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Transcript: The Modern Princess The Vera Wang Princess perfume bottle is for elligent and girly women. the bottel comes in a heart shaped glass bottle that has a crown as a lid with the crown and the base below it are also removable and can be worn as a ring, if wish to. The perfume wont perform well to those girls who arnt into cute pretty heart shaped things howvever it is a symbol of elegance and loveliness for those girlish women. The heart has the words Vera Wang printed on it aswell as the brand name 'Princess' The bottle is transparent and it has a purple colored liquid which is contained in it that is truly ambrosial and increases not just your confidence. What does it mean to be modern? most teenagers live in a set rutine waking up attending school/college then either hanging with friends or spending hours on social network sites. Therefore i decided to set my advert in a college in either a classroom or near lockers. My product is very girly and eligent however with a twist, perfumes usally decribe a persons personality, the bottle is eye catching however name will make them feel they can relate to it therefore encuraging them to purches the perfume. My product will have a target audience for any girl over 12 years because at that age girls are just figering themselfs out starting a new school and begining their journey to women hood however not quite there, majority off girls arnt trying to follow anyone they are just being normal and modern to what they have allways known to their life. Brittany spires perfume "Curious" was a very big seller furfume, it was very popular with girls aged 14 to about 19 year olds it was a fregrace made for girl that created alot off wonder by just the name. the fregrance was honoured as the best selling womens perfume in 2004, Dolce and Gabana "Light blue" another very popular womens frgrance, it as said that the perfume fregrance was made as a imatation off an italian summer sent. For the very feminine women, with the jamine and white rose sent. DKNY "Blosom Apple" inspired by the beuaty off an spring apple blossoming , the perfume was made for feminicity of women its a very light hearted perfume very sweet and fresh. Research Images Planing Settings A modern princess cosists of a very urban atmosphere including many rebelius teens, grafitti and skate parks. What Is Modern ? a sense of present or recent times, however my interpretation of modern is todays generation an all its glory the year of norties. where the syle changed with a very urban atmosphere. wild and rebelelious its centre of new creations China or Tokyo Japan influence our whole nation. classroom park Home flower shopping centre Rock With this advert i am aiming to create my own interpretation of the vera wang perfume "Princess". In most of Vera Wang's advertisements she tends to use different girls for each advert however you can see that the girls are off the same ethnic backgrownd. Therefore to keep my advert in the same contrast as hers i will either have to find someone with a smilar look, or i could completely change the look off the girl to give it a more modern outlook. In each advert i noticed that she uses different crowns, that therefore represent the different type of princess's however because of limited facilities i may have to remove th crown from the image or re-create my own interpretation of a crown that looks very glamourous like the others in the adverts. Bedroom princess Outside Glam prep Because of the popularity off the perfume it has had a big impact on the founding that can be spent on the new perfume and its advertising campaign however i dont have the amount of founding that the company would usualy have, therefore i have to think alot wiser as too how i can make the advert as glamourus as the previous adverts so they go together. The style of my advert should be very glamourous and girly so it contrasts with Vera Wangs original syle. Also i have decided to set my advert in a schooling enviroment that represents not only the model but any kind of modern girl. Princess firstly the Advertising Standard Authority codes of practice are "a transparent record of our policy for consumers, media, government, industry and society at large on what is and isn’t acceptable in advertising". Therefor the rules and regulations as to what can and cannot go inot an advertisment. To make sure my advert meets the criteria of th Advertising Standard Authority, i will have to think about the layout of the advert and its surroundings alos making sure none of it comes across provocativly or offensive. therefore livingroom College/School libruary Vera-Wang Glam Ed Hardy Perfume given the women an daring fregrance taking you on an adventure where no male will be able to resist In my advert im trying to create a new syle for vera wangs perfume with the idea of a simple girl who isnt allways glamourous and therfore not neccecary fansinating, however still with the fashion sens off teens in 2011 just living a

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