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Transcript: Social Media Negatively Affects Teens By: Kaitlyn Nease Problem Many teens are affected by the negative impacts of social media Some issues are mental health related while others have impacts on their personal relationships Problem Proper self-control and time management should be taught to teens to reduce the increase of the issues resulting from social media. Effects Some may include: Addiction Negative Self-esteem Anxiety Cyber-bullying Poor reputation Effects from social media Addiction Addiction Teens fall behind in school 50% of teens say they feel addicted to their mobile device, as well as 59% of parents feel their teen is addicted to their mobile device. (Monroe) Withdrawal from in person conversation Self-esteem Self-esteem Tends to decrease with the increase of social media loss of self-esteem, especially in teenage girls, when they compare themselves negatively with artfully curated images of those who appear to be prettier, thinner, more popular and richer. (Miller) Anxiety Anxiety People may experience anxiety and withdrawals when unable to check social media Social media’s constant updates leads many individuals to frequently compare themselves to others, which makes them feel inadequate. (Groundwork) A UK government study found that 41% of children who spend over three hours on social media on a normal school day reportedly suffer from mental health difficulties compared with 21% who spend no time on the sites.("Office") Cyber-bullying Cyber-bullying 65% of 8–14-year-old's have been involved in a cyber-bullying incident (“Internet") Children and teens are mostly affected by this, they are often unsure of how to handle it. This eventually can cause teens distress and even depression. Reputation Reputation Things you post on social media can last with you forever Small misunderstandings may cause major harm A 2018 Kaplan Test Prep survey found that 25% of college admissions officers checked an applicant's social media to learn more about them. 42% of these admissions officers discovered information that had a negative impact on prospective students' admission chances. Heather Bullock, Ed.S, LPC Lead Mental Health Counselor Focused questions around how she has seen students impacted by social media Torn between social media being positive and negative Interview Counter-arguments Counter-arguments Social media spreads information faster than any other media. Social media makes it very easy to connect with friends and family as well as making new friends Solution Solution Create a purpose for using the social media app Set limitations Create a positive social media environment Parents should inform their children of the negative impacts of social media Create a purpose Create a purpose for using social media such as checking a page newsletter, searching for an item on Facebook Marketplace, or checking to see if your friend has made a new post. Avoid using social media due to being bored Purpose Set limitations on social media use Limitations • View screen time and set a reasonable goal • If you go over goal, delete the app for the day Create a positive social media environment Positive environment Follow accounts that motivate you Follow positive influencer's Avoid following accounts that you feel yourself comparing your life to Parental Supervision Parental supervision set limits on screen time inform children on dangers monitor what sites are being accessed Works Cited Farid, Sahir. “Teen's Social Media Use Is Drastically Increasing.” Digital Information World, 12 Oct. 2018, Groundwork Counseling. “Is Social Media Increasing Your Anxiety? Orlando Anxiety Counselor Shares.” GroundWork Counseling, 23 Mar. 2017,,themselves%20to%20others%2C%20which%20makes%20them%20feel%20inadequate. Hill, Lexi. “Do You Think That Following an Influencer Has Affected Your Self-Image? .” How Does Social Media Affect Users’ Self Esteem?, 21 Nov. 2017, “Internet Statistics.” GuardChild, GuardChild, 2021, Works Cited Cont. Works Cited Cont. Joann Pan, “Tweets at the Tables? More of Us Mix Social Media and Food,”, Feb. 29, 2012, Kaplan Test Prep, “College Admissions: The Complete Guide to Social Media,”, July 31, 2018 Miller, Caroline. “Does Social Media Cause Depression?” Common Sense Media: Ratings, Reviews, and Advice,,to%20be%20prettier%2C%20thinner%2C%20more%20popular%2C%20and%20richer Missouri


