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UPRS Presentation with Audio

Transcript: CARE AT WORK United Property Restoration Services is the one source for all mitigation, cleaning, and reconstruction services. As one of the largest, privately owned restoration firms of commercial and residential properties, United has the licensed expertise you need to recover quickly and safely from a catastrophic event. We stand by our "Care At Work" philosophy — delivering the highest level of care and workmanship— that has since become the standard of excellence in the industry for over 25 years. United Property Restoration Services is the one source for all mitigation, cleaning, and reconstruction services. Our services begin with emergency mitigation for contents and structures and continues through all phases of reconstruction. In addition, we are relied upon for building consulting, construction management, dispute resolution, and litigation support. Our Locations Middlefield, CT Needham, MA Memphis, TN Westchester County, NY Royal Palms Beach, FL Our Headquarters The United Property Restoration Services headquarters is a 15,000 sq. ft. state-of-the art facility: De-humidification Chamber Ozone Chamber Drying Room and Dedicated Stations for Contents and Electronic Cleaning and Repair On-site, Climate-Controlled Storage Design Center Training Room Our Care At Work Philosophy We are committed to providing outstanding service and quality to our customers with individual care and compassion. We empower our employees to openly communicate and perform their duties with respect and professionalism in order to ensure an outstanding experience and enriching work environment. OUR SERVICES WATER MITIGATION WATER MITIGATION Whether it’s from a burst pipe or a gale force storm, proper water mitigation requires more than just drying and cleaning. If porous materials such as carpeting or drywall are left untreated, bacteria can thrive, leading to a potential health risk—and even more expense. United Property Restoration Service’s quick response and qualified mitigation process can save untold costs and issues down the road. MOLD REMEDIATION MOLD REMEDIATION If your residence or business is showing signs of mold growth, you need immediate remediation to reduce potential long-term health risks. After an Air Poly Test Unit tests and sets the parameters, United Property Restoration Services will perform a full range of cleaning and restoration services in order to get rid of all mold, and inhibit any further proliferation. FIRE RESTORATION FIRE RESTORATION United Property Restoration Services will quickly stabilize and secure the property from further damage and remove, inventory, and store any remaining possessions. The speed and ferocity of fire can lead to catastrophic amounts of damage. Once secure, licensed United professionals will execute a full remediation and restoration of the property. STORM PREPARATION, PLANNING & RESPONSE Emergency Response Storm Reconstruction Collaboration in advance of an incident, or weather event, helps to mitigate the loss and return to business as usual. Our goal is to reduce the physical impact a storm may have on your business - and expedite the restoration process alongside your property insurance policy. Toppling trees. Strong winds. Storm season. Polar Vortex Storm Reconstruction Frozen pipes are the number one cause of property damage during the cold winter months. Securing your property before the winter season is crucial to prevent a property loss. Actions like caulking and weather stripping windows help to reduce the threat to your property that comes with the cold temperatures. Fierce Blizzards. Cold Fronts. Regional Exposure. PROJECTS PROJECTS Courtyard Marriot Courtyard Marriot - Before Courtyard Marriot - Before Courtyard Marriot - After State House Square State House Square - Before State House Square - After Chestnut Hill Apartments Chestnut Hill Apartments WHY CHOOSE UPRS? High-Tech Solutions Matterport Software Immersive 3D models are the most effective tool for connecting people and places to enhance collaboration and accelerate project management. Matterport makes it easy to create digital twins that are ideal for planning construction projects, capturing progress reports, and more. Accredidations & Certifications Our team is here for you! We are a unified and integrative solution for all of your reconstructive, construction, and emergency services needs. We will expertly perform and communicate in a transparent manner. We will listen and respond to you immediately with a solution in mind. We are always professional and reliable. We are there for you, always! Respond. Recover. Restore Our team is there when you need us most! United Property Restoration Services is on your side and will walk you through every step of the restoration process - from property loss to final restoration.

MV Presentation-With Audio

Transcript: Participation in school-related activities and receive other services Utilize dispute resolution process if parents have a grievance Identifies homeless families and youth Ensures homeless students enroll and have full and equal opportunity to succeed in school Informs parents, guardians, or youth of educational rights Collaborates with other district programs, community, and state agencies to coordinate resources Ensures prompt dispute resolution Their Rights also Include: Purpose of the Program Identify homeless children and youth Facilitate their enrollment, attendance, and success in the Forsyth County School system Who are Homeless Children and Youth? At school look for: Lack of continuity in education Unprepared for class Changes in behavior Anger or embarrassment when asked about current address Transportation and attendance problems Retention MV Services Homelessness in Forsyth County: Last year over 700 students were identified and received services through our Homeless Education Program Students have the right to a Free, Appropriate, Education including: Immediate enrollment in school without presenting records Enrollment in a school district where the family is currently living - or- Enrollment in the district where the family had previously, permanently resided if in the best interest of the child Transportation to and from the school of origin MV also includes: Students living in emergency or transitional shelters Children abandoned in hospitals Those awaiting foster care placement MV defines "homeless" as the lack of a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence This may include: A public or private place that is not designed for humans to live Unaccompanied Youth (not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian) Those sharing housing with others due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or similar reasons Those living in hotels, motels, or campgrounds due to the lack of alternative accommodations Federal law that governs the educational rights of children and youth in homeless situations Reauthorized in The No Child Left Behind Act Students experiencing homelessness may demonstrate: Poor health and nutrition Hunger and inadequate sleep Poor hygiene Shyness or appear withdrawn Low self-esteem Anxiety Homeless Education Program (MV) McKinney-Vento Education Assistance Act Others Who Qualify Include: Please visit the the FCS Student Registration website or contact Jamie Rife at: Be on the Watch: Responsibilities of the Homeless Liaison:

Audio Presentation

Transcript: What is broadcast audio? A broadcast audio is anything that is either live or prerecorded. Analogue receivers and digital receivers are able to pick up radio frequency's from across the GLOBE. There are also national broadcasts which are only broadcasted in that specific Country. Another example of radio broadcast format is regional. Local is where ever the broadcast is coming from only that certain area will receive the broadcast. Computers. We use computers to access the internet and listen to the radio. Mobile phones. Mobile phones can be used to also access the internet but our phones are also able to get us slightly involved in radio by phoning in. Through T.V. The T.V. receives various radio programmed channels. There is also non broadcast audio So what is non broadcast audio Non broadcast audio is when the radio feed is only broadcasted to a specific place. talking books is an example of non broadcast audio. in fact talking books are the media industry's main source of non broadcast examples. Talking books are voice recorded audio tapes, recorded by a narrator. MP3 and MP4 audio is also another astonishingly popular non broadcast audio. MP3 and MP4 audio is used a brief term of description for MPEG3 and MPEG4. Both were designed to withhold 1000's of songs for the user of the product and was first released in 1993. But if you couldn't get a hold of such a thing cheaper but just as good creations were made such as the CD CD's are actually used more frequently to store video's or music downloads than MP3 and MP4's because of the cheapness of the product and east portability and storage that they have. WAV-this stands for waveform audio format, these are usually stored on computers. DAT-This a format known as Digital Audio Tape Vinyl-These were invented quite a while ago before the CD was invented. But these are just a few of the many ways to listen or to watch Radio. This presentation was brought to you and made by Travis Phillips and Nathan Tierney. For both listening and viewing our presentation :] Through TV Tally CD Player lllll ll (7) Digital receivers (DAB) We listen to the radio through daily seen digital devices such as... llll (4) Through mobile lll (3) lllll lllll (10) Audio (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr ? T a Internet ? ll (2) h Analogue receivers (AM & FM) s n k how do you listen to the radio lllll lllll (10)

How to Create a Pro PPT

Transcript: BE A PRO IN YOUR PPT PRESENTATION INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Like your website or flyer, a PowerPoint presentation is often the first piece of valuable information that leaves a good or bad impression to your audience or participants THE IMPORTANCE OF POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (WHY?) PURPOSE IMPACT Slides allow you to harness the compelling power of images, video, audio and highlight texts to have greater visual impact for your audience. It gives your presentation that “WOW” effect. IMPACT COLLABORATION Make your presentation more interactive and engaging, whether with your audience or your team members. Colleagues can also leave comments and update your presentation. COLLABORATION CONTENT FOCUS & SHARING Give even those who miss your presentation a chance to review your presentation anytime, anywhere. Easily upload your presentation to any video sharing sites like such as Google Drive CONTENT FOCUS & SHARING FLEXIBILITY A PowerPoint presentation is one of the most dynamic tools to explore various ways to communicate with your audience. Slides can be customized depending on your interests and needs. Editing is also quick and easy. FLEXIBILITY MICROSOFT POWER POINT PREZI POWTOON PRO-TIP WHEN DESIGNING A PRESENTATION TOOLS AND TIPS KEEP IT SIMPLE Design your slide with a simple display of graphical information and ensure to utilize your space with images and text KEEP IT SIMPLE LIMIT BULLET POINTS & TEXT Always consider your slide as a tool for speakers to elaborate their points not for the audience to read. LIMIT BULLET POINTS AND TEXT LIMIT TRANSITION & ANIMATION LIMIT TRANSITION & ANIMATION Provide a subtle and professional transition and with a proper animation. USE HIGH-QUALITY GRAPHICS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEME AND TEMPLATE USE VISUAL THEME (AVOID TEMPLATES) THEME Themes give your presentations a designer-quality look, that includes one or more slide layouts with coordinating colors, a matching background, fonts, and effects. THEME TEMPLATE A template is a pattern or blueprint of a slide or group of slides that you save as a .potx file. Templates can contain layouts, theme colors, theme fonts, theme effects, background styles, and even content. TEMPLATE USAGE OF GRAPH & CHARTS USE APPROPRIATE CHART CHOOSE PROPER FONT Fonts communicate subtle messages in and of themselves, which is why you should choose fonts deliberately. CHOOSE PROPER FONT ATTACH VIDEO & AUDIO Using video clips/audios to show concrete examples promotes active cognitive processing, which is the natural way people learn. ATTACH VIDEO & AUDIO SLIDE SORTER MANAGEMENT To provide a proper and logical flow of the presentation in progress. Plus, it helps to capture more of the gestalt of your entire presentation from the point of view of your audience SPEND TIME ON THE SLIDE SORTER CONCLUSION CONCLUSION Well-designed templates, and their included themes, should help make creating compelling, professional, impactful slides as easy as possible for business professionals presenting to a wide variety of audiences. Click Me !

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