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audio presentation

Transcript: An evaluation regarding the audio and feedback for fixed clip (Amytiville) In the assignment we were given a horror scene from the ends Amytiville horror film and we had to find and create our own foley sound to put in the places where it was needed for example when a door opens we found a squeaky wallet and used the sound from that we recorded to use and a door creek, also we had to find and create or own background track for the horror clip much like the same task as the final trailer except we already had the visuals to the video. I completed the assignment to a good standard and found all the correct sounds myself and edited them to a satisfactory standard much like my final trailer. Furthermore, throughout the assignment I experienced many feelings such as worry, stress and excitement, I worried throughout because the firstly struggled to find correct and perfect foley sound for the track and I couldn't make my mind up to create the background track, also in the final scene there should be a jump scare so I was worried whether the jump scare would be good enough for the video or not, the foley sound I used was a credit card scratched on guitar strings. Also, I was stressed throughout because I couldn't create the perfect background track for the video so therefore I was also worried that the audio would be awful purely down to the fact that I couldn't create a good background track. Lastly, I was excited because I wanted to find out how the video would sound with all the new foley sound and create the best possible audio and create the best jump scare for the Amytiville horror video. Consequently, there were many positives and negatives to take from the experience, such as creating all the audio for the video and creating an extremely good jump scare for a rebound horror scene, also finding all the appropriate foley sound for the video was an extremely good experience to take from the assignment. But along with the positives came many negatives such as cutting the foley sound to the correct points in the clip was extremely hard and due to the fact my editing skills and exceptional I struggled with this aspect of the assignment, also meeting the deadline is a negative because I struggled badly with this aspect of the assignment which has become a recurring theme with my assignments. Furthermore, during the assignment I asked my peers George sergeant and Kian Willetts for some feedback on my Amytiville foley sound video, Kian said “the cuts to the correct parts of the video are weak and lack the perfection needed, also the foley sound for the jump scare is basic and does not express the true intensity needed for a great horror jump scare. But there are many positives to take from the video such as most of the foley sound is very good and extremely well thought through, also the professionalism and editing of the video makes the video seem highly budgeted and increases the horror aspect from the start. I therefore took kians feedback and changed the jump scare foley sound from a clap sound to the scraping of guitar strings which highly improved the video, also I re cut the foley sound to the actions in the video and patched them up well to make it better. Also George gave me constructive feedback as well, he said “ the visuals do not match the foley sound and the background track is weak but the jump scare is now rather good and that's what's needed for a good horror film”. So therefore from George's feedback I matched the visuals with he foley sound perfectly and improved the background sound me you adding more suspense and tension to the video. Lastly, if the assignment arose again I would manage my time better to complete the assignment before the deadline so I wouldn't have to worry and panic, also I would record better foley sound and work less on the jump scare and more on the background track for the horror video. Sound templates An evaluation including feedback from others regarding the visuals in the final trailer. The assignment we were set was to create and complete a perfect final trailer for a film idea given by a group in my class, we were given a film about a mans girlfriend that gets kidnapped and he finds a group of mercenaries to find her and save her. I had to edit the audio and film the perfect visuals to make the video trailer look as professional and highly budgeted as possible. The assignment rather well and I completed the task ready for the deadline, also I believe the visuals are extremely good and the film trailer looks highly budgeted as asked. Throughout the experience I was feeling many strong emotions about the assignment such as anxious, nervous and exited, was anxious because I really wanted to meet the deadline and make an extremely good film trailer that looks highly budgeted. Also I was nervous throughout due to the fact that I couldn't create the best visuals possible and we couldn't find an actress to play the female role of the girlfriend, also we left filming to the

Audio Presentation

Transcript: Audio Presenatation Audio On PCs - you can us computers to download, play, record and share music. - PCs use beeps and other sounds to warn you of problems. - Laptops typically beep when thier batteries are low. Sound Quality - High quality audio is important in conveying a sense of realism multimedia. - Sound is a series of waves that travel from their source and eventually vibrate your eardrums , they also vibrate other objects, including the elastic membranes in microphones and speakers. -digital audio recording devices capture sound by sampling the sound waves. - Sampling means of reproducing a continuous event , such as a sound or motion, by recording many fragments of it. - Sampling rate is the number of times per second a recording device sample sound waves. -Sample size is the number of bits of data in each sample - Audio resolution the number of bits in a sample. - Channels used to record a file and the number of channels available for playing it. - Monaural uses a single channel to record or play sound. - Stereophonic uses two channels to record or play sound. - Surround sound uses five channels. Audio File Size - Sampling rate - Sample size - Number of channels recorded - Time span of the recording Streaming Audio - Streaming means of transmitting audio and video over the internet and playing it in real time. - Streamed audio plays as it reaches your PC, making it unnecessary to wait for the entire file is download to the computer. - Codec short for compression/decompression is the means of compressing and decompressing data. - Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted to the reciever in a given amount of time. MP3 - MP3 is the standard format for music files over the internet - MP3 files use one of three MPEG standards for audio compression. WAV The size of an audio file depends on the :

