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Transcript: Characterizing Litchi chinensis through ABTS Radical Scavenging Assays and Folin-Ciocalteu Method Ayat Agha Professor Brian Rafferty, PhD Professor Adolfina Koroch, PhD Borough of Manhattan Communtiy College Conclusion Materials & Methods Data & Result Abstract Introduction Over many years, alternative medicinal plants have been used to treat various sicknesses. Litchi chinensis, also known as Lychee, is a fruit of the soapberry family. Native to Eastern India, Southeast Asia, and China, the fruit used to treat the common cold, kidney problems, and to help fight viruses. The fruit is known to contain high antioxidants levels (-carotene, Vitamin C, epicatechin, rutin) with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. The objective of this study is to prepare extracts from fruit’s coat, pulp, and seeds then evaluate their potential antioxidant and total phenolic capacity. Each part of the fruit was dried and ground to a fine powder. The powders were placed in boiling water for 15 minutes creating extracts. Total phenolic content was determined using the Folin-Ciocalteu method. The antioxidant levels were determined using the ABTS radical scavenging assay. The highest content of phenolics and antioxidant capacity was found in the coat of the fruit. In future research, the extracts from the fruit will be applied to human cell lines from both the oral cavity and the intestinal tract. We will determine at what concentration are the extracts considered cytotoxic to the cells. This will be monitored though MTT proliferation assay and LDH leakage assay. Once a viable concentration is found, we will expose our cells to begin testing the anti-inflammatory properties. We expect the coat to remain consistent in reporting high levels of anti-inflammatory properties as well. Why Litchi Chinensis? High Antioxidant Levels Vitamin C Rutin beta-Carotene Epicatechin Seed is known to be poisonous Contains methylene cycloglycine Materials and Methods Preparing the Extracts Preparation of the Extracts The samples used to make the extracts were commercial dried samples of the whole fruit. The fruit was taken apart by hand and separated by coat, pulp, and seed. Folin-Ciocaltue Method Folin-Ciocaltue Method 04 02 2 3 03 Gallic Acid 1 4 ABTS Radical Scavenging Assays ABTS Radical Scavenging Assays Data & Results Total Phenolic Content THE PROBLEM Antioxidant Levels Antioxidant Levels Conclusion Final Thoughts Key findings Future Research Timeline 3. 2. 4. 1. References References

Prison Presentation

Transcript: By: Madelyn De La Rosa Prison Presentation Prisoners: Prisoners Joshua Hammond: Sentenced to 20 years in prison for aggravated burglary. Aggravated burglary may occur where a burglar commits the crime using a deadly weapon, or if the structure that is entered is a personal home. Amanda Lee: Sentenced to life in prison for arson. Where someone starts a fire with the intent to harm or kill someone else, an arson conviction can bring a life sentence. Normal Prison Life Prison Life What they eat: Breakfasts usually consist of a danish, cereal (hot or cold), and milk. Regular meals consist of chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, lasagna, burritos, tacos, and fish patties. Most prison food in the United States is prepared with the blast-chill method, which allows a large number of meals to be prepared and then reheated at meal times.Inmates may also purchase food at the prison commissary, such as chocolate bars, beef jerky, honey, peanut butter, bread, coffee, and snack cakes. Double click to edit Sleeping in Prison Where prisoners sleep Prisoners for the most part share a cell with a bunkie, which is their roommate. They often switch bunks and try to keep their small spaces organized. Sleeping in prison is difficult in the beginning, because you aren't used to the uncomfortable mat that is given to you as you're bed. Prisoner Activities Include: Activities employment: Some prisoners work in the kitchen serving meals or cleaning, or doing other things around the prison education: They can also take some classes on english as a Second Language, parenting classes, wellness education, adult continuing education, library services sports: Basketball, kickball etc. library time: Catch up on reading material provided by the the prison Example Of Prison Life Video: Services Avalible to Inmates: Available Services Religious services Drug and alcohol prevention groups Women's groups on anger management and domestic violence prevention Life skills classes Group counseling Works Cited Works Cited

