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Chalk Board Breakdown

Transcript: CHALK BOARD Brought to you by Megan and Morgann 2/25/2023 What is it? 1 A chalkboard for the office that will go behind intern's desk area. To help organize the week and post reminders for both clients and staff. How we feel trying to cordinate everything The calmness this chalkboard will bring Why do we need it? 2 Lately there have been many appointments and reminders for us to remember. This would be a central location for us all to refer to. It would aid the collective office memory. This would allow us to better serve our clientele. It would also add to decor to the office as we can draw on it to match seasons or holidays. We can post a new positive message each week. How much will this cost? 3 Chalkboard Wall Paper 9ft: $12 Chalkboard Colored Markers: $10 Total: $22 (Yes it is only those two things to create a functioning and aesthetic chalkboard) Amazon Links Chalkboard Markers: Chalk Board Adhesive: Conclusion 4 In summary this project would aid the office, clients and staff. It is an affordable opportunity to better our work environment. Office Example

Chalk Board, Chalk Board on the Wall...

Transcript: Budget Each wing has their own chalkboard and a question on the top; everyone is free to answer the question posted with a sentence or some artwork. Each week a different room comes up with the question for their wing. Every Friday, the teachers in the building will take a look at the boards and pick the best; judged on content and aesthetics. The winning team will win a different prize every week like gift cards, a pizza night, etc.! Saturday morning, the RA’s will take a picture of the boards and post the pictures to the Buckingham Facebook wall and erase the board for the next question to be posted. The chalkboards will be placed in each wing early next semester and the first room will be asked to create a question within the first week we get back from break to kick it off as quickly as we can. The boards will be placed where there is a large open wall in the wing. The event will be announced through a flier passed out to each room saying where each board is in their wing as well as the other wings so people can easily find their board and get a look at everyone else’s boards. Timeline Chalk Board, Chalk Board on the Wall... Who's the best Buck wing of them all? It brings each wing together, fosters healthy competition, and gets everyone’s creative juices flowing. Benefit Before I die I want to... General Description Chalkboards: $50 x 3 ($150) Chalk: $25 x 3 ($75) Cleaning supplies: $25 Prizes: $75 Total: $300 The entire hall will be involved in this project. It’s not a single group of people that will get involved, it includes people who are artistic or not. The questions should be thought-provoking and will get everyone thinking and involved, it can even turn into a debate over current issues if that’s the question posted. Target

Chalk Board Moments

Transcript: uh oh.. On the Job Trouble comes in twos Making Friends Chalk Board Moments Being assigned to another class didn't stop us from loving our new kids. Agency -Unfortunately, with great power comes great responsibility. We did not have as much power as we thought. The aftercare leader, Ms. Gomez, told us to get the kids out of trouble but does that mean we are not in trouble? -One of the kids, Armani, which happened a teacher's son, ran around cursing and disrespecting us. We put him in time out to avoid trouble with the little ones because who wants their five year old asking what pussy means? - Armani told his mom a version of the story that made us sound like we were going to eat him for dinner. We eventually went back and were told we had to separate and never see that teacher and the kids again. Much to our advantage, we did not have to see her again. Much to our disadvantage, we lost our favorite kids. We were appointed to the WHGE Aftercare program, there we worked with kids K1 which means kindergarten to first grade. Since we were doing the hours for a college class, we had to be approved by the principal herself, Sharon Gonzalez. Delicious Work WHGE Home of The Lions -We started to work for the program around the time of Halloween so on the day of, the kids were all dressed up carrying around their pumpkins filled with candy. We made them goodie bags and read to them. -During work hours we usually help the kids out with homework, make sure they're on their best behavior and watch them while their parents come to pick them up. Occasionally even go as far as to play with them -The kids, you can say, considered us their friends.

