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Transcript: Fred Astaire Born: May 10 1899, Omaha Nebraska Died: June 22 1987, Los Angeles Cali He was light on his feet, and made it look easy, he practiced for hours In 1932 his sister quit dancing to get married, and then he went to Hollywood landed a role in 1933 in Dancing with Lady with Joan Crawford signed with RKO radio pictures paired with Ginger Rogers for Flying Down to Rio The Gay Divorcee in 1934 and Top Hat in 1935 used hybrid styles they used tap ballroom and ballet in 1974 he received his first Academy Award for The Towering Inferno he also got an Emmy Award for A Family Upside Down in 1978 Also got a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1981 "Do it big, do it right and do it with style" -Fred Astaire Gene Kelly Born:August 23, 1912 Highland Park, Pittsburgh Died:February 2, 1996 Beverly Hills, California He was athletic and energetic took dance lessons at a young age he taught dance lessons in collage to help pay for school in the 1930's he made his way to Broadway he had small roles in Leave it to me, and One for the Money He was in his most famous show ever singing in the rain in 1952 In the 1960s he turned to television he stared in Going My Way and in 1971 The Funny Side In the 1980s he faded from acting His last show was Xanadu He received an honorary Academy Award "I wanted to do new things with dance, adapt it to the motion picture medium" -Gene Kelly ICONS Bob Fosse Fred Astaire Gene Kelly BOB FOSSE Born: June 23 1927, in Chicago Illinois Died: September 23 1987, in Washington D.C He had an early interest in dance Parents enrolled him in formal training By his early teens he was dancing professionally in night clubs In 1953 he appeared in Broadways Kiss Me Kate In 1954 He choreographed his first project Pajama Game, His style and choreography in this earned him his first Tony Award He won Tony awards for his choreography and direction in Pippin, Cabaret, "Live like you'll die tomorrow, work like you don't need the money, and dance like nobody's watching" -Bob Fosse


Transcript: Andrei Rublev The three people in this icon represent the three forms of God. God, the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit Rublev's icons are often noted for their peaceful, serene expressions and this is evident in The Trinty. All three beings sit around the table with graceful joyful expressions. In relation to the sacred soicety in which Rublev worked and lived we can obviously see it coming through in his work. A serene calm painting in which God in all his forms exsists, this must of been an idyllic heaven for those who lived through hardships everday. Born in a period of monastic revival in 14th century Russia (cc. 1360) Andronikov Monastery where Rublev was buried. Not He died probably on January 29, 1430 (acc. to 18th century book “The Lives of Russian Saints”) His work is considered as one of the highest achievements of Russian art... In time his artistic style became known as the ideal works by Orthodox church nd he continues to influence the canon of iconography up to date. Daniil's death drove Rublev to the Andronikov Monastery in Moscow where he would paint his last work, the frescoes of the Saviour Cathedral. Not much is known about Rublev and his works... or work. St Sergius - leader of political & spiritual revival in 14th century: Few notes... Theophanes = the foremost icon painter in Russia at the time ideas of liberation from the Tatars & unification of Russian feudal principalities) fraternity, calm, love (toward) God and spiritual self-improvement Mentioned from 1405 as collaborating with Theophanes the Greek, in the decoration of the Annunciation Cathedral in Moscow (Kremlin) - in his 40s Rublev develops his own style, using principles of gentleness and harmony. In 1408 it was recorded that Rublev worked with Daniil Cherni on the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir Rublev was canonised in June 1988 by the Holy Governing Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate The Trinity Icon Monk in the Trinity - St Sergius Monastery (about 45 miles from Moscow)

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