Transcript: ABOUT US Problem/Solution Report A Case of the Primary Health Care Clinic Joran Straub Professor Durkin Brandman University October 16th, 2017 Problem/Solution Report A Case of the Primary Health Care Clinic Joran Straub Professor Durkin Brandman University October 16th, 2017 Problem/Solution Report A Case of t... PROBLEM SOLUTIONS Joran Straub Professor Durkin Brandman University October 16th, 2017 Problem/Solution Report A Case of the Primary Health Care Clinic The primary objective of any healthcare facility is to enhance patient safety as well as improve the quality of healthcare service delivery to patients. Healthcare organizations, including the Primary Health Care Clinic, has a legal, ethical, and social responsibility of ensuring that patients receive the suitable and appropriate healthcare services that they require. For the clinic to achieve its set goals and objectives, it has to design and implement appropriate measures that align with the goals and expectations of patients, healthcare providers, and the public in general. Even though walk-in clinics are a gradually common aspect of today’s health care framework, the quality of service they offer to patients is the subject of frequent debate. This paper will address the problems facing the Primary Health Care Clinic and suggest recommendations that can be taken to address the problem. Introduction The following are the current problems experienced and witnessed at the Primary Health Care Clinic; Disorganization One of the major challenges facing the clinic is the overall disorganization inside and outside the premise. Typically, the healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and doctors as well as the clinic’s subordinates engage in disorderly activities that result in disorganization in the healthcare facility. Amid the whirl of activities in the Primary Health Care Clinic, patients wait for test results, appointments, and direct communication from healthcare providers that sometimes never come. Furthermore, doctors and nurses cannot effectively communicate to each other and therefore do not provide coherent and consistent information to patients. Current Problems Lack of structure and professionalism In addition to disorganization, the Primary Health Care Clinic also faces the challenge of lack of structure and professionalism. This challenge has resulted in negative reviews from patients and decrease in employee morale and productivity. In the current healthcare framework, service delivery entails various edges and patient handoffs among numerous healthcare professionals with differing degrees of occupational and educational training. Lack of structure and professionalism led to ineffective communication amongst healthcare providers. As a result, ineffective communication establishes instances where medical errors can arise. These errors have the latent of causing detrimental damage or unforeseen patient death. Current Problems Cont.. Walk-in and first-come, first-serve approach The walk-in and first-come, the first-serve approach also poses a challenge to both the patients and the healthcare providers. One unpremeditated effect of this approach is that rather than all patients equally accessing the health care services, only those who can wait in the queues will access the service. Another effect is that the whole framework becomes compromised when patients start to bribe healthcare providers to be seen early. Rather than serving patients on a first-come, first serve basis, the healthcare framework is abused, and those patients who need immediate attention may not be served in time. Current Problems Cont.. Appointment-based structure Utilizing the appointment-based structure is critical because it will prevent the unorganized and chaotic mess that is experienced currently at the healthcare facility. With scheduling appointments, challenges caused by the first-come, first serve strategy will be prevented. The appointment-based structure will mean that patients will have to book appointments with the physician, nurse, or doctor in advance. When the appointment date is due, the patient can access full and uninterrupted session with the physician. Suggested Solutions Patients to be seen by doctors that have seen them before In addition to adopting the appointment-based structure, the Primary Health Care Clinic should also ensure that patients are seen by doctors that have seen them before. When the patient is seen by a physician who he/she had previously consulted, it means that the physician knows the patient’s medical history and thus a significant amount of time will be saved. In this case, the patient and the doctor can interact freely, and the healthcare issue of the patient can be easily addressed. Furthermore, due to the familiarity of the patient’s health condition and medical history, the physician can serve a lot of patients in a day. Suggested Solutions Cont... Imposing set working hours To maximize the number of patients served

Problem/Solution Presentation

Transcript: - 1 in 7 Students in Grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying. - 56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school. - 15% of all school absenteeism is directly related to fears of being bullied at school. - 71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school. Work of literature: "Go Ask Alice" by Beatrice Sparks Quote: “I wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone in this whole world. I wouldn't hurt them physically or emotionally, how then can people so consistently do it to me? Even my parents treat me like I'm stupid and inferior and ever short. I guess I'll never measure up to anyone's expectations. I surely don't measure up to what I'd like to be.” Problem: THANK YOU ! Solution: Have a more serious consequences for bullying. - Offender experience jail time. - Offender get suspended from school or work. - Offender has to spend time in rehabilitation or counseling for bullies. Bullying: Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. SOLUTIONS Problem/Solution Presentation: Beware of the Bully Preventative measures are already set in place to eliminate bullying; however, bullying is not diminishing as much as we expect. People all over the world can participate in creating a bully-free world by adjusting their own actions. Bullying claims the lives of many people each year, and it is our job to ensure that we protect others from its evil clutch. By: Aaliyah Bullock Don't be afraid to intervene or get help! This is something that many people avoid because they do not want to seem lame or be put into someone's business, but this could make all the difference. Problem: Solution: Educate people on bullying and its effects. Most of the time bullying is not acknowledged until a life is taken or something else serious happens. CONCLUSION Solution: PROBLEMS Problem: Bullying is an offense that plagues the nation. It can happen at home, in the workplace, at school, etc. Many people turn their cheeks to these attacks because they do not understand the seriousness or the repercussions bullying can have.

