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Target Audience

Transcript: Target Audience What can consumption of social realism films across different platforms tell us about their audiences? Can we build a profile of the audiences? YouTube After using YouTube to find various various social realism films, I can find out a lot about the types of audiences that these films have. I searched the Social realism film 'Somer's town,' Directed by Shane Meadows. It has strong themes of immigration and cultural differences between Slavic and British people. I went on the the uploaders channel to find out who they were and how I can understand my audience better. Hi all and welcomen to my Channel My name is Boris all my frend call me Boro or DureX don't ask why... I am from Slovenia, Litija i like chating i dont bother if u add me to my msn and talk with me in free time I like mix or make songs...If u like my songs subscribe it. And before i become Royal Deejay i was before DJ splasher u can find my songs on youtube... I hope u like my channel see ya!! xD ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚ In my Channel are many new movie Trailers so dont forget subscribe to be first to get new movie trailers Short-hand wording and emoticons could suggest a younger age, but could also be put down to English not being a first language. Music appears to be more important than film, which could suggest that film is a minor hobby and could prove inconsistant as a example of a social realism audience. The user states that they are from Slovenia, which could show the reason why they could be interested in the film Somers Town. (Slavic Themes) After looking at some of the other film trailers uploaded we can learn a little bit more. Some big budget feature films such as Star wars: Attack of the Clones, and feature comedies such as Sex Drive. Also featured are prominant Social Realism films such as Frozen River and Le Silence de Lorna (Lornas Silence.) Lornas Silence is about Albanian emigrants in Belgium which continues with the theme of Somers town, rectifying the uploaders interest. This shows they to have an interest and knowledge of the Social realism genre, depending on the relevence of the themes to their lifestyles and culture. This is one of the comments on the video. America isn't the center of everything... they didn't teach me that in school... shadowmorman 1 year ago This stuck out as the most poignant of comments, reflecting on somers town's simplicity of shadowed real-life situations. The film clearly had an affect on 'shadowmorman,' to I decided to look at this profile. I was surprised to find that he was from Los Angeles, suggesting there may be a small audience that are interested in completely foreign situations of Britain. I also noticed his channel mainly consisted of unsigned dubstep music, a genre that has only recently had its commercial break and has a young audience. This proves my preconceptions that a social realism audience being a niché collections of film students and fanatics. Searching the key word involving my film 'Disability' into youtube there were weak results when compared to other videos uploaded to youtube. MuBi I went to the online distributor 'MuBi' and searched for a social realism film. I saw Bullet boy, and chose to see what sort of people watched this film, and what they liked and disliked. MuBi has a small presentation of statistics, through the number of the users that have 'favourited' the films. In Bullet Boy's case it has 100 fans. Currently 3.7/5 Stars. User: 'Richard Parkins' seemed disappointed with the film, claiming it was cliche. This is a important concern as misrepresentation and cliches could lead to stereotyping. I am now personally more concerned about mis-representation as my film tackles the theme of disability. My film aims to challange the audience to stereotype with disabilites and then counter this view. If I mis-represent it myself my films whole purpose is ruined. A closer inspection of Richards profile displays his choice of favourite films, that show a variety of mainstream and social realism cinema. User: 'Boldizar Csernak-Risko' has the complete opposite opinion to richard, stating that the director 'Knows what he's talking about.' Although Bullet boy is social realism, It's not a short film, which is what my film is. I found the Short 'Love me or leave me alone.' One of the comments was from a user 'ConallVision.' An independant film-maker (Clearly intereseted in cinema.) "Really lovely and feel goody. Of course there is a more sinister side." The use of 'lovely' and 'feel-goody' is an extremely odd choice of description for this film, considering the film revolves completely around arguing, violence, foul language and under-age sex. It could be about the naivity of the characters, but in my personal opinion I consider it ignorance. In his favourites there are mainly art house and serious cinema, with an interest of feature social realism films, such as fish tank. From this and other similar profiles I can see that it is rare for anyone to only