Prison: Behind the Bars

Transcript: 1.“10 Fascinating Facts About Prisons You Never Knew.” LOLWOT, 19 Jan. 2016, 2. Borowski, Julie. “18 Facts You Need to Know About U.S. Prisons.” Newsweek, 18 Mar. 2016, 3.“Juveniles and the Death Penalty.” American Civil Liberties Union, 4. Campaign to Confront the Racist Imprisonment Binge. “The Crime and Prison Quiz.” The Crime & Prison Quiz, “Prisoners' Mental Health Issues.” Urban Institute, 7 Apr. 2015, Works Cited: Handout Australia Worthington, Elise. Queensland Prisons Are Grossly Overcrowded, Corrective Services Figures Show. ABC, 29 June 2015, : 1750 BC SHU Inmate automatic transfer law xv qualifications for being transfered into adult court xv advantages and disadvantages of adult court SHU Inmate United States Wagner, Peter, and Bernadette Rabuy. “Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2017 .” Prison - Policy Initiative , 14 Mar. 2017, Juveniles Being Tried as Adults Punishment vs. Reformation Granlund, Dave. “U.S. Prison System.” Odyssey, 7 Aug. 2016, Works Cited Woodford Correctional Center Prison Life in Australia SHU Inmate What is parole? What is the purpose of parole? Is parole serving its purpose, or is it failing horribly? Erbentraut, Joseph. “Germany's Prisons Could Not Be More Different From America's.” The Huffington Post,, 29 Sept. 2015, : 1790 in America (Pennsylvania) “Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried as Adults?”, 2017, both use incarceration to punish offenders x more "inscentive" programs offered for adolescent criminals f audlt correctional facilities focus stringently on punishment f different uses of facilities Incarcerate 1/10th the rate of US Average prison time: 12 months Main focus: rehabilitation More personal freedom Less restrictions upon release Parole FCC Forrest City Arkansas “Support Wabash Valley Prisoners on Hunger Strike!” It's Going Down, BloomingtonABC, 7 Nov. 2017, “More Than Decoration: Art in Juvenile Prisons.” Juvenile In Justice, 13 May 2013, Copy & paste citation Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Murphy, C. “Say No to the Juvenile Death Penalty.” Discussion Forum: What Is Your Opinion on the Juvenile Death Penalty?, Prison: The Purpose Juvenile Detention Cell George Dvorsky. Why Solitary Confinement Is The Worst Kind Of Psychological Torture. 8 Apr. 2018, By: Tatyana Lazareva, Rainni Moran, John Sedrak Germany and Netherlands The Typical Day Prisoners are pit against each other Fuchs, Erin. “6 Reasons Why Prison Is Better In Europe Than America.” Business Insider Australia, 30 May 2014, “Tiny Prison Cell in Alcatraz.”, Goulburn Supermax Juveniles and The Death Penalty Europe vs America The Typical Prison Day Working conditions are unjust Expenses add up quickly Prison Cell “Inside a SHU Cell.” Gorilla Convict, 8 Feb. 2015, Juvenile Detention Centers vs Adut Prisons The Typical Inmate The Typical Prison Day Usually confined for life Extreme measures of confinement Average Inmate “Are Our Children Being Pushed Into Prison?” PBS , Community Collision, Race separated Not solitary Harder jails=harder inmates SHU Solitary Confinement Prison Is putting children in adult prisons unjust or the appropriate action? Inside "World's Nicest Prison" The average inmate The Average Inmate The Issues and How We Can Solve Them retribution incapacitation deterrence rehabilitation .“Harsh Justice: Comparing Prisons Around the World.” Criminal Justice Degree Hub, Prison Life in America -Are prisons reforming offenders, punishing them, or both? -Which should

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Transcript: My paper talks about the federal prison system. In this paper i point out that prisons are expressed, to the public, as rehabilitation facilities, or correctional facilities (in reference to them correcting the behavior of criminals.) that house dangerous people. Little do members of the outside population know, prisons are in actuality, facilities that are over populated with people who are treated lie animals and are created just to satisfy the greed of the government. In my paper I also explore the inner workings of The Nation Trust Foundation which works to take incarcerated men and turn them into positive members of society. Prison: A place of rehabilitation or a governmental form of legal punishment and misconduct? Solution? My Grandfather Garry Mendez Jr. is the founder of The National Trust which is an organization that works to rehabilitate incarcerated men. For years he has worked to expose the truth behind the fact that prisons are not proper forms of rehabilitation, but money making organizations that profit from the number of humans incarcerated. From a professional's View The Re Offenders Rather than having billions of tax payers money go towards housing inmates and eventually repeat offenders, tax money should go towards organizations like The National Trust, which works to rehabilitate prisoners, allowing them to become productive citizens in the community. Prisons are overrun with more than 2.2 million Americans who are currently incarcerated.Out of all inmates, 52 percent are repeat offenders. Where dose the money go? Start @ 3:45-11:00 Stats! The 50 states last year spent about $44 billion in tax dollars on corrections, up from nearly $11 billion in 1987. Rehabilitation is a Possibility 170,588 inmates as of 2007 - 475 inmates per 100,000 state residents Thesis: On Average: "In 2008, over 7.3 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at year-end --- 3.2% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in every 31 adults." - Prison vs.Rehabilitation, Susan Hillman Video Funding The average American prison is found to be 14 percent overcrowded with some prisons carrying 34 percent over their capacity. Our government spends $60 billion annually on corrections.

