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price comparison

Transcript: Claims tracking (file open, positive/negative, garages, in progress, closed) Car logos and minutes left Company information at the end During pricing FQA Timeline features Company info at the end Companies profile My account! Car photo Blog My account info box Companies ALL! Online pricing and Results Blog Comments (Booking and Amazon examples) Fun online pricing procedure Reviews and Claims Requirements: No documents. Send policy and renewal via email (choose your reminder method). Same payment method. Same cancellation and endorsement procedures for all. 3 programs - optional covers only in the first program. Car value? Timeline - before results Car insurance myths

Price Comparison

Transcript: Publix’s Business Strategy Publix vs. Aldi Aldi puts emphasis on providing the lowest possible cost for its costumers In comparison to Publix, Aldi stores are much smaller Aldi carries around 1,500 items while an average supermarket has around 30,000 items Aldi carries their own brand of privately labeled products Aldi also cut costs by having a smaller workforce Aldi employee’s get paid more than the average supermarket employee Founded in 1913 by the Albrecht family and taken over in 1946 by Karl and Theo Albrecht Over 9,200 stores worldwide The 8th largest retailer in the world Over 73 Billion dollars in revenue (2012) Company is divided into 2 branches, Aldi Nord and Aldi Sued Aldi’s Business Strategy Founded by the late George W. Jenkins in 1930 in Winter Haven, Fla. Largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the United States One of the 10 largest-volume supermarket chains in the United States 2012 retail sales of $27.5 billion Current employee count of more than 165,000 1,080 supermarkets in 5 states. Surveys Publix Overview Publix GreenWise Markets is a concept the company introduced, in response to the increase in the number and profitability of health food stores. Publix is passionately focused on customer value, intolerant of waste, and involved as responsible citizens in their community. Publix is dedicated to the dignity, value and employment security of their associates. Publix’s mission is to be the premiere quality food retailer in the world. Publix prides itself in providing the customer with a variety of product choices. Publix provides the customer with name brand products and also lower priced Publix brand products Why Publix and Aldi? Consultants for Aldi: Expanding exponentially in the US Small stores everywhere Prediction: Aldi will become one of the major supermarket-companies in the United States Conclusion Charlie Lawson Andreas Hochstaffl Ceci Martin Jordan Llano Ricky Eusebio Price Comparison Aldi Overview