Target Audience Presentation

Transcript: Why do you need a Target Market? _____ Advertisors find the audience by: Using Statistics and Polls Using generational and cohort marketing Considering age, gender, education level, income level, marital status, ethnic background, religious background, and location Observing the audience of similar products Advertising to Baby Boomers Placeholder Title How do advertisors choose Target Market? Youth Marketing is the process of advertising to a young audience. The following are some stratigies used to capture a teenage or young adult audience: Using Viral Marketing Advertising on Social Media Relying more on advertsing on cell phones and the internet Product Placement Television Advertisments Associating your brand with high social status. Sources Rise of generational marketing, marketing based on socio-economic factors and demographics. Advertisers begin to use Cohort marketing, using statistics like buying patterns and purchase history to better undertand their consumers. Identifying target markets for Niche audiences can be essential. To cater to a niche market you must be able to have a clear audience in mind. For example, look at phone service companies. _____ One of the most vital parts of advertising is choosing the correct target market for your advertisment. A target market is defined as: "A specific group of consumers at which a company aims it's products and services". This is one of the most important steps in the advertising process. Youth Marketing

Target Audience presentation

Transcript: The 2019 Lincoln Naviagator| Sanuctuary Target Audience Presentation Lincoln commercial Why this commercial? I selected this commerical because the amount of detailing and one of my favorite sport players was filmed in this commerical. I think the target audience is for those that love luxury and anyone that wants alot in a vehicle. I also feel like they are trying to embrace diversity when it comes to the buyer by adding Serena Wiliiams which is African American since theres been a issue with companies not having diversity. She's also a wife and mom with a busy life as a athlete. The commerical shows her without her family but instead enjoying the finer things in life at her own free time in piece. Target audience What is the message? The clip shows the fine detailing of the vehicle from inside out. The stitching of the seats, clarity of the sound system, the quietness of the vehichle from inside, the spacious inside with the number of seats, and the technological addition. All of this was added to show the the Navigator is more than a vehicle but a place that feels like luxury and comfortable indulging in every penny that of its worth. Also that Serena is one of the best tennis players so her sitting in the Navigator has to be one of the best vehicles out there as well. Hidden message? I dont think theres a hidden message besides the point that the audience needs to purchase the Navigator. But could be the target audience the emotions set to be created after watching the clip.

Target Audience

Transcript: What are some of the issues? Samuel James Marshall & Hannah Ingleby What are some of the issues? Overview Alcohol advertisement has a huge link towards sponsorship with sports, namely football, aiming at this target audience promotes an unhealthy activity with a healthy activity. Many alcoholic beverages are also aimed at a younger age group, this is unsuitable because it is illegal for younger people to consume alcohol. The advertising is often youthful, appealing to a younger generation and perhaps, alienating an older generation? Yorkie Bar Lynx Death and Violence The issue of death and violence portrayed in advertising also links to target audience. Sexism is often an issue within advertisement too, this can be seen especially, in Yorkie and Lynx advertisement. Carlsberg sponsors a number of different sports, they are: Euro 2008 Euro 2012 2004 European Football Championships 1990 World Cup Shirt sponser for Liverpool F.C. from 1992 - 2010 F.C. Copenhagen, Havant and Waterlooville, Odense Boldklub, Pirin Blagoevgrad Republic of Ireland national football team Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Golf and Skiing Arsenal F.C.'s official beer sponser Hong Kong rugby sevens in 2011 Indian Premier League Both Lynx & Yorkie produced advertising that offended women. Yorkie's 'Not For Girls' slogan Lynx's sexist advertisements. Alcohol & Death and Violence Yorkie & Lynx As Graphic Designers, what are our responsibilities? Carlsberg Sponserships Some of these target audience issues can be found in alcohol advertisements, an example of unsuitable target audience. The use of death and violence within advertising often causes distress for the viewer. An example of this in advertising is the photograph of the 'Final Moments Of David Kirby' which the United Colors Of Benetton used as an advertising campaign. The image caused shock and controversy as it showed a gay man dying of AID's. The fact that the image had a link with an image from the bible also heightened this controversy, portraying Jesus as gay and dying of AID's questioned who Jesus could be. United Colors Of Benetton are a clothing company, some question whether this particular campaign was actually used to gain solely the profits rather than used to promote awareness. As graphic designers, the question is posed as to whether we should consider the ethical issues in targeting a certain market. Should we just follow what our client wants, or should we set a boundary on what our own ethical beliefs are when it comes to target audience? Often, target audience in advertising isolates and offends people. It can even be aimed at one group of people but also end up being aimed at an unsuitable group of people to. Target Audience Alcohol Advertisement

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