Chalk Board

Transcript: Here, the students will also utilize the strategy of Visual Imagery. The teacher will draw diagrams, charts, and other visual aides to help the students learn about the U.S government. Visual Imagery is a quite useful tool in learning brand new information Four students each Two boys, two girls Change tables twice a quarter Sometimes will have silent reading, other times interactive lessons Table Groups When the students use their laptops, they will be required to research sources about political topics, presidents, and other aspects of Democracy. Students will be encouraged to seek out good sources and databases rather than websites like wikipedia and This will teach the students the critical thinking technique of Hypothesis Testing. Students will have ideas about how the election process works, but in researching the subject (using credible sources), they will verify the accuracy of their understanding. In other words due to the teacher having control of the classroom she also has all the answers. The students will go to the teacher to grow their knowledge or to be affirmed that they are on the right track. The students will acquire procedural knowledge about how to use laptops. Navigating the internet is a very useful skill in this day and age. This knowledge may also transfer, and be applied in other areas of the students' lives. Because the students' levels of metacognition are relatively low, they likely do not know the environment in which they learn best. For most students their working memory will develop completely fine. Other students whose working memory is not developed completely may have Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This can effect their working memory. One of the ways to train their working memory is through computerized programs. This training will happen in this space. For this reason, the teacher will try to accommodate all types of learning. It will vary from interactive table work to silent solo work. This is why the table groups are very effective. After they recieve this information on both political parties they then can grow their knowledge of what they already knew. Thus using the strategy of elaboration. Such attention allows for students to voluntarily shift their goals of a person's information processing to spatial locations or objects Teachers Desk In the table groups, the students will be writing. They will satisfy the core standard by formulating thoughts into essays and other responses to the things that they learn. An example may be an essay on the branches of government. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.5.1.A Come to discussions prepared, having read or studied required material; explicitly draw on that preparation and other information known about the topic to explore ideas under discussion. In this space the students will divide the information among the two campaign parties and see whether or not there are similariteis between them. This uses the strategy of organization. Circle Table Chalkboard Laptops Because this is where the students will be learning most often, this is where their memories will be working most. In a students working memory there is the unit that processes things to remember them, then the phonological loop which rehearses information in verbal form, and lastly visuo-spaitial sketch pad which uses mental pictures to remember information. This helps for reasoning and also the guiding of decision making and behavior. The goal of directing ones attention is driven by ones in charge using different signals to gain the attention of their students. Here is where the teacher will record any and all notes for the class. Students will be required to take notes, and utilize the strategy of rehearsal. This strategy is useful for learning, but not the most effective. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.5.4 Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience. Here is where any discussions will be held. We may discuss pros and cons to the democratic election process. Use argument analysis to teach the students about our nation's political system.

Chalk Board Plan

Transcript: TMW - EBE Interface Carrier Management Rate Confirmation Management Auto indexes rate conf into the load Holds orders until carriers send back rate confirmations Queue and Exception Management Web Faced Carrier On Boarding MercuryGate to MAS System Enhancement Roadmap Spot Quote LTL Contracts Manually Quote Volume Moves Turn a quote into load EDI tender & status updates POD Automation Potentials Settlement & Billing for managed accounts (TMW for spot) End of November 2013 Automated Safer Review CSA Score Validation Carrier Qualifications Automated Document Check E-fax capabilities Automated carrier requalification after no use time lapse Queue and Exception Management for Brokers Conversion to .NET (medium to low priority) Develop a more efficient bid tool and carrier facing options for status updates (HIGH priority) Develop tools to find and capture capacity AND match to our loads for both Cowan’s assets and external carriers (becoming a HIGH priority) Develop a Customer Facing Tool that is better than our understanding of ESTAT (HIGH Priority) Load tracking automation (TMW and Pegasus) CRM Enhancements Automation for creating spot LTL moves Capabilities to improve customer payment for POD customers Sales Growth & New Hire Sales Magin Improvement/Carrier Relations Sales Lead Generation Insurance Monitoring Service through Transcor Full Integration TMW Active Systems Enhancments High Value and Commodity Management Logistics - Automation Enhancements Payment Status Portals What's involved References each order for commodity and value Queues carrier qualification team to validate policies Restricts orders until approved Allows carriers to view invoice status by passing: Invoice date Payment status Payment or pending payment date Payment amount Check number (if paid) 2014 Core Business Concentration February 2014

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