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Transcript: CHOICE: MAGNET, PRIVATE & CHARTER Caroline Chambless Dena Turnage Mary Garner Abby Wilkerson •What are the qualifications for teachers in NC? (Caroline) •All teachers in magnet, private, and charter school have to be certified or licensed to teach in core classes. (Caroline) •If parents assume that all teachers are certified to teach they could be placing their child in a school where the education that the parents are assuming they are getting in not being given. (Caroline) •Charter- NC law does not require teachers to be certified Private- Teachers do not have to have a license or be certified; minimum bachelor’s degree Magnet- Magnet are considered public schools so the requirements are the same as a public school (Caroline) •What are the requirements for student admission in NC? (Abby) •Students applying for admission to magnet, private, and charter schools have specific requirements that they must reach to be considered for admission. (Abby) •Parents that have children with disabilities may feel that their child can’t meet these requirements in order to be admitted so children with disabilities are less likely to apply to these schools. (Abby) •Charter- The number of available seats in the specific grade level applying for Private- Varies; testing, interviews, previous test score, etc. Magnet- Test scores or minimum specific performance based requirements are necessary (Abby) •What are the money circumstances in NC? (Tuition, assessments, salary, funding, etc.?) (Mary) •The teachers from magnet, private, and charter schools are not equally paid. (Mary) •More teachers would be applying to the schools that paid a higher salary which would lead to less teachers applying to work at schools with a smaller salary. (Mary) •Charter- free tuition; average teacher salary is $39,000; funded by state, federal, and private funds Private- unlimited tuition; teacher salary varies on experience; generates own funding Magnet- interdistrict may or may not charge tuition for students; teacher salary average $38,000; funded by state and local funding (Mary) QUESTIONS: •How do magnet, private, and charter schools try to create diversity in NC? (Dena) Assumptions: •Private schools have the least diverse student bodies compared to magnet and charter schools. (Dena) Implications & Consequences •Students of private schools may be more sheltered of different cultural backgrounds than their own. (Dena) Answers: •Charter- attracting students from diverse backgrounds to represent different areas Private- attracting African American teachers in order to create diversity Magnet- emerged in US to remedy racial segregation in public schools (Dena) Sources: "Answer to FAQS Regarding "Highly Qualified" Teacher ." Public Schools of North Carolina. State Board of Education, n.d. Web. 4 Dec 2011. <>. "General Issues." NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools advancing quality eduation. NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools, 2011. Web. 4 Dec 2011. <>. McKinney, Carolyn. "North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards." North Carolina Professional teaching Standards Commission\. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Dec 2011. <>. "Becoming a Teacher in North Carolina." Teacher World. Teacher World, n.d. Web. 4 Dec 2011. < Carolina.html>. "Application Process and Schedule." wake County Public School System. WCPSS, 2011. Web. 4 Dec 2011. <>. "Admission to Private Schools: A-Z." Private School Review. Privae School Review: Private Elementary Day School and High Schools, 2011. Web. 4 Dec 2011. <>. "State Board Approves Charter School Growth." NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools advancing quality eduation. N.p., 02/08/2011. Web. 4 Dec 2011. <>. Potter, H. P. (2011, January 31). Equity and diversity: The next challenge for charter schools. Retrieved from Marshall, E. (2011, March 23). Opportunities in charter schools. Retrieved from Burns, Melinda. "Are Charter Schools a Choice for Segregation?." Miller McCune. N.p., November 28, 2010. Web. 4 Dec 2011. "Private School Jobs." Private School Reveiw. N.p., December 02, 2007 . Web. 4 Dec 2011. Medely, Joel. "Charter School." Office of Charter Schools. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Dec 2011. <>.

PRISM Taskforce Presentation

Transcript: The Challenge “Integrate social media presence with real-world presence” ~Cindy King PRISM BUDGET Hard-Pitch Budget: Polos $375.00 Signs (6) $90.00 Food $100.00 Bound Copies $225.00 Total $790.00 Launch in the Spring: T-shirts $1,200.00 ($6 @200) Pens $230.00 ($.46 @ 500) Flash Drives $822.18 (142 @ 5.79) Post-it Books $240.00 (.80 @ 300) Total $2,492.18 January 2012 - January 2013: Website Development $1,500.00 Visual designing $1,500.00 Site size $2,500.00 Project Scope $3,000.00 Custom business logic $3,000.00 Site traffic volume $2,000.00 Special functionality $1,000.00 ROI tool software $2,000.00 Misc $1,500.00 Total $18,000.00 Measurement Externally- Positioned as a leader in social media and have it applicable and engaging with all our key stake holders. Internally- Create a unique community that bridges the gap between faculty and students within PCOB. Linkedin connections Tools and Tactics Capacity "Teaching and research should be hand in hand. They should work to make the other one better." ~MGMT Agenda “ACCESS” ~Cindy King, Nike Our Findings Content Calendar SWOT Analysis PRISM Organizational Chart “20 minute rule” ~Art Keown, FIN Pamplin could really work on getting the word out there more. I never feel in the loop with what's going on.... ~ Communication student Measured with an annual survey to compare longitudinally with previous surveys to see marginal usage and perceptions Use social media channels effectively to measure potential increase in rankings Measures: Usage, Perceptions, Attitudes, Awareness, Loyalty Culture Change: mission statement Mock-ups of Social media pages and Pamplin pages Target Audience The survey has not closed yet so the following provides a snapshot of the current data. We used comparative side-by-side bar charts to see differences between students and non-students. More drilled down analyses will be performed once the survey closes... “Everyone in Pamplin has the same driven attitude, so it helps to be surrounded by motivated people.” ~ BIT student PRISM- Pamplin Reinventing Social Media FINAL VIDEO (cc) image by jantik on Flickr "Two clicks away" - Jean Lacoste Pamplin social media engagement - students and faculty - faculty and faculty - different departments Milestones SWOT analysis Bridging the gap Our challenge Our findings The Plan: objectives, target audience, integration, culture change, capacity,tools & tactics, measurement, budget and future innovation. The vision/closing video “From a personal perspective, social media seems like a burden. However, from a professional perspective, social media is great; the access it provides for companies helps Pamplin students get jobs.” ~ BIT Increase customer base Generate leads Drive engagement Build awareness Educate customers Reach new channels of customers Improve internal communication Engage with key external audiences, deans, etc. to raise our rankings among college undergrad. programs Pamplin? Pamplin social media usage Interaction is changing and human engagement now drives preference and loyalty It's only necessarly for a few "champions" to drive a successful social network PAMPLIN... What does it mean to you? “Pamplin is an over-achiever.” ~FIN "We have great can-do, entrepreneurial students here, and a great alumni network." ~MGMT Social Media Revolution SWOT Measured with continuous tracking with Google Analytics-- Duration, Bounce Rate, etc. Measures: Engagement, Faculty & Student increased connections Not using social media channels efficiently and effectively! With social media, I'm nervous about crossing that professional line between students and faculty. ~Computer Science identity vs. personality Strategy: Timeline Engagement Database Management ( model, profiling) Leveraging of Alumni The "identity" problem Goals and Objectives: Listen Be a part of the conversation Understand audiences needs Be the brand 24/7 Want professors to see how it can add value in building relationships with students, improve rankings and publishings. Want "open door" policy to increase interaction among: PLAN/ Strategic Recommendations The Future:

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