? Have you looked yet to see if the material exists in our 'Register of Learning Resources'? CLIENT CHECKS ... Have you liaised with your Client? Has your Client approved the proposed content, the approach, your indicative timeline? Have you developed a final blueprint for the Client? ...Jacqui James to assist).

Process Map

Transcript: Path 1: "Novice" patient Path 2: "Experienced" patient pharmanet nurses surgical day-clinic PAR Walk-in clinic reevaluate medications ER/Acute care community support workers Diagnostic labs PharmaNet referral immunization method of dispensing monitor compliance referral homecare workers ICU self-medicate pre-surgical educate palliative take as prescribed? for elderly patients cast clinic prescribe refer educate monitor compliance eating disorders clinic hospice geriatric clinic change lifestyle change medications labs Black text: Minor locations and people store medications Non-Western physcians school nurse rehab rapid access clinic? MedRec PharmaNet referal letter Naturopath co-workers education Specialists midwife internet transfer tertiary care MedRec screening colonoscopy health care professionals community pharmacist Richmond Health Advisory Committee bring home medication history education print PharmaNet residential care patient accepts prescription public health nursing get samples Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists MedRec MedRec referral client adherence client cognition client values cost lifestyle changes decision is made Blue text: Actions and decisions Home Mental health team consulting physicians transitional care programs television and media mental health prescribe refer educate prescribe educate referral monitor compliance med reviews MedRec obtain medication dietician General Practitioner pain clinic specialists discharge to community, home care or other site Therapist prescribiing friends Nurse Practitioner lifestyle changes police community health clinic PAC retail pharmacy pay for meds wound clinic street drugs pushers MedRec prescribe refer educate lifestyle changes daycare family get samples community centre diagnostics prescribe refer CHF transplant clinic ePersonal health record methadone prescribe MedRec medication review educate monitor compliance eye clinic crisis centres mental health Emergency Medical Services education of caregiver educate employer Primary care seek information labour & delivery school med students and residents family caregiver advocate guardian power of attorney for "novice" patients receive medications safe injection education PACU documentation Legend convenience store CCU In-patient home IV therapy prescribe refer educate Community Transitional step-down unit ambulatory care heart function clinic infusion clinic surgical ward medication follow-up renal clinic neighbours funding decisions monitor compliance lifestyle changes Surgery change medications (to discharge) Palliative care radiology Health and Productivity Management discharge MedRec receive medication addiction services support groups Pink text: Major locations and people geriatric change medications Dentist Orthodontist education renal dialysis MAR hospitalists Optometrist ulcer clinic referral diabetic clinic medication history can patient manage own medications? OR surgeons MedRec health care professionals discharge summary admitting respiratory clinic COPD prescribe medical tourism BC health guide change medications MedRec foot clinic advertising monitor compliance outreach Out-patient clinics library decide to stop taking or request meds education order medications online or by mail refer worksafe BC seniors centre dialysis/renal facility RN facility GP pharmacists residential care workers case managers assistant practitioners nurses home and community care ICBC for "experienced" patients doctor-shopping in-home pharmacist Long-term care Medical ward cancer oncology social assistance oncology cystic fibrosis prescribe monitor compliance education cross-border shopping assited living health units Homecare borrow friend's meds Community Pharmacy MedRec at transfer or referral Outpatient Antimicrobial Therapy hospital pharmacists share medications stroke anesthesiologists Nurseline public health services MedRec monitor compliance communicate with GP non-profits health food and vitamin stores anticoagulant clinic

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