Price comparison website

Transcript: • 30% of all shopping queries in India come from mobile phones 80 % of the population makes parallel usage of the mobile phones other than just calls and text messages. 5th deal coupon Table of contents • Be constantly active on social media • Increase affiliate partners • Think of M&A • Use Google Adwords and AdSense • Send emails or call advertisers to promote • More online ads on websites • Friendly-users navigation • Ensure speed and efficiency online • Great support • Create apps for phones and tablets • Update SEO • Use coupons wisely • Memberships Third deal coupon Top trends with search words: - travel: 5 - insurance: 10 - bank: 98 - real estate: 2 - cars: 11 VIII. Marketing strategies 7. Google Adwords 8. Ask fashion retailers to be on the website 9. Building connections 10. SEO 11. App for phones 8th deal coupon • E-commerce revenues: US$8.8 billion in 2016 • E-commerce market grew at a staggering 88% in 2013 to $ 16 billion. Estimation for 2023: $56 billion • Online shopping: growth of 128% in 2012 • Online consumers purchase online: 59% > growth in online retails VI. Market segmentation 7th deal coupon V. Social media Price comparison website - India 6th deal coupon X. Conclusion • 51 million Facebook users, the 3rd largest audience in the world after the US and Brazil • 1st: Facebook, 2nd: Twitter, 3rd: YouTube, 4th: Pinterest, 5th: Google Plus, 6th: Foursquare VII. PEST analysis 4th deal coupon 1. Instant leads 2. Easier to remember 3. Interaction 4. Costless 5. Enhanced tracking 6. Targeting your audience 7. Myriad platforms 8. 24x7x36 Sites Daily unique visitors Daily page views Daily income 31,291 187,746 $ 375.00 406,499 3,251,992 $ 3,252.00 852,665 6,821,320 $ 6,821.00 17,623 105,738 $211 IX. SWOT analysis 2. Features: consumers reviews and recommendations 3. Look for companies that have teams and technology 4. Acquisition of and 5. Move focus to automobile, event ticketing, travel 6. Acquisition of 7. Partnership with 8. Relationship with CPC Strategy First deal coupon • Internet penetration in India stands at 11% of the population, a third of the world average I. Market volume II. E-commerce trends III. M-Commerce IV. Internet connection V. Social media VI. Market segmentation VII. PEST analysis VIII. Marketing strategies IX. SWOT analysis X. Conclusion XI. Recommendations II. E-commerce trends 4) Technology > IT exports growth: 12-14% > IT and business process management: + $12-$15 billion incremental revenue Second deal coupon Long-term projection 1. Create social media account: 2. Ads: newspapers > Dainik Jagran: 15,5 million readership, costing 1386 roupie/sqcm and covers Delhi, NCR, Hry, Pnjb, J&R, HP > Times of India: 7253 readership, costing 254,15 roupie/sqcm 3. Affiliate partners: Flipkart, Shaadi Matrimony, Infibeam 4. Google AdSense: difference, successful tips 5. Direct contact with people 6. Blog-specific ad program XI. Recommendation I. Market volume • Growth in online retailers • Growth in m-commerce, e-commerce • Importance of social media • Strong target group • Huge traffic • Lots of competitors • Big challenge Catalina Nguon Nadezhda Savova 2) Economy > By 2020: contribution around 4% to GDP > E-commerce business by 2020: $50-$70 billion > Economy annual growth rate: 4,6% 3) Social > 243 million Internet users in June 2014 > 110 million mobile Internet users 1. Development of barcode scanning app for smartphones Online vs offline ads NexTag's success Most search words since 2012: Banks 1) Politics > Contents of website: not lascivious, no sexual explicit acts, no defamatory comments III. M-commerce 1) Behavioural > Consumer interest > Top product categories purchased online 2) Geographical segmentation > Top online shoppers: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata 3) Target group > 18-25 old: 35% of online shoppers > 26-35 old: 55% > 36-35 old: 8% > 45-60 old: 2% 4) Product segmentation > Most sold products: phones, iPads, accessories, cameras, jewellery IV. Internet connection

Price Comparison Websites

Transcript: Price Comparison Websites Choice is a great thing, but making a decision between lots of products can be very difficult. This is where Price Comparison Websites come in. If value for money matters, it makes sense to research your options before you buy. Comparison Websites allow you to quickly compare hundreds of different prices and find the best deal on the product you want. Various Price Comparison Websites in the UK Covers many categories covering books, CD's, electronices to travel insurance. Compares prices for flights from all airlines and travel agents. Price Comparison for car insurance as well as home and car insurance. Netflights, gocompare, expedia, shopzilla, opodo. How they Work? Enter your details and product requirements - you only need to do this once. The website searches its listings of relevant companies and lists the ones that offer the product you're looking for. This usually takes less than 30 seconds. For more information or to buy a particular product, just click the accompanying link. This will either take to the provider's own website or let you buy then and there. How do they make their money? Some websites such as comparethemarket don't charge you any commission. They have relationships with the insurance companies listed on the site where they pay them for helping to sell the policy. They don't add anything to the price the consumer pays, so they can be sure to find excellent deals. Some price comparison sites accept payment for certain products to be placed higher in results listings. Confidentiality Consumer details are kept between the comparison website and the affiliated sites that are being searched but will not be passed on to any others without consent. Case Study Example The Balance of Power between brands and Sites. Other sites include: Compare high street shop prices in various categories. Skyscanner Pricerunner UK

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