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For President

Transcript: New Home...For Now Carine Roitfeld: Fashion editor/stylist Described as "The Anti-Anna" Clients include most of fashion industry. Introduction Upbringings Early Career Controversial Beginnings New Home...For Now Liberation Carine Born September 19, 1954 Birthplace: Paris, France Influencing parents: Father was a filmmaker: "The Count of Monte Cristo." Mother read French Elle magazine After a decade at Vogue Paris, she left the publication. wanted to pursue other endeavors. Shunned from fashion world. After her departure, numerous clients reigned in. Barney's, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, W Magazine, and more. 2011 she announced the launch of her own publication: CR Fashion Book - biannual fashion magazine 2012 Roitfeld was appointed the global fashion director of Harper's Bazaar. Upbringing After Ford left Gucci, Roitfeld went to Missoni. very brief move; transformed their image. 2001, Conde Nast appointed Roitfeld as editor-in-chief of French Vogue Renamed Vogue Paris Made the publication exclusive not inclusive. Created bold editorials during tenure. Controversial Beginnings Yarmani hamilton Karen Krantz Project 1 April 18, 2017 For President Overview Never went to college 1970, started off modeling only junior model gained entrance into fashion Late 1970's worked as editor/stylist for French Elle formed relationship with Mario Testino Early 1990's, Roitfeld met Tom Ford. He personally requested Roitfeld's styling assistance. Roitfeld styled numerous campaigns. some of which caused controversy; too explicit Worked as Gucci consultant for 10 years Introduction Liberation. Early Career

For President

Transcript: Thanks. Thank you guys for coming out at such an early hour-it’s much appreciated. I will be talking on behalf of President Roosevelt who is recovering a sore throat, only evidence of his dedication to the nation and the campaign. Let me talk about the campaign’s 3 E’s (environment, education, and economy), and I’ll talk specifically about California. California is such a spectacular place to live, other than Florida of course, but like the rest of the world it suffers from natural disasters. Yet with environmental protection like safe and responsible exploration, and preserving sensitive lands from public exploration we will lessen global warming which will lessen the natural tragedies we face annually. We need to focus on cleaning our air with renewable energy and developing hydrogen into a domestic source of energy, and most of all we need energy independence, which actually brings me into my next E. Bush left America shackled to foreign oil, dependent, and vulnerable, everything we Americans are not. We need to lower our dependence on foreign oil, or we leave our economy dangerously vulnerable to nations that do not share our interests. My last E is education. I’ve talked to some of the counselors here at TOHS and they’ve told me that class sizes have grown and more financial aid packets have been filled out. That is why we believe in making public schools more available and colleges more affordable. We also must invest in our student AND our teachers. That’s why we’re talking about financial incentives for teachers, more public schools, and increasing the budget for federal Pell grant scholarships. U.S. education is slipping and it’d be smart to grab the Roosevelt rock. If we invest in the environment, it will create more jobs and a liveable future, which will provide for services to America’s citizens which in turn will aid in America’s educational system. 3 E’s. You guys deserve the very best, all americans do, that’s why you should vote for Andrew Roosevelt. He would make his grandfather, FDR, proud and he will make you proud. Thank you. The first step in building a clean energy future is taking extra care of what is left in our environment now. This means new exploration and production needs to be approached safely and responsibly. We democrats are committed to balancing environmental protection with development, and that means preserving sensitive public lands from exploration, like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Pacific West Coast, Gulf of Maine, and other irreplaceable national landscapes. Roosevelt plans to utilize the United States Environmental Protection Agency to create acts that range from clean air to nuclear protection. Tier 2 Teachers Tier 1 Nevada – Governor Sandoval supports the use of a renewable energy capitol. We will focus on how we want to make America energy independent. We don’t want to depend on foreign nations for our energy. Environment Economy Energy Independence Background Story Platform Michigan – Governor Snyder of Michigan has extended unemployment benefits to their citizens and he also has been working to protect the natural resources of Michigan. We will mention that we are working to create more jobs for citizens and describe our environment plans to preserve their landmarks and resources by creating new forms of energy. Decrease Debt North Carolina – Senator Bev Perdue supports public school choice and encourages the raising of teachers strategy. We will describe our work to improve the availability of public schools and quality of teachers through incentive programs and increased teaching requirements. Stump Speech Colorado – Has both democratic governor and senators. Governor Hickenlooper wants to prioritize green energy and we will focus on our environmental issues in creating renewable and green forms of energy. Affordability/Availability EC Strategy Commonsense investments that harness the natural world around us-the sun, wind, water, geothermal and biomass sources, and a rich array of crops-will create a new generation of affordable energy for the 21st century. We will support tax credits for private sector investments in clean, renewable sources of energy, and make ethanol credits work better for farmers. We understand that Improving fuel standards need incentives for consumers to buy efficient vehicles, and for manufacturers to build them, and are happy to do what necessary. Developing hydrogen as a clean, reliable domestic source of energy is critical. However, our economy cannot convert to hydrogen overnight, so we will fund research to overcome the obstacles to hydrogen fuel and continue our other efforts to achieve renewable energy. How we will get the swing states: There must be a focus on providing more benefits to veterans. When they return from serving our country they deserve the best treatment and should be rewarded for their valiant efforts. They must have an abundance of schooling and job opportunities when they return. We must also work to

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