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Transcript: The role of IT in the energy transition 2020 Graduate EMEA Business Development Representative 1,3% Path of reflection Path of reflexion to the subject IT experience Energy experience Thesis subject "The role of IT in the energy transition" & its future challenges The impact of green marketing in the process of energy transition : Gas company case Characteristics of energy transition What involves energy transition ? "The third energy revolution is the combined one of renewable energies, digital, and smart networks Nicolas Hulot, introduction to the Energy Transition Forum, March 28, 2018. Reduce energy dependence, create jobs and gain competitiveness Control the price of energy to fight energy poverty Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce all environmental and health impacts. Smart cites IT at the service of energy transition of gas emmissions "Optimization of energy in society is the biggest challenge of New technologies, IT is and will be the answer to the energy problematics of today and tomorrow" Jean-Marc Daares, IBM Montpellier Z-Security Event leader Characteristics WATSON AI in Finland PEPER robot Designed by SoftBank Robotics in 2014 Knows how to recognize emotions Pepper is available as an educational and research robot for schools, colleges and universities to teach programming and conduct research on human-robot interactions eLichens "WE TAKE GAS SENSOR TECHNOLOGY TO THE NEXT LEVEL" Advantages New chain of value The control and the integration of new tools Identification of new business models COVID 19 Lockdown example 3.3 million trips per week in France, and therefore reduce by 1.3% greenhouse gas emissions generated by cars. We would save $25.4 billion dollars in travel expenses and 10.5 million tons of C02 in just one year. The 7th continent 1,400 million T of greenhouse gases 7.8 million m3 of fresh water Global digital technology would thus consume 5X more resources than the entire French vehicle fleet. Green IT IT for Green "Green IT aims to minimize the negative impact of IT operations on the environment by designing, manufacturing, operating and disposing of computers and computer-related products in an environmentally-friendly manner" 1992 in the US 18% Shared data centers would save 423,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year "Use IT to limit the energy footprint of other activities" Examples of IT for Green

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