MV Presentation-With Audio

Transcript: Participation in school-related activities and receive other services Utilize dispute resolution process if parents have a grievance Identifies homeless families and youth Ensures homeless students enroll and have full and equal opportunity to succeed in school Informs parents, guardians, or youth of educational rights Collaborates with other district programs, community, and state agencies to coordinate resources Ensures prompt dispute resolution Their Rights also Include: Purpose of the Program Identify homeless children and youth Facilitate their enrollment, attendance, and success in the Forsyth County School system Who are Homeless Children and Youth? At school look for: Lack of continuity in education Unprepared for class Changes in behavior Anger or embarrassment when asked about current address Transportation and attendance problems Retention MV Services Homelessness in Forsyth County: Last year over 700 students were identified and received services through our Homeless Education Program Students have the right to a Free, Appropriate, Education including: Immediate enrollment in school without presenting records Enrollment in a school district where the family is currently living - or- Enrollment in the district where the family had previously, permanently resided if in the best interest of the child Transportation to and from the school of origin MV also includes: Students living in emergency or transitional shelters Children abandoned in hospitals Those awaiting foster care placement MV defines "homeless" as the lack of a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence This may include: A public or private place that is not designed for humans to live Unaccompanied Youth (not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian) Those sharing housing with others due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or similar reasons Those living in hotels, motels, or campgrounds due to the lack of alternative accommodations Federal law that governs the educational rights of children and youth in homeless situations Reauthorized in The No Child Left Behind Act Students experiencing homelessness may demonstrate: Poor health and nutrition Hunger and inadequate sleep Poor hygiene Shyness or appear withdrawn Low self-esteem Anxiety Homeless Education Program (MV) McKinney-Vento Education Assistance Act Others Who Qualify Include: Please visit the the FCS Student Registration website or contact Jamie Rife at: Be on the Watch: Responsibilities of the Homeless Liaison:

Audio Presentation

Transcript: What is broadcast audio? A broadcast audio is anything that is either live or prerecorded. Analogue receivers and digital receivers are able to pick up radio frequency's from across the GLOBE. There are also national broadcasts which are only broadcasted in that specific Country. Another example of radio broadcast format is regional. Local is where ever the broadcast is coming from only that certain area will receive the broadcast. Computers. We use computers to access the internet and listen to the radio. Mobile phones. Mobile phones can be used to also access the internet but our phones are also able to get us slightly involved in radio by phoning in. Through T.V. The T.V. receives various radio programmed channels. There is also non broadcast audio So what is non broadcast audio Non broadcast audio is when the radio feed is only broadcasted to a specific place. talking books is an example of non broadcast audio. in fact talking books are the media industry's main source of non broadcast examples. Talking books are voice recorded audio tapes, recorded by a narrator. MP3 and MP4 audio is also another astonishingly popular non broadcast audio. MP3 and MP4 audio is used a brief term of description for MPEG3 and MPEG4. Both were designed to withhold 1000's of songs for the user of the product and was first released in 1993. But if you couldn't get a hold of such a thing cheaper but just as good creations were made such as the CD CD's are actually used more frequently to store video's or music downloads than MP3 and MP4's because of the cheapness of the product and east portability and storage that they have. WAV-this stands for waveform audio format, these are usually stored on computers. DAT-This a format known as Digital Audio Tape Vinyl-These were invented quite a while ago before the CD was invented. But these are just a few of the many ways to listen or to watch Radio. This presentation was brought to you and made by Travis Phillips and Nathan Tierney. For both listening and viewing our presentation :] Through TV Tally CD Player lllll ll (7) Digital receivers (DAB) We listen to the radio through daily seen digital devices such as... llll (4) Through mobile lll (3) lllll lllll (10) Audio (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr ? T a Internet ? ll (2) h Analogue receivers (AM & FM) s n k how do you listen to the radio lllll lllll (10)

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