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Transcript: Hashtags: Include popular hashtags to phrases that potentially followers and clients might use William Tempest, Teen Vogue Magazine, Closer Magazine, The Only Way is Essex cast, Boy George, Jodi Marsh, Hush, Rocket, Cumberland Properties, Mr. Hudson, Aveda, Ben Sherman Educate: Post tweets with links to top stories in the media that are relevant to the drinks and hospitality industry; post tweets about drink menus, offers, general media news Being a boutique agency, we can provide you with everything from design services and consulting to a fully-fledged PR campaign. We will take care of crisis management issues brought forth on your social media sites. Call +44 (0)207 193 0808 Email: Website: Tweet: @TrufflePR PONCHO 8 Day one of the Soho branch’s opening saw a queue that ran round the corner to Frith Street, and #PonchoTeAmo was trending on Twitter. Truffle PR continues to generate press for the restaurants as well as manages the group’s social networking account. Why is Social Media important? Why you should let Truffle help you.. The follower count for @BijouWeddings has more than doubled since we started managing their social media campaigns, which has resulted in increased enquiries from brides-to-be. With our knowledge and experience in social media, we believe we can extend your already excellent reputation, positioning you as a thought leader and an influential authority in your industry. Followers = Awareness = Sales We are a lifestyle PR agency, currently looking after various brands across different sectors, including food and drink, travel and leisure, and fashion. We’re well informed, perceptive, proficient, and accomplished. Perfect for managing social media accounts. “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media. The question is how well we do it.” – Erik Qualman Lets Do Lunch! Poncho 8 has proven hugely popular amongst hungry office workers with their three restaurants located on Liverpool Street, near St. Paul’s and in Soho. With a focus on eclectic Cali-Mex cuisine and quality service, they have become the popular alternative to the characterless sandwich that has become a sorry staple to so many workers’ days. THE SPECIAL K'S We have converted twitter followers into customers for @PonchoNo8, increasing footfall by 47%. H by Harris, Grey Goose Vodka, PPQ, Kobe Bryant, Rio Ferdinand, Young Marmalade, Provisional Marmalade, London Fashion Week. We specialise in carrying out memorable, tailor-made campaigns for our clients using traditional PR methods, as well as via social media campaigns. Case Studies: If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest. Every minute, 24 hours of Video are uploaded to YouTube. Twitter is worth more than Marks and Spencer. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US. Lets Do Lunch! We deliver on the fundamentals – articulate writing, excellent contacts, and flawless execution. CHESS Truffle PR helped launch the most recent of the three venues with a bang, garnering press attendance from every national newspaper, many lifestyle magazines and key influencers from the foodie blogging community. Truffle PR are handling the band’s publicity, taking the group of five to various prestigious events, as well as promoting the release of their forthcoming album, BOA, which comes out in January 2012. Advanced Methods: The Special K’s are the latest band to emerge from the Brighton music scene. 1. Truffle manages Salto’s social media and marketing campaigns, and produces their ambient advertising models. Lets Do Lunch! Case Studies: Truffle PR are handling the band’s publicity, taking the group of five to various prestigious events, as well as promoting the release of their forthcoming album, BOA, which comes out in January 2012. We increased their facebook members by 50% following our experimental marketing campaign at Notting Hill Carnival, and Salto was aired live at The Urban Music Awards on Sky TV. We increased their ROI to 1:33 (for every £1 spent, the sum of £33 was returned). 4. Chess is a new menswear brand set to launch in Spring/Summer 2012, featuring classic and contemporary tailored suiting for the modern man. Truffle manages all public relations for the brand, including social media and their brand ambassadors. We promote your brand, and follow people relevant to you, while unfollowing irrelevant people based upon Klout scores. We respond to people who communicate with your brand; their replies are seen by their followers, garnering awareness. FACEBOOK FUNDAMENTALS AND TWITTER TIPS We are a lifestyle PR agency, currently looking after various brands across different sectors, including food and drink, travel and leisure, and fashion. Unfollow: Unfollow people based on low klout scores and levels of influence We’re friendly and approachable to the public. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations; we aim to promote your brand organically, from the bottom up. To start with, we put together a

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Transcript: 1600 2008: Wine store opens 2010: Small back bar & wine store 2011: Development to full bar and restaurant 2015- current: Development craft beer, cocktails, and music 4100 BC 1900 -Romans introduce grapevine to France ("Gaul") Wine Industry is challenged: Technological advances: -Development of vineyards: Burgundy, Champagne, & Rhine Valley 19th Century Areni-1 cave- Vayots Dzor, Armenia 2010 "The fact that wine making was already so well developed in 4000 BC suggests that the technology probably goes back much earlier." -1152 Britain= main customer of Bordeax -Creation of Port: -Imported wine from Portugal: 2 brothers fortified the wine with grape brandy to maintain its quality during the long trip to England Manitou Springs, CO England: Ancient Greece and Roman Empire France and England French wine! French wine! French wine! -Classified grape varieties and colors -Observed and charting ripening characteristics -Recognizing soil-type preferences 1224 -Benchmark of wine making standards -Creates national pride -Origin controversy begins Roman Empire -liquor -beer and ale -tobacco -chocolate -coffee and tea France: 4100 BC New World & Modern Times -Grew with the growth of Greek civilization -Prescribed by doctors Background of the Wine Industry Cave contained: Wine press -Fermentation Vats -Jars -Cups 17th and 18th Centuries -Better methods for production -Better and more variety within wine *changes continue to keep up with industry trends Ancient Greece Oldest Winery Discovered New World challenges Old World in wine making Swirl Wine Emporium & Swirl Bar and Restaurant Old World: traditional wine making New World: everything else

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