Problem Solution Presentation

Transcript: Researcher Sylvia DeRuvo (2009) suggests that proactive discipline plans involving clear and concise rules and expectations, short and clear lesson presentation, preparing students for transitions, and the use of signals to get students attention work effectively to manage disruptive behavior. These strategies rely on positive reinforcement designed to change student behavior instead of just stopping the negative behavior temporarily. There is no problem! - Provide physical activity in and between lessons to release built up energy! -Make fidgets -Provide tasks to refocus students -Praise positive behavior to provide examples of the expectations The teacher in the problem above is constantly reminding Isaac to sit down. This becomes a disruption to the act of teaching and is a problem created by the teacher, for interrupting the lesson to discipline Isaac. Instead of pointing out Isaacs’ negative behavior, give praise and reward when desirable behavior is being displayed. This is important because it teaches students to not expect criticism all the time and provides Isaac with a clear example of the expectations. Useful Suggestions Stop being critical Solution 3: Sylvia DeRuvo Solution 2: Levin & Nolan Solution 1: National Institute of Mental Health Molly Waldron References: DeRuvo, S. (2009). Strategies for teaching adolescents with adhd: Effective classroom techniques across the content areas, grades 6-12. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass. Levin, J., & Nolan, J. (2010). Principles of classroom management: A professional decision making model. (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health. (2008). Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (08-3572). Retrieved from NIH Publication website: Proactive planning Problem: Isaac, a bright happy child, can't sit still. His teacher is constantly reminding him to sit down. He will comply happily then two minutes later he's dancing in place at his desk doing his work. Levin and Nolan (2010) indicate that a discipline problem is a behavior that interferes with teaching, the rights of others to learn, destroys property and is psychologically or physically unsafe. If Isaacs’s behavior is not interfering with his classmates’ right to learn and he is completing his work it is a waste of valuable instructional time for the teacher to correct his behavior. If Isaacs’ dancing is distracting other students the teacher can move Isaac to a place in the classroom to do his work where his dancing will not interfere with his other classmates learning.

Problem and Solution Presentation

Transcript: Conclusion By eliminating all posisble distractions while being on the road as a driver and even a passanger in a automoblie we can prevent the cause of future accidents and injuries. We can put our full time attention and focus on the road. With also being more aware of our surroundings while driving. Solutions - Put your phone down/ powering off your phone. - Do not eat while driving - If you are feeling tired pull to the side of the road and rest to prevent falling asleep while driving. - Practice defensive driving - Limiting the number of passangers in your car can lead to less distractions. So you can keep your eyes on the road 1. Introduction Do you ever just want to text your friends back while your driving? "About 400 fatal crashes happen each year as a direct result of texting and driving. That number increases to over 30,000 when you consider distracted driving as a whole, according to the NHTSA." Works Cited The Problem Example - Your friends snapchat you asking if you want to hangout. You take your eyes off the road for two seconds and you slam into the back of the car in front of you. Example - Dropping your phone as your checking it, reaching down and not seeing the road. This can cause you to run into a pole or tree "Distracted driving remains a major roadway safety threat, involving talking or texting on mobile devices, eating, talking to passengers. Causes/Affects : - Being Distracted while driving can affect everyone on the road around you - Many injuries can occur like broken bones, head injuries (concusions, brain damage) - Even sudden death History - - In 2001 New York passed the first law banning hand-held cellphone use while driving. - In 2011 the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that all states prohibit drivers from using cellphones, the first federal agency to call for a complete ban on telephone conversations from behind the wheel Thesis Being Distracted while driving concludes to be a very big problem for everyone on the road. It can cause many different negative outcomes. It increases the risk of injuring yourself or even others. Being Distracted While driving

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